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Academic Advising for Faculty
Advisors Online Login Page
Guide to Gen Ed in Portfolio
Portfolio @ The University of Dayton
Psych Requirements for Psych Major
Psychology Undergraduate Student Handbook
Registrar's Office Page
Student Handbook
Student Handbook
The Teaching-Adivising Connection
Thematic Clusters--Portfolio Site
UD Career Service Center
UD Portfolio Site

AI and Robotics

Cognitive Machines Group
Hanson Robotics :: Conversational Character Robots ::
Hanson Robotics :: Media Gallery
KHR-1 ECO ROBOT - Humanoid Programmable Robot
Learn and think about Robots
MIT World » Distributed Intelligence » Home
Nondestructive Evaluation and Advanced Actuators Technologies
Robotic Life MIT Media Lab
Seed: Rise of Roboethics: Videos
The Media Lab
The Media Lab » Research
Welcome to KumoTek: World Leaders in Robotics and Humanoid Technologies
WW-EAP and Artificial Muscles


Alive & Well-AIDS Alternatives
Duesberg AIDS Website
HIV & AIDS - VirusMyth AIDS HomePage
Rethinking AIDS: The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis - Home


Absolute Lowest Airfares Travel Expert
Air Discounters International: Discounts
Air Traffic Control System Command Center
Airfare Predictions, Find Cheap Airline Tickets - Farecast
Airfare WatchDog
Airline Phone Numbers
Airport On-Time Ratings
AirTran Airways
American Airlines
Aviation Consumer Protection Home Page
Continental Airlines
Dayton International Airport
Delta Air Lines
EconomyTravelCom--Lowest International Airfares
ELLIOTT.ORG, The Last Honest Travel Site
FlightStats - Worldwide flight status / tracker with historical performance data
FlyDenver - The Official Site for DIA
Google Search: palmer house website in chicago
Hotwire - Airline Tickets, Hotel Reservations...
Independence Air
Kayak-Cheap Airfare, Hotel Reservations, Car Rentals - Kayak.com
Midwest Airlines
Northwest Airlines
O'Hare International Airport - Home Page
On-Time Airline Arrivals
QuickAid.com Airport Information
Sacramento International Airport
San Jose International Airport
SeatGuru! Your Guide to Airplane Seats and In-flight Amenities
Smilin' Jack's Aviation/Airline/Travel Directory
Southwest Airlines
Travel Reservations - Discount Airline Tickets
United Airlines
VirtuallyThere Flight Tracker


AlphaSmart Community Center
AlphaSmart Knowledge Base and FAQ Center - Knowledge Base
Alphasmart Press Releases
AlphaSmart UK: Support
AlphaSmart, Inc. - Mobile Professional
Brighthand — Are All Screen Protectors Created Equal?
BStrong Screen Protectors for Alphasmart
Dazzle ZiO! MultiMedia/SecureDigital Reader - DM8800 - Flash-Memory-Store.com
DDH Software
Dictionary and Theasaurus alternatives
Fictionwise: Excellence in eBooks, free eBooks, eBooks for Palm, Pocket PC, eBookMan, WinCE, Rocket, and PCs.
FileMaker Mobile 7: What's New
Flickr: AlphaSmart - Writing Tools
FreewarePalm: BackupBuddyVFS:Free v2.01
Macintosh OS X DOC Converters Review
Mark/Space, Inc. - Products
Mark/Space, Inc. - The Missing Sync for Palm OS
NuShield screen protectors for your PDA and handheld computer
OS X 10.3, Address Book, Dana & Palm Desktop
Palm Doc Converter
Plucker - The best offline HTML reader and ebook reader for Palm handheld devices
Press Release, AlphaSmart Extends Licensing Agreement with PalmSource
Renaissance Learning-New Alphasmart Owner
RoadLingua by AbsoluteWord: Dictionaries--widescreen for Dana
Rohdesign Weblog: Palm Doc Converter for Mac OS X
SanDisk | Retail | Cruzer Mini
Upgrading Palm, what will happen to the Dana?
Virtual Display Image Viewer & Converter
Word2Doc 3.15
Word2palm Converter

Alternative News-Media-Activism

A-infos Radio Project
Al-Ahram Weekly
A highly-regarded Middle East newspaper published in Egypt.
Alternative Press Center Home Page
AlterNet: Indep News and Information
American Prospect Online
Aspen Institute
Berkeley Groks
Boston Review
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Interesting to compare this site to the American equivalent: www.pbs.org. How would you characterize the difference?
Center for International Policy
Center for Media & Democracy
Center for Public Integrity
A nonprofit organization dedicated to producing original, responsible investigative journalism on issues of public concern. The Center is non-partisan and non-advocacy. Excellent
Co-op America: Economic Action for a Just Planet
Columbia Journalism Review
The Columbia School of Journalism is one of the leading schools of journalism in the US. They publish a journal that discusses and critiques the state of journalism in this country.
Commercial Altert - Protecting communities from commercialism
Common Dreams News Center
Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community
Common Dreams NewsCenter
Breaking news & views for progressive-thinking Americans
Corporate Watch - Holding Corporations Accountable
Council for Responsible Genetics
Council On Hemispheric Affairs
CQ MoneyLine
CQ MoneyLine is a leading source of comprehensive, timely and objective campaign finance and lobbying information available. With campaign donation and expenditure data dating to the 1979-80 election cycle, CQ MoneyLine helps you analyze the flow of money through the political system.
Daily Kos: State of the Nation
Democracy Now
A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 700 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the U.S. I've listened to Amy Goodman for many number years now--since about 1997. If you want to hear perspectives entirely ignored by the mainstream media, this is an excellent news source. Goodman is intelligent and an excellent interviewer.
Dollars & Sense Magazine Home
E.F Schumacher Society
East Timor Action Network
East Timor is one of those poor, exploited countries that reveals how international relations actually work. Invaded and occupied by Indonesia several times--with tacit US support--East Timor has struggled for independence. On August 30, 1999, the people of East Timor voted overwhelmingly for independence in a UN-conducted popular consultation. 98.6% of the eligible population participated; 78.5% chose independence despite months of systematic terror and intimidation by the Indonesian military and its militia. After the result was announced, the Indonesian military and its militia retaliated by destroying the country: murdering some 2,000 East Timorese, displacing two-thirds of the population, raping hundreds of women and girls, and destroying over 70% of the country's infrastructure. Amy Goodman (of Democracy Now) has tirelessly covered the plight of the East Timorese.
FactCheck.org - Annenberg Political Fact Check
Provides commentary and fact checking on both parties statements and claims providing helpful insight as to how both parties distort and alter the facts to suit their own agendas.
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting -- Evaluating the evaluators. This is an essential site for tracking how the mainstream media often distort the news or fail to report important issues. The also have a weekly show available online or via independent radio.
Fair Trade Federation
FAIR's List of Online News Sources
FAIR's list of Mainstream and Alternative News sources as well as links to sites that critique the media. Excellent resource.
FAIR: Media Beat
FairVote acts to transform our elections to achieve universal access to participation, a full spectrum of meaningful ballot choices and majority rule with fair representation for all.
Foundation For Taxpayer & Consumer Rights
Free Press : media reform through outreach, activism, lobbying and networking
Absolutely essential. An organization founded to push for essential media reform. They hold a conference every year and every year the number of attendees grows significantly. Bill Moyers, Bill McChesney, and many leading journalists and concerned media individuals participate. They have lead the fight to preserve Net Neutrality, for example.
Free Speech Internet Television
Friends of the Earth - US
Greg Palast Writings
Grist Magazine
Environmental News and Commentary
In These Times
An independent, nonprofit publication from Chicago, Illinois. I read this magazine for many years. Has local and national coverage--often insightful commentary.
Independent Media Center
Journalism.org - Project for Excellence in Journalism
This site is part of the Project for Excellence in Journalism. To quote from their own description: "The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism is a research organization that specializes in using empirical methods to evaluate and study the performance of the press. It is non partisan, non ideological and non political."
KGNU Online
An independent radio station in Boulder, Colorado. I listened to for many years. They carry independent news shows like Amy Goodman's Democracy Now and David Barsamian's Talk Radio.
KPFK 90.7fm - Los Angeles Pacifica Radio
Independent news radio station in Los Angeles. Part of the Pacifica Radio News network, the first independent radio network in the US, preceded National Public Radio and still independent. Began with KPFA-FM in Berkeley, California. Later 4 additional stations were added in New York City, Washington, D.C., Houston, and Los Angeles.
Le Monde
English edition of the French newspaper Le Monde. Impossible to understand US policy without reading the foreign press. Le Monde is essential reading for progressive perspective.
Legislative Information on the Internet
Information on legislators and legislation they've sponsored or supported. You can also browse legislation on various topics and if so inclined actually read the text of bills passed or under consideration.
McChesney Website
Media Channel
Media Matters with McChesney
Bob McChesney is a research professor in the Institute of Communications Research and Graduate School of Information and Library Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has written many outstanding books on the media and the need for reform in the US--essential reading. Media Matters is a weekly radio show he does for a local independent radio station that covers media issues. He interviews intelligent, knowledgeable people about the state of the media in the US. Highly recommended.
Mosaic - New on the Middle East
World news from the Middle East.
A far left publication that publishes commentary and exposés.
Moving Ideas: Connecting You To The Progressive Community
Multinational Monitor On-Line
Multinational Monitor On-Line
One of the oldest progressive publications in America, the Nation was founded just after the Civil War and for years has tireless upheld the standards of independent, progressive journalism. It is a nonprofit political publication and like all of the nonprofits, it's experiencing severe financial difficulties. I have subscribed for many years, on and off, ever since I was an undergraduate in college.
National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States
National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions
National Review Online
An independent, conservative political news publication. The creation of William F. Buckley, Jr.. One should always read the perspectives and views of the other side to gain a deeper understanding and perspective.
Natural Resources Defense Council
New Republic
Another progressive, left of center publication covering news, politics, and the arts. Recently acquired by a corporate entity. For years a bastion of liberal thought but foundered somewhat in recent years on scandals and controvery of a reporter Stephen Glass who saw fit to invent and fabricate rather than report the news. The scandal was portrayed in the movie Shattered Glass. I don't know what the fallout has been and whether the journal's reputation was permanently sullied or not as I have not read the New Republic regularly in many years.
Nieman Watchdog
Published by the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University. To quote from the website's 'About Us' page: "The Nieman Watchdog Journalism Project grows from this premise and this goal: to help the press ask penetrating questions, critical questions, questions that matter, questions not yet asked about today's news."
OpenSecrets.org: Money in Politics -- See Who's Giving & Who's Getting
People Centered Development Forum
Founded by David Korten whose books When Corporations Rule the World and the Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism are revelations. They expose the extensive abuses of the corporate controlled world and offer imaginative alternatives.
Progressive magazine
Progressive Review Home Page
Project Censored: Tracking
Project Censored tracks and publishes news stories that never made the news or that were low-profiled by the mainstream press. It's astonishing how much of what is happening in our country we read and hear nothing about. They annual publish a book covering the Top Censoried stories of the year.
Project Vote Smart - A Voter's Self Defense System
Excellent, essential site. Get the facts on those who control your future: voting records, biographical information, issue positions, public statements, and campaign finances. They publish a Voter's Self Defense Manual.
Public Campaign - Clean Money, Clean Elections
Public Campaign is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to sweeping campaign reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics.
Public Citizen
Ralph Nader's consumer protection organization. Nader may aggravate people and sometimes seem full of himself; nonetheless, he's been a tireless advocate for the rights of the average citizen and has supported and helped effect many important legislative changes benefitting the average citizen.
Redefining Progress
Rocky Mountain Institute
Roll Call Online
Coverage of the people, politics, process and policy on Capitol Hill
Social Investment Forum
The Daily Howler
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
United for a Fair Economy
US Global Change Research Info
Village Voice
Washington Monthly
World Bank and IMF - New and Info about
World Policy Institute
YES A Journal of Positive Futures
Z Magazine Online
Noam Chomsky often publishes here. Though ignored by the mainstream media in the US, Chomsky is one of the most well-informed, political commentators in the world and is highly regarded by intellectuals in countries other than the US. His trenchant, insightful but often controversial commentaries simply can't be tolerated by politicians bent on expanding the American empire.


