Old Work Bookmarks & Links from Metropolitan State College of Denver

Old Workbookmarks

Activists Links

Alternative Viewpoints on the Internet--Listed by Subject
Free Pacifica Radio: Fighting for community control and democracy at Pacifica Radio Network
Media Reform Information Center
Musica Obscura: buy diverse music and support public radio
Pariahware's File Stitcher
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self-Defense System
Robert McChesney.com
Savepacifica - Restoring Pacifica as a democratic Forum for Independent Voices


Advising Effectiveness Survey
Career Services Center--Under Construction
General Ed Info at Portfolio
Portfolio at The University of Dayton
Psych Courses-Requirements & Sequencing
Psych Undergrad Student Hndbk
The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal
Thematic Clusers (portfolio site)
UD Academic Advising
UD Advisor Login Page
UD Registrar's Office


Apple - Retail Stores
Apple Computer Home Page
Apple Computer Home Page
Apple Developer World
Apple Education Worldwide
Apple Open Transport
Apple Product Information and Product Support
Apple Public Relations Library
Apple Support
Apple Support and Information Web
Apple Support Information
Apple Tech Info Library
Apple World Wide Web Home Page
Apple's File Server
Apple-Internet Mailing Lists
Apple.Software.Updates directory
Apple: Technical Support Online **
Information Alley
Newfiles added to Apple Software Updates
Tech Info Library


AppleScript Guidebook from Apple


AAC Converter
Crutchfield.com - Auxiliary Input Adapters
Ear Monitors (R) brand by Future Sonics, Inc.
HeadRoom Corporation
MacAudioLab - Digital Audio Training

Bibliographic Software

Personal Bibliography Software
Personal Bibliography Software


Chapters.ca: Canada's bestselling books and more
College Textbook Battle: The Internet Arrivals
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Quotes
George Bernard Shaw Links
Great Quotations By George Be...
Hackberry House, Used and Rare Books
Half.com: Buy & Sell Books, Music, Movies, an...
Insight For The Day
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
The Best Quotes ...
The David Copperfield Site
The David Copperfield Site - Home of Dickens ...
Workman Publishing Co

Button Box-Serial-USB Interfacing (Activewire, CMU BBox)

.activewire 2.0 driver
activewire drivers
Activewire for a button box with PsyScript
ActiveWire USB devices and Linux
ActiveWire, Inc.
Hacking the Keyspan USB Serial Adaptor
MacBrick - Home Automation with your Macintosh
USB Central


Career & Job Stuff

America's Job Bank
C a r e e r S i t e
California Commission on Teacher Credentials
CI Job Services Directory
JobCenter Employment Service - (800) 562-2368
JobWeb Home Page

Carlson's Physiology of Behavior Links

Pearson Instructor Resources
Physiological Psychology Study Site
TestGen Log In


50 Pack Digital Audio CDR($0.49 Each)
All Things CDR: Digital Audio CDRs
BlankCDmedia.com CD Media CD-R/CD-RW
CDR & CDRW Packs
Cdr Discount Blank Media, cdrw, Mini CDR & Je...
CDW: Product Overview
Compare Prices at NexTag - Memorex 30PK CDR M...
Disc4Less // Blank media ,CDR and CDRW for less!
Marantz Professional at Fred's Sound Of Music...
Marantz Professional CDR300 CD Recording System
Martel Electronics--Marantz Discounted
Overture - Search Results: audio CDRs
The Audio CDR Page

Chicago Stuff

Chicago Web Links
Gary-Chicago-Milwaukee Transportation Information Center


Action Computers
Action Computers, Inc.
BE Computers
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters
CU-SeeMe Welcome Page
Eniac Virtual Museum
GNA - MSET OOP/C++ Course
GNU Software
Mountain Peak Computers
Mountain Peak Winter Wonderland
Quantum Books
Second Look Computing
Troubleshooter Digital Network


CiP 96 Computers in Psychology Conference

Cooking & Food

The Rhubarb Compendium

CSUS Links

California State University, Sacramento Email Directory
CSU Sacramento - [Faculty Web Page Listing]
CSUS Geology Department
econ 104
GOVT143(Web) - Course Overview
John Doolittle's Home Page
Perception Action Laboratory - Indiana University
Researchers at UC Irvine
Susan Slaymaker