Alzheimer's Association | Home
Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center
Alzheimer's Disease Research Center - Washington University in St. Louis
Alzheimer's Disease: National Institute on Aging
Alzheimer's: Information from WebMD
MayoClinic--alzheimer's Disease


Apple - Discussions
Apple - Retail Stores
Apple - Software Downloads
Apple Computer Home Page
Apple Spec - Online
Index of /Apple_Support_Area/Apple_Software_U...
Quicktime Showcase


AppleScript for Absolute Starters
AppleScript Sourcebook
AppleScript: The Definitive Guide
Reasons to Pay Attention to Applescript


Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Museum-Quality Art
Barnes Foundation - About Barnes
Edward Tufte and Graphics Press
ExCALENDAR - The Official Exhibition Calendar of World Museums
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)

Audio & Video

AMUG Squeezebox Review
A nice review of the Slim Squeezebox for wirelessly transmitting your computer audio to your stereo system.
Awave Audio v7.6 Converts DSS to WAV
Beststuff - Etymotic ER-4P Headphones
BigBlueLounge.com -Music and Audio Production Forum
BladeEnc Free MP3 Encoder for Mac
Bose TriPort: Hi-Fi ear armor
Bose®: Headphones
CD Mastering for Dummies
Connect computer to Stereo via USB
Convert LPs to MP3s
Creative Mac: News: TASCAM Introduces US-122 ...
Digital and CD Recording Systems and Players from Janet Davis Music - The Banjo Store
Digital Domain - CD Mastering, Replication, D...
Digital Recording presentation
DVForge, Inc. - Digital Ventures. Future brands.
Edirol Corporation North America
Emkay - Products
eMusicGear.com - Yamaha Keyboards and more On...
Etymotic Research
Express Scribe - computer transcription software
Express Scribe - foot pedal computer transcription player software
GearTools - GearXport
Audio and video
Head Fidelity Headphone Hi-Fi, Audio, Portabl...
HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears
HeadWize - A Resource Site for Headphones
High Criteria Products
High Criteria Products
Home Recording Links
Stream audio from your computer to your home stereo system
Jack OS X - a Jack implementation for Mac OS X
JamPlug-Product Detail-JamPlug
M-Audio USB Audiosport Quattro
Macintosh Audio Editors
Macintosh Music Software: AUDIO RECORDING
MacMice - Elegant Original Design Peripherals For Apple Computers
MacMice MicFlex USB Microphone
mda VST Plug-in Reference
Minidisc Community Portal
MiniDisc Superstore
Multimedia Builder MP3 for Windows
My Home Page
Nagra Audio - Products
OS X Audio Recording Resources
Petteri Kamppuri | Home page
Phones for Powerbook and MDs
Plantronics Headsets for Less
Roku-SoundBridge; Wireless Broadcasting of Music
Sennheiser USA - Home Page
Shure SM57: The Industry Standard
Slow Gold PC Software for Transcriptions - Slow Down
Soundflower-for recording audio between apps
SoundRecorder 1.0 Macintosh Freeware
Source for DVD Ripper,Download DVD Ripper,DVD...
Source for napster alternative,Audiogalaxy Sa...
Squeezebox : WiFi for your HiFi!
Start Stop Universal Digital Transcription
TASCAM PocketStudio
Telex Computer Audio Announces M-560
Transom - A Showcase & Workshop for New Public Radio
USB audio
Videobox Video Player
To stream video from computer to your TV

Audio Books/Recordings

Internet Archive of Human Knowledge
Other Literary Audio Links
RadioLovers.com - Old Time Radio Shows
Wired for Books--Don Swaim

Audio Software to Download

Amadeus II
Audacity (and Audio Links)
Audacity (OS 9/X)
Audio, MIDI & music on macintosh - MacMusic
Audiocorder (for OS X)
AudioMelody - mp3 Encoders, .MP3, .WAV, mp3 t...
AudioMelody - Reviewing FREE audio software, ...
AudioTools.co.uk - For all your PC audio needs.
Coaster 1.1.3 for Macintosh (OS 9)
LAME LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder
Lame MP3 encoder for Carbon Mac OS 9 and Mac ...
Macintosh Music Software: AUDIO RECORDING
Melody Assistant
MP3 Rage--Convert MP3 files to AIFF
MPLAY 1.6.2 for Macintosh
MPLAY 68k 1.5.7b for Macintosh
NCH Swift Sound Software--Express Scribe
QuickVoice Recorder and Voice E-Mail ...
Sound Studio

Authorware & Director

Authorware Downloads/Updates
Betsy Bruce's Info on Authorware
Director Web Resources
EuroTaac 2000
Ganci's Authorware Site
Macromedia - Authorware : Supporte Center
Macromedia Authorware
Macromedia Authorware - Support Center Overview
Macromedia Learning
Magic Modules - the home of Buddy API
MEDIA shoppe : Authorware Files
The AWARE / Authorware page

Bags and Cases

a x i o
BagsForMe Luggage
Booq High End Bags and Cases
Brenthaven Bags
Case Logic
Eagle Creek Homepage
Incase Designs *
JanSport - Home
Mac Guides: Buying a Mac Laptop Case or Sleeve
Marware Laptop and iPod Cases - Apple iPod Accessories and iPod nano Case Styles
MaxUpgrades.com: MaxProtect III: Impact Resistant Protective Cases for Apple MacBook Pro/MacBook Models
MaxUpgrades.com: MaxProtect: Impact Resistant Protective bag for Apple PowerBooks/iBooks
MaxUpgrades.com: MaxSleeve II: Impact Resistant Protective Sleeve for Apple MacBook Pro/MacBook Models
One Bag - leisure and business travel packing list - travel light!
Outdoor clothing, technical apparel and gear by Patagonia
Pacific Design
Pelican laptop cases & notebook shipping case - heavy duty
RadTech - Solutions that make sense - Home
RadTech Products - Shoulder Bags - Protective Luggage for Notebooks
REI.com: Outdoor Gear & Clothing for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking and More!
Shinza :: The Best High-Tech Gear From Around the World
STM - protecting your digital cargo
Targus | Making Your Mobile Life Easier
TOM BIHN = Laptop Bags + Laptop Backpacks + Laptop Cases
TOUGH TRAVELER - baby carriers, luggage, backpacks & more - 800-GO-TOUGH
Tucano - Computer bags and accessories


Batteries and Maglite Flashlights - Your Intelligent Battery Store
Batteries in a Portable World--Handbook
Batterygeek--long-term Apple Laptop Batteries
Batterygeek.net: Portable Power, Portable Power Station, Power Devices from 3V~28V, External Battery Pack for all electronic Devices, DVD Player, Laptop, Tablet PC, Camera, Cell Phone, IPOD
FastMac Batteries for Mac
FastMac Store - Battery, Rechargeable: MacBook Pro 15
iPod Batteries & Power Adapters at OtherWorldComputing.com
MAHA - Powerex MH-C204W NiMH Battery Charger for AA, AAA Rechargeable Batteries & Battery
MAHA / POWEREX MH-C204W One Hour Worldwide Travel Conditioning Charger
Newertechnology rebate program
Rayovac Rechargeables
RipVan100.com || Products - Lightning Pack 4000N Recharger

Bill Evans

Bill Evans Memorial Library
Sheet Music Plus - Bill Evans Search Results
The Bill Evans Webpages - Bill Evans, jazz piano


***serialz.to*** Download Serials 2000, Serial Box and Updates get your Version of Serials2000 and all the Updates instantly!
Download music, movies, games, software! The Pirate Bay - The worlds largest BitTorrent tracker
The Top 35 Torrent Sites of 2007
UseNeXT - Usenet Binaries mit DSL Speed downloaden inkl. gratis Software


ecto: What is ecto?
Nerd Vittles
Nerd Vittles--ISP in a Box w the Mac Mini
WordPress › Home


AmbiCom, Inc. - Bluetooth Wireless USB Adapter
Mac OS X 10.2.4 Bluetooth Changes
MSI Bluetooth Adapter
Setting Up Bluetooth™ On Mac OS X 10.2 Jaguar

Book Binding

A Simple Book Repair Manual--Introduction
Acorn Press Bookbinders
Best Art Tools at Coilconnection.com
Binding Systems
Book Arts Web
Book binding yourself with instruction & techniques from the art of bookbinding
Book Printing - Recommended suppliers for custom printed books
Bookbinding Materials
Bookbinding Materials from MisterArt.com.
Bookbinding Tools
Bookbinding tutorial--fairly simple approach
Bookbinding: A Tutorial--from Univ of Iowa
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild | Welcome | book binding yourself, calligraphy, print
Class Materials for Intermediate Bookbinding
Coil Binding
Discount Art Supplies and Art Materials from MisterArt.com.
Distinctive Bookbinding - Custom Design
Do-It-Yourself Book Press
Douglas W. Jones on Bookbinding
Genesis Paper Trimmer *
Gigabooks Hand Bookbinding Supplies
Google Directory - Arts > Crafts > Book Arts > Services
Harold Berliner, Printer
Heritage Book Shop and Bindery - Los Angeles
Hollanders, specializing in Decorative papers, bookbinding supplies & Workshops
Institute of Bookbinding & Allied Trades
Meyer Bookbinding Co.
Oak Knoll Books & Oak Knoll Press
Plickity Plunk Press (PPPress)
Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing
Talas || Bookbinding
The Book Arts Web
The Book Doctor
The Center for Book Arts in NYC
The Society of Bookbinders
Tutorials & Reference || The Book Arts Web
UICB Book & Paper Store

Book Collecting

Background Info: Collecting the Modern Library Book Series
Book Sale Finder
Bookpedia - What's on your shelves?
Books and Book Collecting
Books for MacOS X
Bookselling Online
Booxter - Personal Librarian
Collecting Rare Books (a guide provided by Rare Books in Japan)
COOK BOOKS by Janet Jarvits, Bookseller - Home
Easton Press Online Catalog
Fine Books & Collections Magazine
Fine Presses and Fine Press Book Sellers
Grolier Club Publications
History of the Book - Summer 2005
Modern Library Collecting
The Colophon Book Shop -- Member ABAA/ILAB
The Folio Society: Publishers of beautiful illustrated books
What is The Modern Library?

Book Reviews

Arts & Letters Daily Book Reviews
Books Reviews Christian Science Monitor
Complete Review - Links to Book Review Site
Complete Review - What's New at the Complete Review
Guardian Unlimited Books
Independent New Book Reviews
London Review of Books
MAA Online--Math Books
New York Review of Books: Home
New York Times Books
SF Chronicle Book Reviews
The New Republic: Books & the Arts Index
The New York Observer Book Reviews

Book Selling

How to Package Books Cheaply, Quickly and Safely - Part 1
The Bookologist-Resources for Online Booksellers
Used Book Seller Resources (pixievagabond.blog-city.com)


A Common Reader
About.com : http://www.bookmonitor.com
American Booksellers Association
Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
Barnes & Noble
Berkeley Book List
Book Hunter Press - Guidebooks and database to used bookstores
Book Loft of German Village
Book Lovers: Fine Books and Literature
Book Reviews - Authors Net Links
Books-A-Million Online Bookstore
Bookstores in Ohio
BookWire Homepage
Chardon Press
College Textbooks MIR
Comparison of English dictionaries for a PC
Complete Review - What's New at the Complete Review
Dover Publications
Everyman Catalog
Everyman's Library of Classics
Great Books: Great Books Discussion Groups:
Harvard Book Store
Independent Bookstores - The NewPages Guide
Internet Book List :: Main
James J. O'Donnell
Jessica's Biscuit eCookbooks.com
Joseph-Beth Booksellers - Kentucky and Ohio
Labyrinth Books -Sale Annex
Left Bank Books: St. Louis' Best Independent Bookstore
Levenger Lap Desk, Wallets, Bookstands, Totes, Journals, Card Holders, Briefcases & PDA Cases
MIT Press Bookstore
MP3Lit.com: The Source for Free MP3 Literature
Personal Book Lists
Powell's Books
Psychology Books--Kihlstrom List
Scholarly Books-Psychology Books
SPD Books Online
Strand Bookstore
Tattered Cover Bookstore Online
The New York Times: Books

Books (Online Search Engines)

A1Books - Making knowledge Affordable
Abebooks.com - used, secondhand, rare, out-of-print books
AddALL book search and price comparison
Alibris - Books You Thought You'd Never Find ...
Best Book Buys--find lowest priced books
Campusi: Find the best price on books
Cheapest book - Compare price for books!
FetchBook - New & Used Books - Find the Lowest Price
Overstock.com, save up to 80% every day!

Books (Online Texts)

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations, 9t...
Bookeen - Cybook reader: the multi-format ebook reading device
Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia
Great Books Online--Bartleby.com:
Internet Public Library
On-Line Books Page
On-line Dictionaries
Other English Resources -- Electronic Text Center
Project Gutenberg
The American Empire Project
The Great Books of Western Civilization
The Proceedings of the Friesian School
Webster Dictionary


Black Oak Books--Berkeley, CA
Cody's Books--Berkeley, CA
Copperfield's Books
Harvard Book Store
Keplers--Menlo Park
Moe's Books -- Berkeley, CA
Powell's Books
Rakestraw Books--in Danville, CA
Scholarly Books-Specializing in Psych Books
Seminary Co-op Bookstore
Square Books -- Oxford, Mississippi
Strand Book Store
Tattered Cover Bookstore


BGSU: Macintosh Tech Tips
Boulder Convention and Visitors Bureau
Boulder Magazine
Boulder Movie Page
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art
Boulder Public Library
Boulder Public Library -- Film Program
BoulderMenus.com, the one-stop res...
Channel 8 Boulder
cmo--calendars in list
Colorado Chautauqua Association
Colorado Music Festival
Cooking School of the Rockies - Boulder, Colorado
CU Events Calender
The Boulder Guide
The Boulder Network


Artisan Baker Association ABA
Baker Boulanger - In Search of Sourdough
Baker Boulanger - Making Real French Bread
BAKERY-NET/Contents Menu: buyer's guide, back...
betterbaking.com - Baker Boulanger
Bread Bakers Forum Front Page
Bread Bakers Forum Front Page
Bread Bakers Guild of America
Brick Bake Oven Page
King Arthur Baking Co.
Mugnaini Imports; Italy's Original Wood-fired Ovens
Ovencrafters--Alan Scott's Home Page
Poilane bread
Progressive Baker Website
San Francisco Baking Institute - bread baking...
Sourdough Companion | The Sourdough Bread Community
Sourdough Home - Baking stones - what are they and why should I use them?
Sourdoughs International: sourdough bread st...
Special and Decorative Breads from Amazon
The Baker's Catalogue
WILDWOOD Fired Pizza Ovens and BBQ's
Wokshop with Alan Scott

Brother Printers

Brother Solutions Center
BSC:HL-1230/1440/1450/1470N Download
Mac OS® X Support Statement

Buddhism, Meditation, etc.

Amazon.com: buying info: The High-Performance Mind
Best Spiritual Books of the Century
Buddhist and Alternative Specialty Bookstores
Dharma Talks by Lama Surya Das
Gar Drolma Choling Dharma Center in Dayton
Introduction to Mindfulness and Buddhist Meditation
Realization.org: Meditation, Yoga, Kundalini,...
Shambhala Publications

Building Structures/Homes



California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

California Trip Summer 2005

Gold Rush Book Fair
Hardy Books in Nevada City
Nevada City & Grass Valley, California: Visitor information
Nevada City and Grass Valley's story? More bookstores than anywhere else
Nevada City Chamber of Commerce - Restaurants & Bars
Sacramento News and Review - Best of Sacramento - September 30, 2004
The Restaurants of Grass Valley.html


About.com : http://til.info.apple.com/techinf...
Accelerate Your Macintosh! Tests the Formac's...
Apple - iTunes
Apple - iTunes and Disc Burner - CD-R Compati...
Applelinks.com Revew: Que!Fire External Firew...
buy.com - Computer Systems for Home and Offic...
Computers4SURE Your Online Technology Superst...
dealmac. News on Macintosh prices.
Epinions.com - Reviews of QPS Que! FireWire C...
Formac - ShopFormac - cdrw
Formac - ShopFormac - cdrw
MacInTouch Recent News Archive
PCthingz - CD/DVD/CDRW
QPS Support Info
QPS Technical Support
QPS, Inc.
r o x i o
r o x i o
r o x i o | CD-R Mac
r o x i o | Toast 5 Overview
Todays News Yamaha's New CD-RWs

CDR/CDRWs & CDR Audio Recorders

CD Mastering for Dummies
CD Recorders by Oade Bros.Digital Audio
eMusicGear--Tascam CD-RW4U Coompact Disc Recorder $399
eMusicGear-Tascam CD-RW700 CD Recorder
HHB Communications HHB CDR830 BurnIT Plus Recorder
Marantz Professional
Marantz Professional CDR300 CD Recording System
Martel Electronics--Marantz CDR Recorders/etc.
Mini Disc Players/Recorders--Tascam CD-RW4U Recorder
Mother's Online Recording
Music Factory - Recorders Home Page
Music Factory - Tascam CD-RW4U CD Recorder/Player $399
Philips Consumer Electronics
Tascam CD-RW2000, CD burner, at RiksMusic.com...
Tascam CD-RW4U Compact Disc Recorder/Player
Zzounds.com--Tascam CD-RW4U CD Recorder $399


CD Universe - Your Online Music Store


Art Institute of Chicago Museum
Chicago Discount Hotel Reservations
Chicago Jazz Archive
Chicago Reader Online Features
ChicagoJazz.com - The Chicago Jazz Site
City.Net Chicago, Illinois, United States
CTA | Chicago Transit Authority - Fares
Jazz Institute of Chicago October 2001
Jazz Showcase Home Page
The Chicago Tribune
Van Gogh and Gauguin: The "Studio of the South"

Clip Art Sources

Barry's Clip Art Server
John's Background Page


1st in coffee
Aabree Coffee Company - Espresso Makers, Coff...
Bald Mountain Coffee Company
Coffee Bean Corral Green Coffee Beans Home Roasting Supplies
Coffee Equip Reviews
Coffee Grinders
Coffee Grinders By Thomas
Coffee Review
Coffee Review - Coffee Buying Guide (K Davids)
Coffee Roasters by AlpenRost-Whole Latte Love
Coffee Roasters, Cyber Cafes , Recipes, Equip...
Coffee Wholesale USA - Wholesalers to the Pub...
CoffeeCrew.Com Victoria, B.C. Canada
CoffeeGeek - News, Reviews, Opinion and Community for Coffee and Espresso
CoffeeKid's Espresso Machine Reviews - coffee...
CoffeeKid's Espresso Machine Reviews - coffee...
Espresso Machines by Solis-Whole Latte Love
Expresso Top 50
Finest Espresso Machines of San Francisco
HomeRoast Digest
Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters - We've got onli...
Seasoned Cooking - Home Page
Seasoned Cooking - Home Page
SmellTheCoffee.com directory of Coffee shops,...
Smellthecoffee.com, find everything related t...
Solis Maestro Burr Coffee Grinder
Solis Maestro Burr Coffee Grinder
Solis Maestro Burr Coffee Grinder from Coffee...
Sweet Maria's Home Coffee Roasting Supplies
The Coffee Project
Whole Latte Love

Cognitive Demonstrations

MIT : Brain and Cognitive Sciences
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
SLS Spoke Language Systems-JUPITER-Weather forecasts
Welcome to LBR - Living Breathing Robots

Cognitive Links

Applied Cognition Laboratory-Cell Phones and Driving
Cognitive Psychology
William Calvin Web Site