CU Boulder

Gary M's Graphs on the Web
Information Technology Services

Daily News

Banner for the web
Chronicle of Higher Education
desktopPublishing.com: The ULTIMATE Desktop Publishing Resource
Dual platform: OS X will make a difference
EvangeList Archives
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
IAFS 1000: Global Issues & International Affairs
MacFixIt (Home Page)
Macintosh prices. dealmac news.
Macintosh Resource Page *
MacNuggets News
MacSurfer's Headline News
MacUpdate: Macintosh Software & Games
Macworld Daily
Motion Works Group Limited
Netscape Homepage
News AP Update
O'Grady PowerPage
Small Dog Electronics
Special:MacOS 8.5
The Engines of Our Ingenuity: Main Page
VersionTracker - Mac Software Updates
ZD Net Mac
Ziff Davis Net


ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form
German <-> English Dictionary - TU Chemnitz
Language Dictionaries
OneLook Dictionary Search
The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. 2000
WordReference.com Online French Dictionary
YourDictionary.com - Home Page
Comprehensive list of online Dictionaries.
yourDictionary.com - Language Dictionaries G-Z

Digital Cameras

News: Olympus, Sony digital cameras in the pipeline

Digital Recording

Amazon.com: buying info: Digital Recorders
Andy's Music - Digital MultiTrack Recording Zoom MRS-4
Zoom MRS-4 4 Track Digital Recorder

Drop Basket


Apple Directions Express
In the SUBJECT field (not the body) of your message, type the string
My Mac
Put Subscribe in body of message

Assessments of Multimedia Technology in Education: Bibliography
Brooks/Cole Technology Center at Drexel University
CNET.com - Music
Contingencies R US
Design Forum Message Index
Directory of /psyscope
DOS Card Compatibility Page
Epson Connection
Experimetrix Inc.
Expersim Project: Index
HP (Hewlett Packard) Customer Care!
HP DeskWriter Printer Software, Drivers & Support
Language Learning & Technology vol2num2 1999
Learning QuarkXPress 5
LineSort Online
Mac Net Journal
MacAssist Home Page
MacInTouch Resource Listings
MacSciTech Users Association
Metro Multimedia Developer's Group
Metro State Extended Education
Metropolitan State College of Denver | Welcome
Neurobehavioral Systems Software
NewtKey Home Page
PowerLogix Order Page
Requests for Transcripts and Diplomas
Sallie Mae
Scriptorium Home Page
sheet music online
Story: Road Warrior Tips: Charging Your Notebook in Strange Places
Story: Web Stock Winners (and Losers) for 1997. And What to Watch Out for in 1998
Inverstment information on Computers
UnCoverWeb Development Server
Welcome to Piano on the Net
Welcome to The Cyberdog Pound!
Why is the West Rich?


DivX.com: The Official Site of DivX Video
DivX: Download DivX for Mac
Kai Softronics
Rip DVDs Easier - TheMacMind
The MacMind Rip DVDs Easy Parts A, B, etc


Apple Directions Express
In the SUBJECT field (not the body) of your message, type the string
My Mac
Put Subscribe in body of message
The American Scholar

East Timor

East Timor Action Network/U.S.
US Complicity in Timor


Best Websites for ECards
Blue Mountain-The World's Favorite eCards
Care2 Greeting Cards
Electric Postcard Rack
Hallmark Cards
Starvar's Gallery Virtual Cards
Yahoo Greeting Cards


About the Laboratory of Automation Psychology
American Educational Research Association
AskERIC Home Page
BoWeb 94 - Best Educational Service
CHANCE Database Welcome Page
Comp. Writing & Rsch Lab (UT Austin)
Discovery Learning Community
EdWeb Home Page
eWorld: Learning Community
Globewide Network Academy
Hotlist: Virtual Exhibits
IMSA Educational Home Page
NW Regional Educ Laboratory
SciEd - Science and Mathematics Education Resources
UIUC ESL Home Page
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Education
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Educational Technology ( 3-Apr-1995)
WWW Literacy

Edward Said

Edward W. Said: A Bibliography
The Edward Said Archive (TESA)Coming Soon

Empty Folder


Electronic Poetry Center Home Page

Eqbal Ahmad

Eqbal Ahmad Archive


University of Hawaii

Fall 2007

Learning Biological Psychology: Home
Pinel Biopsychology Webiste
Allyn & Bacon Instructor Resource Center



Hôtel Burgundy - Paris
Insider Guides to Paris
Leeds Good Value Guide to Paris Restaurants
Yahoo! Regional:Countries:France:Recreation and
Yahoo! Regional:Countries:France:Recreation and

Friends' Web Pages

CAWTech Computing
Gary's Home Page
James G. Kelly, PhD
Peter Foltz's Home Page


Game News from MacGamer's Ledge
The Macintosh Gamer's Ledge
Todd's Game'ware Page


Federal Information Exchange, Inc. Home Page

Hardware Deals (Upgrade Card, etc.)