Cognitive Neuroscience

Biomedical Imaging Resource
BrainVoyager - Software for analysis and visualization of fMRI and MRI data
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, Duke University
DICOM introduction and free software
DICOM introduction and free software
Guidelines for Presenting Neuroimaging Analyses
Introduction to SPM'95 and its uses in Functional Neuroimaging
Laboratory of Miguel A.L. Nicolelis, M.D., Ph.D
MRIcro software guide-for windoes or linux
NeuroImaging Links - Lab for Affective Neuroscience
OsiriX - 100% FREE DICOM/PACS Viewer for MacOS X
SPM - Statistical Parametric Mapping
The Whole Brain Atlas

Colleges Information

ACT to SAT Conversion Table
College Board QuickFind
Quickly find information on any college in the U.S.
College Resources
CollegeNET - Online College Applications
John Templeton Foundation: College and Charac...
Peterson's Home Page
SAT vs. ACT Scores
SAT/ACT Score Info
Can enter your scores and find out where you stand. Also find out whether it's worthwhile trying to improve your scores.
The Best 331 Colleges Princeton Rankings
The College Board:
Information on Colleges and Universities
USNews Best Graduate Schools
USNews College & University Rankings


Colorado Restaurant Guides
Rocky Mountain Restaurant Guide
State of Colorado Homepage
Yahoo! Regional:U.S. States:Colorado

Computer & Technology Issues

Computers in Schools
Gnu Software
Kodak's New Digital Projectors


Lenovo United States
Zonbu Computers

Consumer Guides

Consumer Guide®: Reviews, Ratings & Prices for Cars, Trucks, Electronics, Consumer Products


A Cook's Gallery
Alice Waters
Amazon.com: Honey from a Weed : ...
American Spoon Foods
California Culinary Academy
Cheese Importers-Longmont
Cook Street School of Fine Cooking
Cookware Central
Cookware Page
Cuisine International - Culinary Vacations in...
Epicurious Video Demos
Epicurious Web Site
Far Away Foods – Specialty Foods Online
Food Links
Food Network's FoodTV.Com
Jasper Whites Lobster Cookbook
Metropolitan Kitchen All-Clad Cookware
Mugnaini Imports, LLC - Italian Wood Burning ...
Paula Wolfert's Site
Penzeys Spices
Peppercorn - About Us
Pesto by Hand - 98.08
Recipe Links Page
Renato Specialty Products, Inc.
Rockridge Market Hall
Shawguides, Inc.
ShawGuides, Inc. | Cooking Schools-Career
ShawGuides, Inc. | Cooking Schools-Recreational
Spice House
Tante Marie's Cooking School
The Annex to Your Kitchen: The Annex Cookery
The Chef's Store
The Eclectic Gourmet Guide to Greater New Yor...
Vanilla Saffron Imports
Wine Enthusiast
Zingermans - Full-Flavored, tradition...

Cooking Equipment and Supplies

Fante's Kitchen Wares Shop - Wonderful Cook's Wares Resource
Wonderful Cook's Wares Resource
4COST®.com - Wholesale Appliances and Electronics Welcome to 4COST®.com - Wholesale Appliances and Electronics Ranges Slide In Dual-Fuel
BOSCH Appliances Home Page
Bread Knives: Messermeister Park Plaza Scalloped Baker's Pallet Knife, 14.00 in.
Bridge Kitchenware - Imported Cookware for th...
Caplan-Duval in Montreal
Caplan-Duval Le creuset
Chefs Store
Digital Scales.com - Independent Reviews of Digital Scales & Digital Pocket Scales
GE Appliances - Home
Kitchen And Bath Design News KBDN.net - Buyers Guide - Annual Directory, Appliance Guide, Cabinet Guide, kitchens, baths, bathrooms
KitchenAid® Home Page
Knife Depot - Hunting, Combat, Swiss Army Knives & More
Moroccan Tagines
Mugnaini Imports; Italy's Original Wood-fired Ovens
My Weigh Digital Scales- Manufacturer of quality digital scales and digital scale accesories
Scale Magazine.com - Independent Reviews of My Weigh 7001 Kitchen Scale
Sur La Table
The Jenn-Air Home
Thermador - Home
Viking Range Corporation
Whirlpool Home
Wolf Appliance | Industry leader of ovens, ranges, cooktops and grills
Zephyr - Hurricane
Zephyr - Ventilation

Cooking and Food Writing

101 Cookbooks - Recipe Journal
Art of Eating Quarterly
Atlantic Unbound - Food
Books For Cooks
Clifford A. Wright - Cook and Author Speciali...
Cook's Illustrated Magazine
Corby Kummer Index
Culinary Newsletters, Magazines and Journals
Free Trial Issue Plus a Free Gift From Cook's
French Cooking Shelf at The Boojum Tree
Gourmet Guides Bargain Cookbooks
Los Angeles Times Food


Gravity From The Ground Up
Max Tegmark's Homepage
MIT Physics Faculty: Max Tegmark

Dating Services

A Foreign Affair
Article: Online dating gets more personal
Bookofmatches Online Dating Service and Matchmaking
eHarmony.com: Intelligent Matching for Compatible Singles
LoveCompass-Personals & Online Dating
Match.com: Millions of possibilities to meet your match
Online Dating Services
Reciprocal Dating - A fresh and free approach to online dating and matchmaking

Dayton House Buying Project

Dayton Area Board of REALTORS®
Dayton Area Board of REALTORS®
Dayton Real Estate - RelocationCentral
DaytonClassifieds.com - Real Estate
Finding the Best Home Insurance Coverage and Policy
HomeTeam Inspection Service - Professional Home Inspection Dayton, OH
Hometime - How-To - Project Help - Windows & Doors
Irongate Inc., Realtors
Judy Davis' Website
Marvin Windows and Doors
MLS Property Search
Property Search Property Types Sale Lease Residential Farm Industrial/Comm'l Land Multi-Family If you select ONE property type, you can click Additional Criteria to select amenities.
Montgomery County's Real Estate Tax Info System
Montgomery County's Recorder Home Page
REALTOR.com: Real estate listings & homes for sale
SEARS - Custom Replacement Windows

Debian Linux

BitTorrent Home Page
Current IP Check
Debian -- The Universal Operating System
Debian Linux Tutorial - Guide On How To Install Linux Software for Servers and Network Installation and Set Up for Beginners with Instructions On How To Configure A Home Server
jigdo (Jigsaw Download) - a download manager for CD/DVD images
Tweaking your system to get the most out of BitTorrent


5280 Magazine
5280's Online Dining Guide
Butterfly Pavilion
Colorado Historical Society
Colorado History Museum
Denver Art Museum
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Center for Performing Arts
Denver Convention & Denver Visitors Bureau
Denver Public Library
Denver's Food-Snob - Restaurant Reviews
Dinosaur Ridge, Morrison, Colorado...
Pikes Peak Cog Railway Home Page
Restaurants in Denver, Colorado
Sambuca Jazz Cafes - Live Jazz Supper Clubs
The Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Vartan's Jazz Club and Restaurant
Zig Zag Club: Denver Restaurant Review Archive
zJazz -- Denver's Jazz Information Page
zJazz -- Denver's Jazz Information Page

Dictation and Recording Software/Equipment

Transcriva - Manual transcription with automatic transmission
audiotranscription.de - solutions for digital recording and transcription - costfree transcription software f4
Express Dictate - dictaphone like software
MacSpeech--Make iListen
Start Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System
Sylvan Software - Medical Spell Check Software for Medical Transcription
TranscriptionGear.Com; Transcription, Transcription Equipment, Transcription Software, Digital Transcription, Dictation, Digital Voice Recorder, Dictation Equipment, Medical Transcription, Headset
Vpedal.com "The Voice Pedal"
Use for controlling software w a foot pedal--e.g. transcribing software like Transcriva


ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form
Language Dictionaries
OneLook Dictionary Search
Look words up in several different dictionaries
Quicktionary French - English Handheld OCR
WordReference.com Online French Dictionary
YourDictionary.com - Home Page
Comprehensive list of online Dictionaries.

Digital Camcorders

Authoring with iDVD 5
Camcorders - Digital & VHS Camcorder Reviews, Comparisons, & Ratings
Digital HD Video Camera Recorder - HVR-V1U
HDR-HC3 HDV 1080i Handycam® Camcorder Firewire
MAGAZINEVIDEO.COM: the webmag of the numerical video
PCWorld.com - How to Buy a Digital Camcorder

Digital Cameras & Photography

A complete guide to digital cameras, digital ...
Canon Digital Camera Website
Canon EOS 300 D Digital Rebel
Canon U.S.A
Complete Digital Photography-Reviews
DCRP Review: Canon Digital Rebel
Digital Camera Resource Page
Digital Photo News--Nikon D70 Digital Camera
US$ 999. Nikon D70 Digital SLR body
Harmony Computers
KODAK Ultima Picture Paper for Inkjet Prints
Must See Photo Sites
Nikon : Coolpix 950
Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera Kit with 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G ED IF AF-S DX Zoom Lens - Nikon U.S.A. Warranty
Nikon D70 review test © 2004 KenRockwell.com
Nikon D70 Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review
Nikon D70 Sub-$1000 Digital SLR : Digital Imaging : MobileMag
Nimh Batteries Nimh Chargers and More
PCPhotoREVIEW - Digital Cameras - Olympus 460Z
PCPhotoREVIEW - The Ultimate Resource for Digital Cameras
Red River Paper
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
The Luminous Landscape

Digital Recorders

Andy's Music - Digital MultiTrack Recording 199
Boss BR-532
CD Recorders
D&M Pro - PMD670 Professional Solid State Portable Recorder
Digital Multitrack Recorders - NewMusicTools.com
Digital Multitrack Recorders - NewMusicTools.com
Fostex America
Fostex VF-08 SCSI option, 1.877.222.7457 toll...
Fostex VF80 with CD-Recorder
Read Reviews and Compare Prices on Sima I MIX...
Samson - Zoom - MRS-4 & Adapter
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
The Marantz PMD670 Portable Digital Recorder Review
Zoom MRS-1044CD Digital Multitrack Recorder w...
Zoom MRS-1044CD Digital Recorder Review @ Mu...
zZounds.com - Fostex VF80 8-Track Digital Mix...

Digital Video

8mm Film Transfer Super 8 Film to Video DVD: Consumer Tutorial
AMUG Miglia EvolutionTV Review
AMUG Miglia TVMini HD Review
Autodesk - Autodesk Cleaner - Product Information
Belle Nuit Subtitler
DMTS™ Inside Final Cut Express HD 3.5 Training DVD - Free Final Cut Express Tutorial Samples
DV vs M-JPEG: codec issues
DVD Authoring Nightmares - and How to Avoid Them
DVD from video, 8mm film (Super 8 & Standard 8mm), 16mm film, negatives, slides and photos - Sydney - call DVD Infinity
El Gato's EyeTV Hybrid digital/analog tuner for Macs - Engadget
Elgato Systems--TV to Computer Recording -- DVD
ffmpegX a DVD, SVCD, VCD, CVD, VOB, DivX, XviD, H.264, PSP, iPod, MP4, MOV, FLV encoder for Mac OSX
Final Cut Express HD 3.5 Review
Final Cut Tutorial - CIS Documentation - Brown University Wiki
FireStore FS-4Portable DTE Recorder-DV to Firewire converter drive
Flash Video Player
GeeThree: SlickCaption
macProVideo.com - Nonlinear Educating with Video Tutorials
Macworld: News: XLR8 ProView USB captures video
Metadata Hootenanny > Home + FAQ
Mitsubishi Home Theater
On2 Technologies - Video compression provider and creator of Flash 8 video for Adobe
Photoshop for Video ***
Sorenson Media
Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip for Mac and Windows
Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip for Mac and Windows
Super 8mm Regular 8mm 16mm Film Slides Video Transfers to DVD miniDV
The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory
Video 8mm Transfer 8mm Film Digitizing
Videogrunt-the basics of digital video
VisualHub: The Universal Video Converter for Mac.
VisualHub: The Universal Video Converter for Mac.
XLR8 ProView USB - Full Screen USB Video Capture for the Mac!

Do it Yourself

Cleaning.com : cleaning tips, cleaning products cleaning services and everything about cleaning!
Complete Internet Stain in Removal Links Page
Customer Support, Products Repair, Manuals & Troubleshooting on Any Product
Every Day Stain Removal Guide for Fabrics
MakeZine.com: Out Damned Spot!
Stain Removal

Drawing Programs for OS X

EazyDraw For Mac OS X
Freeverse : Lineform
Intaglio — Macintosh Drawing & Illustration


DriverGuide.com (printer drivers, cdrom drive...


MacConnection - 250GB DiamondMAX 10 SATA 150 Internal Hard Drive
MacResQ - SCSI HD Blowout!
Maxtor Corporation
Maxtor.com - DiamondMax 10
MegaHaus -Max
Quantum Drives
Recommended Hardware
SmartDisk - Capture, Share and Preserve Digital Content

Drop Basket

app4mac - Sequence, RapidoWrite, and RapidoSerial
AppleScript Central
Hundreds of AppleScripts for the software you use.
BGSU: Macintosh Tech Tips
Chicago Tribune | Small Business -- What's on your reading list?
Colorado Macintosh User Group (COMUG) - Boulder, Colorado, USA
Geostationary Satellite Server
GNU Project
Horus' History Links
How to Save Quicktime Files or Movies from within your Web Browser - Tech-Recipes.com
MacSurfer's Headline News™
MacTech Magazine
MacWEEK: PDF editing tools debut at Seybold
Material Matters
Nielsen Media Research Home Page
Opera Creates Unique Grassroots Browser
Outpost.com | Product Detail:Virtual PC 4.0 Deal
Philosophy of the GNU Project
SBC Ameritech: Telephone Service, DSL Provide...
Social Life of Information Home Page
The Engines of Our Ingenuity: Main Page
The GNU Project
The Social Use of Information
Looks interesting!
Think Outside
Foldable keyboard for the Palm Pilot
Training and Performance
Volcano World -- The Premier Source of Volcano Information
Wacom Technology
Why Software Should Not Have Owners
Statistics on every country in the world
X Appeal.org


Best DVD Burning Software Reviews 2008 - Copy DVD
Best DVD Duplication, CD Duplication Software- Copy any DVD to a standard Compact Disc!
Camtasia Studio - Screen Recording for Demos and Training
Doom9.net - The Definitive DVD Backup Resource
DVD-R Drive Problems and Solutions with 10.2.4
Fast DVD Copy 3
Galactica's Informational But Informal Mac Video Site
Gallery of CSS Descramblers
Illustrated CDROM/CDRW/DVDROM Installation Guide
LaCie - LaCie d2 DVD±RW with LightScribe - USB and FireWire, with Double Layer
Macworld: Review: Dual-Layer 16X Burners
Matinee - VIDEO_TS Launcher
Metakine - DVDRemaster
Metakine - DVDRemaster
OpenDVD.org - Extending DVD
OSEx another site
OSEx for ripping DVDs OSEx for ripping DVDs
Pioneer dvd products - recordable dvd products
Popcorn - Roxio Support Community
Popcorn DVD Copy: Our #1 Top Choice (Gold) for Mac
Popcorn from Roxio-DVD Copier
Ripping a DVD movie using OSEx
SmartRipper v2.41
Sony DRX 710ULT Dual Layer DVD Burner
Streaming media recording
Using Toast to burn a DVD movie
VideoHelp.com :: - Mac Video Forum
VideoHelp.com :: View topic - How to PROPERLY burn DVD2ONE DVD's using TOAST 6.0 [UPDATED]
VideoLAN - OpenSource video streaming solution for every OS!

E-Books and Readers

Plastic Logic Home
E Ink Corporation | Home
E Ink User Community - Powered by vBulletin
iRex : The iLiad
Jinke Electronics' Hanlin V8 e-book reader
Sony Reader

East Timor

East Timor - Allan Nairn's Testimony
East Timor - Chmosky Comment
East Timor - Dossier
East Timor - Torture
MoJo Wire: The Struggle for East Timor

Ecards Websites

5 Star Sites
Art - MoMA E-cards
Bansheeweb E-cards
Electric Postcard Card Rack
Free Love and Romance Greeting Cards
Greeting cards and digital postcards -
Greeting_cards Website Links
Hallmark Cards
Indusland: Best of the Web eCard Sites
Java & Vibrant Flash Animated Greetings
Just So Postcards
LInkOpedia Cards
Pacific Products Gallery
Stavar Gallery's Virtual Postcards
Webwinds--Ecard Website Links
Yahoo Greetings


MIT > Center for Advanced Educational Services
NW Regional Educ Laboratory
SciEd - Science and Mathematics Education Resources
UIUC ESL Home Page
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Education
World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Educational Technology ( 3-Apr-1995)
WWW Literacy

Edward Said

A longer view
After the Last Sky; Edward W. SaidPhotographs by Jean Mohr
Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | The treason of the intellectuals 6-99
Bookless in Gaza 1996
Edwar Said: Fifty years of dispossession
Edward Said on the Tragedy of Palestine, Rice University, March 26, 1998
Edward W. Said: A Bibliography
Faculty Profile: Edward Said; Among His New Projects: Memoir of Early Years, Presidency of M.L.A. and a Film on Israel at 50. Columbia University Record, April 24, 1998
Jerusalem revisited
Middle East Politics
New history, old ideas
The Edward Said Archive (TESA)Coming Soon


Audio Acoustics Internet Sites
Audio Review.com
AudioWeb audio hifi stereo equipment
Circuit City Stores, Inc.
Deja.com: Consumer Electronics
DIY Audio Pages
HeadRoom Home Page
Home Theater - Home Page
Sony consumer electronics guide:
Sony KV-32FS10
SoundTrack, Ultimate Electronics, Audio King

Email Help

Andrew Starr's Unofficial Eudora Site
Apple -Eudora Mailbox Cleaner 2.7.1
Converting Internet messages to Exchange or Outlook
eMailman -- Conversion
Eudora Download
Eudora Mailbox Cleaner
Index of /pub/pc/mail/eudora/eims2/beta22
Mac Mail Archive
Outlook Express Information
Qualcomm's Eudora Technical Support

Empty Folder

Empty Folder


Basilisk II Home Page
Darwine - FAQ
OpenOSX: Run Windows(R) on Mac OS X with OpenOSX WinTel(TM) Native on Intel(R) Macs
OSx86 Project - Home
PearPC - About
PearPC - PowerPC Architecture Emulator
SheepShaver [Gwenole Beauchesne Wiki]
SheepShaver--Running Classic on the Intel Macs
SoftPear - PC/Mac Interoperability
Synergy--let's you share a single kb and mouse
Wine HQ
XBox PearPC

Energy Efficiency, Fuels, Cars, and Technology

Think City Electric Car

Epson Software/Drivers

Epson Developer
EPSON Scan to File for Mac OS X


European Union in the US


Evolution: Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution
National Academy of Sciences: About the NAS: The Evolution Controversy in Our Schools
National Center for Science Education
National-Academies.org | Evolution Resources
Thomas B. Fordham Foundation - Good Science, Bad Science: Teaching Evolution in the States


Excel Links
Excel Tutorial
Excel User TIps
Microsoft Excel Tutorials
Software and statistics made easy -- SPSS, Ex...

Exercise and Nutrition

A Cook's Books - Recipe Management for Macintosh
Looks like the best program for recipes and calorie management so far.
BodyFitdb-Fitness and Nutrition Software
Calorie Counter Diet and Weight Loss Software, by Diet Power
CalorieKing - Diet Software for Pocket PC, Palm OS, Mac and Windows - Diet Diary Software
Cookware Deluxe
Crosstrainer Fitness Software
Fat Burning
Fitness Software for Windows - PTrainer
Fitness Tool
FitWatch - Get the Data. Get the Knowledge. Get Fit.
Grocery Shopping List & Recipe Organizer Software Shop'NCook - Organize Your Cooking and Grocery Shopping
iCuistot - Overview
MacGourmet-Recipe Software
Measuring Cup - Recipe Management Program on Mac OS X-Free
Nutribase Software
Nutrient Data : Home
PE4life - Active Body Active Mind
Professional Nutrition Software Site
ProTrack 2005 Fitness Software
Pure Mac: Health - Software For Macintosh
Pure Mac: Recipes - Software For Macintosh
The Recipe Manager
Triage Software-Cuisine Recipe Management Software
Tufts University Nutrition Navigator
Weight by Date Pro Software

Exercise equipment and technology

All Sports Watches
Best Treadmill :: Best Treadmills Reviewed
FitCentric Technologies-Virtual Racing Software
iSMARTtrain from OTAG Technologies Ltd
Mega Fitness: Exercise, Gym Equipment, Machines, Treadmills, Home Gyms, Bikes
Polar USA
RYP Sports
Smooth Fitness-Treadmills and Elliptical Trainers

Finances & Insurance

Auto Insurance
FCIC National Contact Center - Savings Bonds

Flashbulb Memory

'Flashbulb memory' theory fades in light of n...
Flashbulb Memories
Flashbulb Memories--by Martin Conway (1994 book)


Gardens of Paris
Siberian Iris Picture Gallery

Food & Cooking

Organic Consumers Association
Amazon.com: buying info: Eating in Italy : A ...
Amazon.com: The Joy of Coffee : ...
Chef Talk - A food lover's link to professional chefs
Corby Kummer reviews Olive Oil: From Tree to ...
Corby Kummer reviews Recipes from Paradise
Egg Farm Dairy - Fine Cheese & Butter
Food Maven's Links
FoodWeb - The Site for Recipes, Food, Cookboo...
French Cheeses: Fromage.com
Fresh Mozzarella Curd by Di Bruno Bros.
Homemade Gourmet Pizza Page
Italy for the Gourmet Traveller
Straus Family Creamery - Organic Dairy Products


France home page - www.france.com
FRANCE Magazine!
FranceWay, France homepage, travel, culture,
French cheese: history, variety, taste, tips
French Culture | Education | Assistant in France 2004-2005
French Real Estate Portal
Giverny - Vernon : In the Heart of Impressionism
Le Cordon Bleu International ~ l'Art Culinaire
Paris Anglophone: Paris' services and contact...