Accelerate Your Mac! - Ten Favorite Products of 1997
Accelerate Your Macintosh! PowerLogix PowerBoost Pro 233mhz 604e card Review
Bachmann Software InfraReady Adapter
Doing Business with Seagate
Micro Center, The Computer Department Store, De
Denver Store
Mimeograph Machine
Netpliance introduces the i-opener!
Orange Micro NEw Cards
Planar Systems LCD Displays
PowerLogix Order Page
Review: ADB I/O
Search BLD Catalog
Sony debuts smaller LCD projector
VST Technologies, Inc.
Welcome To Seagate's SeaNET

Hypercard, Metacard, Supercard

Altuit RunRev Site
Converting Stacks to Revolution - TOC
HyperActive Software
HyperCard Heaven - Home
Hypercard Homepage
Index of Metacard stacks
Jon Pugh's Home Page
MetaCard: Cross Platform Multimedia Authoring...
PF Hyper's Home
Recent messages sorted by date
Revolution Developercentral Downloads
Rinaldi Home Page
Runtime Revolution - Cross Platform Development
Sons of Thunder Software
SuperCard 4 Beta Program
SuperCard Beta Trouble Report
Teach Yourself HyperCard

I/P Psychology Information

Graduate School Admission: Helpful Books

Intel Macs

Multibooting Intel based Macs

Internet Service Providers



Daily Mac: The Complete iPod Review (With Pic...
Ear Monitors (R) brand by Future Sonics, Inc.
HeadRoom Corporation
PodStat--access music on your iPod from Mac
SendStation - Home of the PocketDock
TidBITS IPod Accessories


Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
Position Announcements
Project 2061
The MacArthur Foundation
Williams Instructional Tech Position


Welcome to Living Language

LCD Projectors

AVPartner -- Your partner in LCD Projector pr...
InFocus LP280
Lightware Digital Projectors | Affordable & P...
Lightware | Traveler CS-11 | LCD Projectors
NEC VT460 Multimedia Projector


1.00 Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving, Course Home
Alliance for Lifelong Learning - Home Page
MIT OpenCourseWare | Home
The Galileo Project
World Lecture Hall


Haskins Laboratories
Penn Linguistics Home
Summer Institute of Linguistics International
The Linguist List


LinuxMac | Live from the Epicenter
LinuxPPC, Inc. | LinuxPPC
MacInstruct -- What is Linux?
Pacific HiTech - TurboLinux PPC
Prime Time Freeware
Yellow Dog Communications, Inc.


Goethe : Complete Poems of Goethe
Goethe's Poetical Collection - Illustrated
Shakespeare's Sonnets

Mac Resources (The Very Best)

Most of these Page have gathered together a lot of very useful links or have excellent, up-to-date information about many aspects of the Macintosh Computer and all things Macintosh.

Cult of Macintosh
Evangelist's Technical Support Links
This is a compact, well-chosen list of resources to help with all sorts of Macintosh matters.
Installer Observer
List of All Apple Links
Mac OS 8.5 VQS Companion Web Site
Macintosh Technical Reference Page!
Nice. Lots of good links AND annotation so that you can know what's worth exploring further.
Macintosh Web Directory
Ultimate Macintosh
Updates: Mac Software

Mac System Software Info & Updts

4D Academic Standard Edition Now Free to Academics
Complete Conflict Compendium
Kyle's 7.5.3 Info Page
Mail Script for Yojimbo
Open Transport:What's New
PowerMac Pruning Page & InformInit Home
System 7.5.3 Software compatibility
System 7.5.3 Tips
Welcome to Open Transport

Macintosh Hardware

ADB I/O Main
Data Acquisition
Griffin iMic™ Universal USB Audio Adapter
HP LaserJet 6MP
I Meg cache for Mac
IGM - New PowerBooks:The Best Mac Portables E...
Low End Mac, because Macs have Power Inside
Mac And Mac Clone Reviews
Macintosh/Clone Comparison
MacReviewZone - Deal Zone PowerBooks
Megawolf (PCI Serial Expansion Products)
Memory RAM Comparison Prices
PowerMax Computers, the Macintosh Experts
United Computer Exchange Corporation
WaveMetrics Home Page
XLR8 Power PC Processor Upgrade Cards

Macintosh Magazines

Dr. Dobb's
Mac Net Journal
Search MacUser Bk Issues (Reviews)

Macintosh Resources

7200 Graphics Accelerated?
Applescript FAQ
Gnu Software
Mac Net Journal Home Page
Mac OS X speed FAQ
Mac Resources (Nexus)
MacAssist Home Page
MacFixIt (Home Page)
Macintosh Home Automation Home Page
Macintosh Serial Converter
MacOSPlanet.com: "How Much Is Your Mac Really Worth?"
Macquisition Home Page
MacTCP Drive-thru
Mark Sproul's Web Server
Open Transport Home Page
PowerPC Acceleration
Robert Lentz's Macintosh Resources
Todd's Macintosh Support Pages
Welcome to ResExcellence

Macintosh Software

Abacus Concepts, Inc.
Aladdin Systems, Inc. - StuffIt Expander
Alpha Home Page
AV FAQ (Macintosh)
Bare Bones Software, Inc.
Beale Street Group
Casady & Greene
Claris Home Page
Claris Home Page Resources
Clarisworks Users Group
Data Desk
DocHaven - Document Management for Macintosh & Windows
DOSBox, a x86 emulator with DOS
FileMaker, Inc. - Support, main
Frame Technology Corporation Home Page
iClip - a multi clipboard/scrapbook utility
Interarchy.com: Interarchy 4.1
Iomega - Software Download
KaleidaGraph - scientific graphing, curve fitting, data analysis software
Mac Software for OS X (Stick Software) : Products
Macromedia - Studio MX
Now Software
Photoshop Web Reference
PocketMac® Remote™ to use with Front Row Remote on Mac
Quark Incorporated
Ranchero Software: NetNewsWire
SoftwareFPU Archive Site
SubrosaSoft.com Ltd
Vendor Web Sites
WestCode SoftWare (OneClick)
White Pine Software
WordPerfect Mac News

Macintosh Software Review Sites

Magazines & Journals

The Nation. Unconventional Wisdom Since 1865.

Mail addresses

Alco Blom

Mailing Lists

Apple Information Alley
Apple Software Updates

Main Bookmarks

ACM at UIC (info on Computers)
Micro/Station Apple Price List
Micro/Station WWW Server
My Home Page
On-Line Research Funding Information from UIC
UIC Home Page
UIC Psychology Department. Home Page
Welcome to Netscape

Medical Information

DrScore :: improving patient care
Physicians Group


MetaCard Mail Archives
MetaCard Mailing List
MetaCard Site
Old MetaCard Archives

Metro State

Banner for the Web
Banyan E-Mail at THE MET
Computer Science MSCD
Faculty Evaluation Directory
Larry Worster Homepage
WebEQ 2.2 at the Geometry Center

MicNotePadLite Links

Mac Freeware (MicNotePadLite 4.5)
MicNotePadLite 4.5.0
MicronotePadLite 4.1.2
MicroNotePadLite File


Pete.Yandell.com Midi Software


Amnesty International On-line
BookWire Home Page
Federal Index
FedWorld Beta Home Page
IRS--Tax Forms and Instructions
Nirvana Research contents
The SETI@home : Update
William H. Calvin's Books and Articles


Star Wars: Episode II | Teaser Trailer: Breat...
YIL: Roger Ebert's Top 20 Movie Sites, January 98


Metro State Academic Calendar
Metro State Training Calendar
MSCD Email Listservs
MSCD Faculty and Staff Computing
MSCD Home Page

Museums & Libraries

Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Boston Computer Museum
Eniac Virtual Museum
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
Museum of HP Calculators
Oriental Institute
WebMuseum: Bienvenue!


Band In A Box
Burt & Company Discount Music Supply: Retail Discount Distributors of . . . . . Alfred • Associated Board of Royal Schools • Amsco • Augsburg • Barenreiter • Beckenhorst • Benson • Belwin Mills • Boosey & Hawkes • Boston • Breitkopf & Haertel • Broude Br
Caris Music Services
College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)
Harmony Central Main Menu
Harmony Central: Software
Imaja Home Page
Intemed Guitary Software
Internotes NY Music Scene
Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc. - HOMEPAGE
Jazz Info-Bahn
Jazz NET - The Global Jazz Village
JAZZ Online
Jenny's Jazz - Cool Jazz Web Sites
Jenny's Jazz - Cool Jazz Web Sites
Musica Obscura: buy diverse music and support public radio
Musicware, Inc.
NKU Music Department Home
One Stop Jazz on the Web
PG Music - Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks and More!
San Jose Symphony Home Port
Stein's Haus of Jazz Music
Stein's Haus of Jazz Music -Works-
The Bill Evans Jazz Resource
The History of Jazz
The Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide
WNUR-FM Jazz Information Server
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Music