Alliance Française
Alliance Française de Cincinnati
Alliance Française de San Francisco
American Association of Teachers of French
ARTFL Project
Project for American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language, University of Chicago.
FACC New York Chapter
First Year French @UT Austin
French American Chamber of Commerce of Cincinnati
French Language Resources
French Verbs
Frenchculture.org - French Culture and Education in the USA
Tex's French Grammar

Freud and the Freud Wars


Friends Web Sites

CAWTech Computing
Ericsson Page
Jack Bauer
Lew Harvey
Max-Planck-Institute of Cognitive NeuroScience



CD Holdings - CD Racks & CD Holders - Compact...
CDRacks.com, The Wood Shed's Factory Direct
Open Directory - Shopping: Entertainment: Rec...
Texwood American Library Furniture - CD Displays

Gadgets and Other Cool Stuff


Apple - Mac Games
Computer Gaming World
EBgames.com EB Games
Game Rankings
Games Domain
GameSpy Arcade - Play Hundreds of Online Multiplayer Games
Halo: Truth and Reconciliation
Inside Mac Games
Inside Mac Games Newsbriefs
Linksys: WGA11B - Wireless-B Game Adapter
Linksys: WGA54G - Wireless-G Game Adapter
PC Gamer
Virtual Racing Chassis - Mozilla
Xbox Reporter


About Glaucoma: Treatment, Risk Factors, Symptoms, News, Research, Resources
Glaucoma Associates of New York
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Grutzmacher and Lewis, A Medical Corporation, Surgical Eye Specialists, Our Physicians
International Glaucoma Associations website
Journal of Glaucoma
Lewis, Richard A, MD - Grutzmacher & Lewis - Medical Specialists - Sacramento, CA, 95815-4605 - Citysearch
MedlinePlus: Glaucoma
MedlinePlus: Interactive Health Tutorials
New York Glaucoma Research Institute

Great Books/Liberal Education

900 Great Books
Academy of Achievement Home Page
Academy of Achievement-Books That Change Lives
Access The Great Books [151-225, Page 3 of 4]
Carleton Reading List
Center for the Study of the Great Ideas
Colin Adams on Teaching
Concordances of Great Books
Flatland Titlepage and Full Text
Great Books and Classics of Western Civilization
Great Books Index
Great Books Lists
Great Books Web Ring
In Search of the Real University of Chicago
Kins Collins' Web Site
Lamson Library: Philosophy Connections
Mason West - MasterWorks
Nobel e-Museum
Other Material of Interest to the Great Books...
Robert Maynard Hutchins
St. John's College
Taoism and related information (Arne Morken)
The Internet Classics Archive: 441 searchable...
University in Crisis
What is Quantum Physics
What's New at Great Books


2600: The Hacker Quarterly
hack a day - www.hackaday.com
how-to make a ‘usb battery’ - hack a day - www.hackaday.com

Hard Drives

3.5" IDE, ATA, Ultra DMA Hard Drives at OtherWorldComputing.com
OWC Serial ATA 2-Channel PCI/PCI-X Controlle... (SATAPCI2P) at OWC
SIIG SC-SA4M12 PCI SATA Controller Card for Mac - Retail at Newegg.com
Sonnet Technology Tempo-X 4+4 SATA host adapter Review
Sonnet Tempo Serial ATA - 2-port Serial ATA PCI Card
Sonnet | Tempo Trio - ATA/133, FireWire, & USB 2.0 Card
Sonnet | Tempo-X eSATA 8 - Serial ATA PCI-X card with 8 External Ports
Tempo Serial ATA 2 Port Serial ATA Card from Sonnet

Hardware Information

Kamas MacBook & Pro Stand
1394/FireWireWorld.com - Another FireWire DVD...
4-Port Mini Ultra HUB for PC/MAC Laptops
ABS Computer Technologies quality low cost affo
AlphaSmart 2000!
AOpen Driver Downloads
APS Tech: The Data Storage & Backup Experts
APS Tech: The Data Storage & Backup Experts
Atek Super Mini Optical Mouse
Cables: FireWire 1394, FireWire 800 / 1394b iLink (FireWire800 1394b Compatible) for digital audio and digital video hardware devices.
CDRom/DVD/Recorders Compatibility Database
Digital Camera AC Power Adapters for Olympus...
Digital Camera Resource Page: Reviews and Info
DriverGuide.com (printer drivers, cdrom drive...
Dual Head AGP Graphics Card - DH-Max from Promax
Electrovaya PowerPad 160 Battery
Elgato Systems--TV to Computer Recording
EPSON 1200U Support for OS 10
Epson 1640SU Photo flatbed scanner review
Epson Perfection 1640SU Office: main profile ...
Epson Perfection 1640SU Photo vs Kodak Photo CD
Formac Monitors
Gateway Computers
Griffin Adapters for Mac Microphones & Peripherals
Griffin Software
Griffin Technology Hardware Adapter Trio
HP LaserJet 6MP
LaCie d2 250 GB External Hard Drive - TheMacMind - inside teenage macheads
LCD Projector Reviews of LCD and DLP projectors
MacResQ/MacWorks -Mac Reseller
Macs Only!'s MacImports.Com
MacSurfer's Headline News™
Macworld: Wireless Speaker Transmitters
MCE Battery Charger for iBook (Dual USB)
Micro Center, the Computer Department Store
Micro Center, The Computer Department Store, Denver Home Page
MicronPC.com, Fast Computers, Custom Built--888
MicronPC: Home: Store
Microsoft Mouse - Home
Modular Computer BackPack
NTS Computer Systems (Dreamwriter Kybrd)
Other World Computing- Inventory
PCthingz - Scanner Reviews
Piranha Technology
Plaintalk Microphone Conversion
Power Mac 7500 G3 Upgrade vs Blue & White G3
Powerbook Batteries at OtherWorldComputing.com
PowerLogix Home
Product Listing - ipod
PROVANTAGE: buy firelite firewire portable hard drives - mac by smartdisk
Proview Technology
QuickerTek - 27dBm Transceivers for iBooks & PowerBooks
Quieting a Noisy PC
Sandisk SmartMediate ImageMate USB Port
SanDisk Technical Support - Drivers
SanDisk Technical Support Numbers
Sonnet Products: Presto Plus
Stealth Serial Port
Super Mini Optical Mouse
SyncMaster 957 mb 19": Super Bright Monitor
Table Tote: Your Traveling Companion Portable
TechRestore - iBooks for less than $500
Telex Computer Audio Microphones
The FingerBoard: the Ultimate User Interface
USB Digital to Analog Converter (Sound Adapter)
Wal-Mart trims prices of Linux-based PCs
Walmart.com - Desktop PCs
WiFi for your HiFi!
Stream music from your computer to anywhere in your house.
Willow 'Away iBook Slipcase
Wireless Cable/DSL Routers
ZDNet: Mac Catalog

Hardware-Computers, PCs

NorhTec MicroServers - Networking Out of the Box
Parts and service for iBooks, and all Mac Powerbooks


Etymotic ER-4P Headphones
Etymotic Research
HeadRoom Corporation


A Student's Guide: Research -- Choosing the Right Books
American Historical Association
American History 102: 1865-Present
Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
Exhibits Collection -- Collapse
Historical Text Archive
History 162: War and Peace: International Rels Since 1914
History Matters: The U.S. Survey on the Web
Intellectual History - The Western Canon
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Main Page
Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
Lectures on Ancient and Early Medieval Histor...
Lectures on Modern European Intellectual Hist...
Lectures on Twentieth Century Europe - Main
NetSERF: Medieval Resources
The History Guide -- Main
UCBerkeley, Dept. of History
Western Canon

Home Improvement/Repair

Andersen Corporation
Home Improvement, Repair, Remodeling, School Links
Home Repair and Renovation - About.com
Home Repair Links Library from the Natural Handyman home repair and do it yourself website
Home Tips Home Improvement & Home Repair Expertise & Buying Guides
JimSalmon.com - Do-it-Yourself Home Repair, Home Improvement, and Remodeling Library
Pella Windows and Doors - Home
Pickens Window Parts - Cincinnati, Ohio
Tim John's Window Information Site
Trex Home
Vinyl Replacement windows videos and vinyl retrofit windows instructions.
Window Repair and Replacement Links from the Natural Handyman home repair and do it yourself website

Home Theater

Audio Ideas Guide: Audio and Home Theater Links
Audio-Home Theater Links Page
Can I hook my Sony Playstation 2 to a HDTV rear projection TV? - eCoustics.com - BBS
Digital Television
eCoustics.com - Home Theater Links
HDTV Consumer-Oriented FAQs
Home Cinema Choice Online
Home Theater Explained - Information
Home Theater Forum - Rob Crutcher
Home Theater Magazine / Archives
Home Theater Products
Home Theater Talk ***
Loading “Samsung Electronics Product Choices”
MItsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc.
SMR Home Theatre Audio/Video Magazine
Sony KP46WT500 46" 16:9 Hi-Scan Projection Television
SonyStyle USA - KP-46WT500
Stereophile Guide to Home Theater
Stereophile Guide to Home Theater--Good Mag
TechTV | new things. turn us on.
The Perfect Vision - High Performance Home Theater
Widescreen Review DVD reviews LaserDisc reviews and Home theatre product reviews


EasyHotel.com ::
Guide To Chicago Hotels
Hotels at AnyWhere .com travel guides discoun...
Motel 6
Palmer House Hilton Hotel of Chicago ** Ultim...


craigslist - cities


BBC America: Sister Randy

Hypercard, SuperCard, etc.