My Software

AppleScripts for Tex-Edit Plus
CD Session Burner for Mac OS X
Coda - Products
Connectix--Virtual PC 4.0
ffmpegX Video/Audio Encoder for Mac OS X
Hawking Technologies-Blue Tooth USB Dongle
HP ScanJet 6100C Scanner (Macintosh)
iBuild multimedia
iBuild Updates Acrux Software
iCab - Download
Mac HelpMate Home
Nisus Software Home Page
PageSucker Homepage
PG Music - Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks and More!
QuickSnap Screen Capture Software
Rember -- check your RAM
Schubert|it - PDF Browser Plugin
Sound Software App Descriptions
Stuffit Deluxe 7.0 Extended Download License
Trans-Tex Software--Tex-Edit Plus


Pandora's Box-The Myth
The myth of Pandora's box

Networking and Communications

Windows 95 & Dialup Connections

ISU/ACNS Windows 95 PPP Remote Access
UCS Knowledge Base
Windows 95 PPP Connection Instructions

"The online MacinStuff Times" Network, Appletalk & Appleshare Seminars
Configuring Eudora at CMGM
connecting your mac to lightlink
D-Link DWL-122 Wireless 2.4GHz (802.11b) USB Adapter
Macintosh ISDN FAQ
Metricom, Inc.
Novell Macintosh Support home page
OT/PPP problem/solution tracker
Practice Page HTML
SENDIT Helpdesk [MacSLIP]
Using and Configuring MacSLIP
Using MacSLIP with Open Transport 1.1
VPN Labs - VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORKS - Free VPN Software and Virtual Private Network News
Welcome to my Closet


The Chicago Tribune
The New York Times on the Web
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Vancouver Sun - canada.com network


Web Browsers


AMUG's Newton Page
ClubPDA Home Page
Home page for NewtonSociety Magazine
Lee Moon's Newton Page
Newton Announce
Newton at WSU
Newton Breeding Page
Jason Mauer's Newton Breeding Page contains interesting info about the Netwon and Newton-related Topics.
Newton Reference
Newton User Group Central
Stanford Newton Users Group HmPg
Ultimate Newton
University of Iowa Newton Archive
World of Newton

Noteworthy Web Pages

contempt: main menu
Duke Papyrus Archive
Gadget Guru!


FJH Music Company - Ohio Dealers
Stanton's Sheet Music
The Book Loft of German Village


Built-in Palettes and Buttons

Online Learning

Anthropology Course Online
ECollege.Com Online Learning Options

Open Source Software

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
GNU Project


GNU MAC OS X Public Archive
Mac OS X Apps - The Source For Mac OS X Software
Mac OS X Hints - Get the most from X!
MacInstruct: Interactive Unix Tutorial
OS X applications for the behavioural sciences

Pacifica Radio

savepacifica - Restoring Pacifica as a democratic Forum for Independent Voices

Palm Pilot

DaggerWare's Dinky Pad
JFile Pro Utilities
Macs and Palmtops - Mac Hardware - Net Links
My Tungsten T Handheld

PC Notebooks

PC Magazine: Notebooks - Gateway Solo 9100LS,


AgingEye Times - Home page
Airborne Express - Home
Amoritization calculator
Boulder County Clerk
City of Oakwood Official HomePage
DayAir Credit Union
Exchange Rates
Gary Bradshaw's Web Page
Kamus Online by kemangnet.com
MESA Email Search Agent
Metro. Psychology Department
MPA Annual Meeting
My COS Profile
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles - oplates.com
Ohio Vehicle Reg Address Change
PsycCRITIQUES-Reviews Page
PsycCritiques—Reviewer Portal
Social Security Online
Superior Dental Care
SURS - State Universities Retirement Systems ...
The Oakwood Register Online Home Page
TIAA-CREF Web Center
U S WEST.net -- Home Center for Denver, Colorado
Univ of Colorado Credit Union
UofC Online Banking

Physiological and Neuropsych Links

Basic Neural Processes Tutorials
Physio Homepage for Lockwood
The Joy of Visual Perception
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Neuroscience (Biosciences)
Virtual Library-Developmental Biology


Classical Midi Connection
Eric Street Home Page
The Piano Education Page
The Piano Education Page - The Audition Room


4ink Printer Cartridges
HP PartSurfer
ink4art Inkjet cartridges and Paper
InkArt Printing Supplies
Minolta 2350en
New Mimeograph Machine
Printer Driver Software Drivers for HP, Epson
Samsung Rolls Out CLP-500 Color Laser Printer
The Printer Works - HP LaserJet Printers, Parts, Supplies, Accessories


Computists International
Guide to Programming the Mac in C
Learning Macintosh Programming (MOST)
Metrowerks / Prentice-Hall Educational Partners
Programming Tools
SpotCheck by GenieWorks: the editor that really