Acrux Software--Teach
Alternatives to HyperCard
Apple - Products - HyperCard
Eastgate: Hypertext Resources
HyperActive Software/HC 2.4 Bugs
HyperActive Software/Hypermedia Resources
HyperActive Software/Resources
HyperStudio Resource Center
SuperCard Internet sites
SuperCard Resource - News & Resources for the...
SuperCard Suite
Thoughtful Software--HyperSense New


Al Seckel's Homepage of Illusions, Perception & Cognitive Science
Ilusionworks Archive
Images for Psychology of Perception (Psyc 351, Rice University)
Masters of Deception
Motion Induced Blindness
Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena--Michael Bach's Site: Outstanding

Instructional Design Programs

Brent Wilson's Homepage
EdTec Online Certificate
GMU-Instructional Technology
ID&T - University of Memphis
Masters Program in Performance Systems Design


Apple's iPod Website
Battery Technology, Inc. (BTI) is a manufacturer of Laptop computer batteries, AC power adapters, Auto/Airline adapters, Digital Camera and Camcorder batteries and replacement batteries for UPS systems.
Cambridge SoundWorks Soundsworks Radio CD iPod System!!
Car Audio & Video - Going Mobile with iPod - Crutchfield Advisor
Car Stereo Removal and Installation For All Makes and Models, Car Audio Installation, BOSE Car Stereo, Bose Car Speakers, Bose Car Amplifier, Bose Repair
Connect a Microphone to Your iPod(TM)
Dension Audio Systems Ltd. : ice>Link:iPod
Dension USA-iceLink iPod Plus
Discount Direct Connect iPod Car Kit (ICE-Link, iON, and Car-Pod Kits)
EOS Wireless home audio - Digital Audio For Your Whole Home... Without The Wires! - Ipod wireless speakers
George - an iPod docking speaker system with full function remote
Great iPod Exchange - Powered by NextWorth:
how-to record on your ipod (for free) - ipod hacks - ipod.hackaday.com
Ipod batteries for Apple Ipod PDAs
iPod Battery (High Capacity External Battery)
iPod BeamDock coming in February
iPod Connection Kit
iPod External Charger
iPod Free File Access
iPod Sound Quality
iPodder.org : What is podcasting?
iPodderX - The Ultimate Podcast Client, Newsreader, and Directory
iPodez Accessories for iPod
iPodLibrary - books on your iPod
Macworld: iPod Voice Recorders
Mediafour Corporation Products
PAC iPod Car Installation Kit
PDASmart is the iPod Battery, Parts and Repair Headquarters!
Playlist: Digital Music for PC and Mac
TransPod All-in-One Car Solution
Trendy Geek.com - iPod Case, Covers, Accessories, Pod Shield
World Tour charges iPods in 150 countries
ZDNet AnchorDesk: Connecting iPods to Cars


2Wire Support Home Page
Broadband Exchange
Comcast Dayton, Ohio - Comcast High Speed Internet in Dayton, Ohio
Daily Wireless
DSL Dayton, Ohio: Broadband & High-Speed Cable Internet Access Providers
DSLExtreme - Homepage
Gizmo – A free phone for your computer
Internet Phone Options for Mac OS X Users
MacDialUp the Mac Friendly Internet Service Provider
Verizon Online - Verizon Online DSL
Wireless Dayton Days
~ Dayton Ohio VOIP / Voice over IP Pricing and Service ~


Brewing Java: A Tutorial
Full Course in learning JAVA
Bruce Eckel's MindView (Thinking in Java--Elec Edition)
Free Java applets, tutorials, references, Java books, and more!
Freewarejava.com Java Books
Freewarejava.com Java Tutorials
html and java bean web developer resource at developer.com
Intro to Java Programming - Overview
JARS.COM The #1 Java Review Service
One of the two or three best JAVA sights on the net according to some.
Java Books & Tutorials Recom by Apple
Java Goodies JavaScript Repository
Java Q&A - FAQs
Java Tutorial
Java Tutorial from Addison Wessley
Java.sun.com - The Source for Java(TM) Technology
Mac OS Runtime for JAVA
NetBeans Initiative
TheFreeSite: Javascript, Java, free Java applets, programmers


A Passion for Jazz! MIDI Files Archive
A Passion for Jazz! Music commentary, history
A Passion for Jazz! Virtual Piano Chords
Advance Music InSite Online-Shop
All About Jazz | The Web's Ultimate Guide to Jazz
Bob Keller's Jazz Page-Great Links
Chicago Live Music Information
Chicago's Guide to Entertainment
Classic Jazz Guitar
Doug McKenzie's Jazz Piano Site w MIDI Files
Indy Jazz Fest in Indianapolis, Indiana (produced by American Pianists Association)
Interesting Links
Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc.
Jazz At Pearl's. Live Jazz Music in San Francisco. 1930s style jazz and supper club
Jazz Festivals of North America
Jazz Focus Records
Jazz Improvisation
Jazz Links
Jazz Player Magazine
JazzAdvocate Ohio Jazz
Jazzmatazz - 2000 Jazz Releases
jazzradio.net : Jazz on the Web, 24-7
JAZZWISE - more jazz than you'll ever hear
JNBC -- Jazz Links
KKJZ 88.1 FM Los Angeles Jazz 24 Hrs
Learn Jazz Piano-Books, CDs, Info, Links
Mosaic Records - Limited Edition Jazz Collections
PG Music - Band-in-a-Box, PowerTracks and More!
Red Hot and Cool Jazz
Rutgers Institute of Jazz Studies
sonicnet.com: Essential Thelonious Monk Albums
The J.J. Johnson Homepage
The Jazz Kitchen Indianapolis
The Jazz Loft
Yahoo Jazz List

Jesuit Order

Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Jesuit Vocations: Jesuit Vows and Community Life
Jesuit Vocations: Main Page
Philippine Province Vocations: Ignatius' Miracle


A Yellow Wood: Careers for Humanities PhDs
Academic Careers Online: Research, Scientific...
America's Job Bank
Apple - Jobs
Backdoorjobs.com: Short-Term Job Adventures, Summer Jobs, Volunteer Vacations, Work Abroad and More
California SPB Jobs & Employment Information Page
datum Jobsearch
Education and Teaching Jobs - NationJob.com Careers, Work & Employment opportunities
Higher Education Jobs, Jobs in Higher Education
Instructional Systems Technology Jobs
JobHuntersBible.com: Job Hunting Online with ...
JobHuntersBible.com: Job-Listing Sites by Region
JobWeb - Job Listings by Field
JobWeb - Search - About JobWeb
Monster Jobs
NRC Research Associateship Programs
OnlineLearning.net Instructor Community
OverseasJobs.com - International Employment Opportunities and Resources
Regional Educational Laboratory Network (REL Network)
SMARTHINKING: A New School of Thought Online
Stories from Varied Career Paths
Teach at U. of Phoenix Online
Teach English in China - Teach in China - job...
Teach English in Thailand, Teaching Jobs in T...
Teaching Jobs Overseas: international teaching employment opportunities
What Happened to Your Parachute?
Work At Home Dot Com
World Wide Learn | The World's Largest Directory of Online Education
WorldHot.com - World Hottest Sites

Journals (OhioLink)

Applied Cognitive Psychology
BBS Target Articles
Behav & Brain Sciences (not OhioLink)
Brain and Cognition
Chi Article on Tutoring
Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Science
EJC New Issues - August 29, 2001
OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center

Kansas City

American Jazz Museum
Experience Kansas City
Goin' To Kansas City -- Visitors Guide
Hyatt Regency Crown Center
Kansas City Jazz Ambassadors and JAM Magazine
Kansas City Missouri Tourism - About.com Guide
Kansas City, Missouri
KC Jazz Guide **


Cherry Keyboard and Mice
Kinesis Ergo - Contoured Keyboard
MacImports.Com Kamas PowerBook Stand
Matias Resellers
Matias Tactile Pro Keyboard
New Page 1
Products- icekey - USB slim extended keyboard for Mac


Apple - Support - Keynote
Keynote Tips, Tutorials & Info
KeynoteUser.com | Keynote Themes | Keynote News | Keynote Resources
Presentations ETC Homepage


LSA 1999 Home Page
Oxford English Dictionary
The Language Hub
The Rosetta Stone Language Library
The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
Transparent.com - fun online language learnin...
Word Detective
Wordsmyth: Welcome!

Language Learning

French Language Learning Resources

French in Action
New French in Action Online Courses -- Information
Resources for Learning French

French Language Learning Resources

French Language Schools/Programs/Travel

A.S. Intercultures - French immersion program in Montpellier
Bienvenue chez Ciela Aliénor d'Aquitaine ... Welcome to Ciela Aliénor d'Aquitaine
French Language and Travel Links
French Lessons
french, school, language, courses, immersion, France, learn, French. The best way to learn French. 7 Students per class maximum
French-American Exchange Home Page
Institut de Touraine - Touraine Institute of French Studies
La Sabranenque French language study intensive immersion in Provence France and Summer Volunteer
Learn French in France, study French in France, French language courses, learn French in Provence at ELFCA
Learn French in Paris France: intensive French courses
Learning French in France at CIEL

French Language Schools/Programs/Travel

Alliance Française de Denver
Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center
Learn Spanish in Costa Rica! Study abroad at ...
LingNet Home Page
Rosetta Stone Language Software
The Alliance Francaise in the United States
Translation Experts Ltd.
Web Links for Teachers of English
World Language Resources - Hundreds of Langua...
WorldWide Classroom: Library of International Programs
Yahoo: Language Schools
Yale Language Lab Home Page


Laptops - Laptopical.com.
Lenovo notebook computer – ThinkPad Tablet PC, features


Accelerated IT Training :: Training Camp
Annenberg/CPB: Learner.org
Big Nerd Ranch
Blue Mango Learning Systems
Boxmind.com ::
Causation & Statistics
Compare Educational DVDs Prices At Learningfromdvds
Connexions - Sharing Knowledge and Building Communities
CyberGnostics Home
Discussions by some of the most briliant and creative minds about questions on the edge of our knowledge. Great site!
Edge-The Reality Club *** Excellent Site
Educational Uses of the WWW at MIT
Engines for Education
Engines of Inquiry-Using Technology to Teach*
Fathom :: The Source for Online Learning
Half.com: The Memory Wars
Hotlist: Virtual Exhibits
How Stuff Works!
Internet Archive of Human Knowledge
ITI Online Training Center
Online training on various computer topics.
John Milton Reading Room
Learning @ Your Own Pace® - lynda.com
learninglab.oreilly.com -- Effective Online Training in Information Technology
Linguistics Sites
LionShare: Home Page
lynda.com Online Learning Library: Learning Apple GarageBand
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
MIT: OpenCourseware
OKI - Open Knowledge Initiative
OLS :: Open Learning Support
Online software tutorials, training CDs from vtc.com
Open Culture
OpenCourseWare Consortium
Perseus Project Home Page
Teaching & Learning on the Web
Teaching Company - Great Courses That Engage The Mind
TED: Ideas worth spreading
ThinkCycle: Open Collaborative Design
Trainingtools.com - Learn Macromedia Flash 5 Training Course - Free, Fireworks 4, Dreamweaver 4 tutorial, HTML tutorials, Flash 5 online, how to program JavaScrit Training, FrontPage 2000 Courses, FrontPage 98 Courses, Free Adobe PhotoShop Training, MIVA Merchant, Miva Script, ASP
Tutorialicious is a community-driven aggregator of the best programming, design and Photoshop tutorials from across the web
UTOPIA – University of Texas at Austin
Videogrunt-the basics of digital video
webcast.berkeley | Video and Podcasts | UC Berkeley Courses & Events Live and On-demand
Welcome to Learn2.com
World Lecture Hall