Prospective Memory

Dissociating prospective memory from vigilance processes
Dr Judi Ellis
Dr. Lia Kvavilashvili
FULL REPORT: R000222575 - Mechanisms of Pro...
Research Interests of Jonathan D. Cohen
University of Michigan Cognition and Aging Lab

Psych Jobs

Psychology & Cognitive Science

Aesthetics - IAEA - International Association...
American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society (APS)
APA Style Resources
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences
Cognitive Daily
Cognitive Science at Georgia Tech
Cognitive Science Home Page
Computer as Learning Partner
Educational Research at BBN
Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences Home Page
Human Languages Page
Institute for the Learning Sciences
Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
LSA @ CU Boulder
Media-Lab Welcome
Mind and Machine Module
Office of Naval Research
Perceptual Science Group at MIT
Psyc Site
Listings of Psych Resources on the net
Psych Images Database
Psych Web
Psychological Lists
Society for Computers in Psychology
Society for Computers in Psychology 28th Annual Conference
The Emergence of a New Paradigm in Ape Language
The GlobalPsych Institute
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Cognitive Science
UCSD Neuroscience Home Page
Univ of Warwick Psychology's Hm Pg
UW Psychology Department
WWW VL: Human-Computer Interaction

Psychology APA Resources

Web-based APA Style Helpers
WKNI Wallace Kettering NeuroScience Instititute

Psychology Departments

2001 college rankings: USNews - edu
ACT to SAT I Conversion Table
Allegheny College Psych Dept
Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT
College Board Search Home
College Board QuickFind
College of Saint Rose Psych
College of Saint Rose Psychology
College Resources
CollegeNET - Online College Applications
Creighton University Psychology
Metro. Psychology Department
Morehead State Univ Psychology Department
MSU Psychology Home Page
Pacific University - Forest Grove, Oregon - 1...
Pacific University: Psychology:...
Psychology at Behrend College
Psychology at University of Kentucky
Saint Michael's College - A Catholic liberal ...
Saint Michael's College Psychology
SAT vs. ACT Scores
SAT/ACT Score Info
The College Board
The College Board: 100 Years of Connecting St...
University of Colorado Psychology Dept

Psychology Experiments

Cognition Demos
e.psych home page
Gary's new web site at MSU
e.psych home page
ePsych home page
Illusions and Demos at Adeslson's MIT Site
Lightness Demonstrations
McGurk-effect Excellent
Psych Experiments Links
PsychExps Home Page - Psychology Experiments on the Internet
PsychSoft for Psychologists
Software for a Cognitive Psychology Laboratory
Tower of Hanoi Java Applet
UvA Psy: fLexi, experimental software
www/PsychLab On-Line

Psychology Resources

Department of Psychology at CSU Sacramento
LSA at CU Boulder
Midwestern Psychological Association
MRC Psycholinguistic Database (Dict Interface)
Penn State, Office for Research Protections - IRB Training Module, Background and History of Human Participants
Psi Chi
Psychonomic Society Publications
Society for Neuroscience | Home
Society for the Teaching of Psychology

Psychology Software

Acrux Software Home Page
ACT Research Home Page
ACT-R homepage at University of Groningen
All about RSVP
Black Box Toolkit
Cedrus Home Page
Christophe Pallier's home page
Cool Spring Software
CTI Directory of Psych Software
CTI Psych Software Directory Contents
Download Little Stimulus Maker (LSTIM or LSM)...
E-Prime 1.0 (Beta 5.0) User Area
EL Knife - data utility
Used to interchange rows and cols in a spreadsheet of data.
EXPE Homepage
Eye Lines Software for Experimental Psychology
Inquist by Millisecond Software
Macpsych FTP Site
Macquisition Home Page
Media Lab and Direct RT for Windows
Microph Adptr -- Griffintechnology
Microph Adptr -- Griffintechnology
MPAS Download Page
MRC Psycholinguistic Database
MRC Psycholinguistic Database
Power Mac Software for Exp Psych
Presentation (free Windows Software)
PST E-Prime
PSYC SITE: Software Sites
Psych/Lab Software (free for Windows)
Psychology Software Tools
Psychophysics Toolbox: Index
PsychSoft for Psychologists
PsyScope FreeWare Access Home Page
Psyscope Home Page
PsyScope Links
PsyScopeWorkshop at Hamilton SM 96
PsyScript Home
Review: ADB I/O
RSVP User's Guide
RSVP: Experimental Control Software for MacOS
ShowTime Introduction
Software for Experimental Research
Software for Experimental Research
Software for visual psychophysics, V 2.7, March 18, 1996
Software Review
Tim's Home Page
Uni Mannheim: Professur für Allgemeine Psychologie
UvA Psy: fLexi, experimental software
VideoToolbox Website

Psychology Student Information

Res Expers for UGs: Social, Behavioral, and Economic

PsyScope Resources

Archives of INFO-PSYSCOPE List
Archives of INFO-PSYSCOPE List
Iolab Systems--New PsyScope X button Box
New Micros, Inc
PsyScope and PsySquash
PsyScope Home Page
PsyScope Scripts
Psyscope X Project
PsyScope X RunTime Guidelines-Read w CMU Documentation
Sheep Brain Dissection Guide


Prentice Hall
W.W. Norton & Company
Welcome to the Psychology webBOOK!
Wiley Higher Education


QuickTime Conferencing
QuickTime VR
Sorenson Video Tutorial **

Radio Stations

KGNU in Boulder
KPFA radio 94.1fm berkeley
KPFK 90.7fm - Los Angeles
KPFT.ORG in Houston
WBAI 99.5fm in New York
WMUB 88.5 from Miami University, Ohio
WPFW 89.3 in Washington, D.C.

Research Funding

Community of Science - Research funding, expe...
Funding Opportunities Record
US Dept of Education -- Education Research

Research Methods

Penn State, Office for Research Protections - IRB Training Module, Background and History of Human Participants
Qualitative Research Web Sites
Reverse Speech Article from Skeptical Inquirer
Reverse Speech Website


Restaurant Reviews, Recipes and More by Denver's Gabby Gourmet


Converting Stacks to Revolution
Education-revolution Archives
ftp rev index ftp://ftp.runrev.com/pub/player/downloads/distributions/
HyperActive Software/Hypermedia Resources
HyperActive Software/Resources
Index of ftp://ftp.runrev.com/pub/
Introduction to Revolution CGIs
Jon Pugh's Home Page
Open Directory - Computers: Programming: Languages: Transcript
revJournal-Saving Data in Standalones
Revolution in Education - Community Wiki : TutorialsExample
Revolution Lessons
Revolution Lessons
Revolution Lessons
Runtime Revolution
Runtime Revolution - Online Scripting Conferences
Runtime Revolution @ Lexicall.org
Runtime Revolution Embassy
Runtime Revolution Embassy
Sarah's Revolution Page
So Smart Software : Revolution Plugins-Tutorials
Sons of Thunder Software - Software Development and Consulting Services
Sons of Thunder Software - Software Development and Consulting Services
Stacks and Code Samples for Runtime Revolution
tactile media downloads
Use-revolution Archives


CCD Images of Galaxies
CHANCE Database Welcome Page
Exploratorium Exhibits
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web
New Scientist:Planet Science
NSF MetaCenter Science Highlights Repository
SciEd - Science and Mathematics Education Resources
Science Learning Network
The Nine Planets
Weather Processor at Purdue
Welcome to the Planets

Search for Information

All in One Search Page
Alta Vista: Main Page
Ask Jeeves Results
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A1 Shareware Evaluations
Shareware! Shareware! - Jumbo! - Shareware! Shareware!

Software Ordering Sources

Academic Discount Software for Students/Teachers
Academic Superstore
Benchin' Software Review
Part of Club Mac but aimed at the Newton.
Educ Discnt Comp Hrdwr/Softwr
Mac Source
Mac Zone
MacWarehouse Educ
MicroWarehouse Inc.
PC & MacConnection
School World Software
Software Source Co., Inc. - Educ Discounts!
Software Unboxed

Sound Hardware, Software, Transcription

Linguistics Resources: Computing
PortableVoice.com - Spoken Word Audio for Portable MP3s
Pure Mac: Audio
Pure Mac: Audio
Telex H-531 Headset Mic
TranscriptionGear.Com: Transcriber
USB Digital Headworn Microphone (H-531)
zZounds.com - Korg PXR4 4-Track Digital Recorder


Barry Cohen's Stats
Chi Square, Cramer's V Contingency Table
Cohen Instructor Resources
Cramer's V
Effect Size
MacStats Home Page
SPSS Files for Kinnerar SPSS 10 Book
VassarStats: Statistical Computation Web Site
Welcome to Seeing Statistics
Gary McClelland's new web book on statistics

Symbolic Math

Teaching and Instruction

A Student Guide to Essay Exams
A Student Guide to Multiple Choice Exams
Collaborative Learning Index
Cooperative Learning Strategies for University Students
CTE - Teaching, Learning & Technology Summer Institute,
CU-Boulder Websites
Hypercard Stacks for Lab Instruction
Instructional Development and Technology Sites Worldwide
Myron L. Coulter Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning
Nutshell Notes
Searle Center for Teaching Excellence
Teaching Concerns: Cooperative Learning/Cooperative Grading
The Office of Instructional Development and Technology
The University of Delaware
University of Delaware Center for Teaching Effectiveness

Technical Support

Epson Connection Technical Support

Tecnology in Teaching and Learning

Assessments of Multimedia Technology in Education: Bibliography
EDUCAUSE '99 / "Celebrating New Beginnings"
EDUCAUSE Conferences
Technology's Impact

Textbook Publishers

Allyn & Bacon / Longman
Basic Books Home
Brooks/Cole Publishing
Coglab at Wadsworth
Design and Analysis: A Researcher's Handbook
Educational Psychology Woolfolk (Book Alone), 8/E
FacultyOnline Home
Gravetter & Wallnau
Harcourt College Publishers
Harcourt College Publishers Service
HarperAcademic: Desk and Exam Copies
Houghton Mifflin College
Lawrence Erlbaum
McGraw-Hill Higher Education Textbook Publisher
Norton Books - Browse by Subject: Science/Nature/Environment
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Oxford U Press--Higher Education Textbooks
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City.Net Chicago, Illinois, United States
Days Inn - Search Utah
Domestic Per Diem Rates
Domestic Per Diem Tables Effective October 1,...
Exchange Rates
Fodor's Travel Online
International Living
Internotes NY Music Scene
Madison, Wisconsin
Motel 6 Directory - GREEN RIVER, UT
Portland Oregon Visitors Association
Sawaddee Thailand
Ski Web
THAILAND Information
The Mallory Hotel
Virtual Italy
Virtual Tourist Project

UD Psych Start-Up Orders

Keyspan : USB Twin Serial Adapter
Ordering the PsyScope Button Box
SBC, Single Board Computers, Peripherals, Emb...


American Universities
Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater State College Main Page
California State University, Sacramento
California State University, Sacramento - Computer Science Department
College and University Home Pages
CU Student Support(transcripts)
Dartmouth College
Knox College
Lake Forest College - Home Page
Linfield College
Metra / Union Pacific District North Line
The American University of Paris
Trinity College Home Page
UCB Transcript Info
UCSD, Data Collection
University of California, Berkeley
University of Chicago
University of Colorado at Boulder
William & Mary Psychology Dept
Williams College
Wright State University, a public university located in Dayton, Ohio.

University of Dayton

Community of Science - Research funding, expe...
Damon Sink
Domestic Per Diem Rates
Eric Street Home Page
Foreign Per Diem Rates
Graduate School Psych Apps
Installing Norton AntiVirus for Mac
Khalid Moss Home Page
Linking To Full Text Articles Tutorial
OhioLINK - The Ohio Library and Information N...
The UD Collaboratory
TIAA-CREF Web Center
UD Department of Biology
University of Dayton Computer Science Department
University of Dayton Department of Music
University of Dayton Department of Music
University of Dayton Department of Psychology
University of Dayton Office of Human Resource Numbers
University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI)
Web Account Page

University of Illinois at Chicago

Quick Facts for Using UICVM CMS
Quick Facts for Using UICVM CMS
Web Publishing at UIC



VNC Servers

Chicken of the VNC - Networking & Security
Tightvnc, Chicken of the VNC

Web & Internet



General Information

Info Sources:Internet and Computer-Mediated Comm
Internet Resources Meta-Index
World Wide Web Consortium

HTML Tools & Web Page Authoring

A Beginner's Guide to HTML
GNN Web Tools -- GNNpress
Web Weaver
Web Weaver Beta News

Illinois: World-Wide Web servers
Opera 8.0 Preview 1 for Mac


Department of Psychology
Willamette University Main Page


98lite for enhancing and embedding Windows9x
A2Z : Computers : Software : Platforms : Windows : Documentation & Tutorials
Dealnews--Best Discounts on PC hardware/sofware
DOSBox, a x86 emulator with DOS
Millennia Product Family
Move your data from the PC to the Mac
Shareware, Freeware and Commercial Software! Search 60 million freeware, shareware, and commercial software files
Software Unboxed
Stroud's CWSApps List - Front Page
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software
Welcome to Micron Electronics!
Windows : Documentation & Tutorials

Writing and the Word

An Online Rhyming Dictionary for Poetry and Songwriting
Chicago Manual of Style - Q&A
Commencement Speech 1979 -- William Gass
Indiana University Graduate Creative Writing Program - Current Students in Fiction
Indiana University Writers' Conference
Rhyming Dictionary Software -- WriteExpress R...
Student Land - Writing guides, Help on the internet