Lichen Simplex Chronicus

Eczema: Lichen Simplex Chronicus
eMedicine - Lichen Simplex Chronicus : Article by Daniel Hogan
Lichen simplex chronicus
Lichen simplex chronicus
Lichen simplex chronicus
Lichen Simplex Chronicus (LSC)
Lichen Simplex Chronicus Localized Eczema
Lichen simplex chronicus Medical Information
Lichen Simplex Chronicus: Dermatitis: Merck Manual Professional
MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Lichen simplex chronicus
Neurodermatitis (lichen simplex chronicus)


CSLI / Stanford University
CSUS English Department TESOL
Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University
Georgetown University Linguistics
IPA: Homepage
Linguist List
Linguistic Programs
Linguistics Handbook
Links from UT Austin for Linguistics
LSA Home Page
MgGill Interdisiplinary Program in Lang Acq
University Linguistics Departments, Programs
University of Connecticut - Linguistics


CodeWeavers - CrossOver Office
Debian GNU/Linux -- Universal Operating System
Desktop Linux distributions -- from A to Z
Fedora Project, sponsored by Red Hat
Getting to know Puppy Linux
How to Prounounce Linux-Various Opinions
Howto pronounce Linux
ibiblio linux archive-**
Index of /pub/linux
Knoppix install to hard disk HOWTO
LindowsOS Desktop and Laptop Linux
Linspire Desktop and Laptop Linux
Linux Documentation Project
Linux Gazette
Linux-Mandrake Home
LinuxMac | Live from the Epicenter
LinuxMall.com - The Linux Superstore
LinuxPPC .org
LinuxPPC 2000
LinuxPPC Installation and User Guide
LinuxPPC, Inc. | LinuxPPC
LWN.net--Linux News
Mac-on-linux Overview
MacInstruct -- What is Linux?
MadTux - High Quality Linux CDs, DVDs and Support
Open Source Device Drivers
penguinppc.org: Macintosh
Practical Manager's Guide to Linux
Prime Time Freeware
Red Hat | The Open Source Leader
Slashdot:News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
SuSE Linux 7.3 PowerPC EDITION
SuSE, Inc. - Innovations in Linux
Terra Soft Solutions
Terra Soft Solutions: Yellow Dog Linux
The Linux Documentation Project
The Linux Kernel Archives
thessaSOURCE Feature: A Look at Linux
XBox Modification to a Linux PC
Yellow Dog Linux for the Macintosh PowerPC

Lists (Subscriptions)

eGroups : ibuild


An Index of Web Sites on Modernism
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Harold Pinter
HTI Modern English Collection
John Fowles--The Web Site
Literature Subject Guide: Guide by Subjects,...
Literature Subject Guide: Internet Collectio...
Literature Subject Guide: Literary Meta Site...
MIT Science Fiction Society Homepage
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Political Writings of George Orwell
Science Fiction Research Bibliography
The Dickens Page: Charles Dickens (1812-70)
The Dickens Project
The Literary Web (IS 490)
VoS English Literature: English Literature Page

Mac Advocacy Sites

Intro to Mac Programming - Table of Contents
Mac Partisan Info at MacSpeedzone
Mac vs Windows
Macs in Education Intro
Norris & Wong Wintelv. MacMaintenance Study
PCs Are Cheaper?
Sharky Extreme - PC - Hardware - From Mac to...
The Business Case for Apple Development
Why Macintosh in the Urbana School District


Edward MacDowell
Edward MacDowell
Edward MacDowell - Britannica Concise
Edward MacDowell: Information From Answers.com
Grove Encyclopedia on Macdowell
Jonathan Hiller's Edward MacDowell Page
MacDowell, Edward (1860 - 1908)
Open Directory - Arts: Music: Composition: Composers: M: MacDowell, Edward Alexander

Macintosh Resources

Accelerate Your Macintosh! News Page
Macintosh News, & Reviews
As the Apple Turns
eMailman® -- Mac email clients
Everything Macintosh
Go2Mac.com - Your Macintosh Destination
iBook-UserYour Source for News, Reviews, Links
Comprehensive guide to system software for the Macintosh
Insanely Great Mac - Home Page
Installing OS X 10.4 'Tiger' on DVD-Challenged Macs Using FireWire Target Disk Mode
Jim Heid's Mac iLife 05 Site
Low End Mac
Mac 360 - Daily Mac News, Reviews, Commentary, and Forums
Mac Mind News To Please
Mac Night Owl
Mac Observer: New
Mac Write the Macintosh Writing Guide
Macinstein's Daily Mac News & Commentary
Tutorials with all kinds of Macintosh Applications
MacJournals from GCSF, Incorporated
MacMusic--Audio, MIDI & music on mac
Macosx.com - The Answer to Mac Support
Mac hardware and software reviews. Superb! Links to all the magazine reviews.
MacReviewZone - Deal Zone iBooks
Mac performance and upgrade information
MacVroom® | Mac your ride™
Macworld Magazine
Macworld: Magazine Archive: 2001
Most up-to-date collection of Macintosh Internet applications available anywhere on the Internet & Internet software reviews.
Power Mac/Performa 6200
Replacing RAM in 8500
Resources For The Older Macintosh
Salvaged Compact Macs
System 6 Heaven
Take Control Ebooks: The Answers You Need Now
The comprehensive Daylight Saving Time guide for your Mac
Top Mac Sites--Mac Addict
Ultimate Macintosh
Wozniak's Mac Page
ZDNet Mac

Macintosh Software

A Smaller GIF
Program for reducing the size of animated GIFs without affecting their appearance in any way.
Acorn Image Editor for Mac OS X
Agile Web Solutions- 1Passwd
Alsoft - DiskWarrior
AppFresh - All Software Updates for your Mac in One Place
AppleScripts for Tex-Edit Plus - Welcome!
Audio Hijack Pro
AudioXplorer-Sound Analyzer for Mac OS X
Bartas Technologies-CopyWrite2.1
Blue Crowbar Store
Bookpedia - What's on your shelves?
Books for MacOS X
BTV Overview
Business Card Composer features
Launcher software for OS X and much more. Very powerful, highly configurable. Comparable to Launchbar, QuickSilver, etc.
Cheap Impostor-Book Imposition software
Circus Ponies - Notebook 3.0
ClamXav-free virus protection software for OS X
CleanApp -- Synium Software GmbH
Clip Creator™--create smaller QT cllips from a larger one
CNET.com - Downloads - Mac
CocoThumbX - Mac OS X Thumbnail Creator
CopyWrite-Project Manager for Writers
Correo - a new mail client for OS X
cosmicsoft Home -- starQuiz
Dan Schimpf Software--MacJournal
DEVONtechnologies : DEVONthink : Overview
DICTatoro Dictionary App for Mac OS X
To swap the option and command key on a PC Keyboard used with a Mac
DrawIt 3
EazyDraw For Mac OS X
Express Scribe - foot pedal computer transcription player software
Fast DVD Copy 3
FastCut 3.0 and FGrab
Finder Window Manager
Gives you control over how windows open and are arranged on Mac OS X.
Flash Video Player
Flock — the social web browser
Flying Meat: FlySketch
Forerunner 201
GarageBuy -- eBay Shopping App
Gif·gIf·giF is a small shareware program for producing GIF animations from screen captures.
Google Maps Plugin
Gradekeeper - Gradebook Software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Palm OS
Graphic Converter Website
GVOX-Encore and MusicTime GVOX Encore and MusicTime
Helium Foot Software: Makers of MercuryMover
Home Design Studio
iCalamus.net :: iCalamus :: Welcome to iCalamus!
icWord and icExcel for open Office docs on the Mac
iDropper - Home
ImageWell, the Free and Lean Image Editor
ImageWell, the Free and Lean Image Editor
iNet Stream Archiver
Info-Mac HyperArchive Files
Info-Mac WUSTL
Inkscape. Draw Freely.
Intaglio Drawing and Illustration Program
Can import and export PDF and edit.
Program for dramatically compressing GIF images and maintain many colors
Jack OS X - a Jack implementation for Mac OS X
Joost - Download for Mac OS X
Katsura shareware - for creative Mac OS X users
Koingo Software: Free Mac Software Downloads!
LabView for Mac OS X
Lineform-Vector Drawing Program
Linotype FontExplorer X
Font management software for Mac OS X - Simple, Smart, Free
LiveQuartz - image editor
LQ Graphics Photo to Movie
LyX wiki | LyX / LyX on Mac OS X
Mac GNU Store
Mac OSX Software for CD Labels, Faxing, PDF Editing, Photo Albums and Scrapbooks
Mac Word Processors
MacDrive 2000 for Reading Mac Disks on Windows
Macness, a state of Mac OSX usefulness
Macnification - Organize, Edit and Analyze Microscopic Images
Macropod Software - ODLog
MacScience OS X Apps for Scientific Research
Mactopia: Office 2001
Mactopia: Office X for Mac Upgrade Information
Macworld Mac Secrets 6th Edition
MarcoPolo - Automatic location switching for Mac OS X
Mariner Software - Macintosh OS X Spreadsheet, Word Processor & Macintosh Office
MathType and WebEQ - How Science Communicates
MediaLink -- Mac to Playstation 3 Media Transfer
MediaWorks: Home
Mellel-WP for OS X especially for Scholars
Meteorologist Download Page
Netopia - - Timbuktu Pro For Mac OS -- Overview
NewsFire. Mac RSS with Style.
Notae: Organize your notes, organize your life.
Omni Group
Papers... Your personal library of science
PDF Editing Software Program for Mac OS X
Use for filling out and creating PDF forms.
PhoneValet: Your Personal Telephone Assistant
PhotoLine 32: Image Processing Software-Looks Great!
Picture Arena - next generation digital picture management
Plot : Main - Home Page browse
Products > Remote Buddy > Overview // IOSPIRIT - fueling creative minds worldwide ..
quicksilver: ceci n'est pas un lanceur
RadioLover Overview
RagTime GmbH, Home of RagTime
RapidoSMTP-send email with your Mac's built-in SMTP server
Readerware - Tools for CD collectors
rooSwitch - Shuffle Your Settings Around
SAGE: Open Source Mathematics Software
Screen Capture Programs for Mac
Screen Catcher
Screen Catcher Beta Testing
ScreenFlow - Screencasting Software for Leopard Only
Search UI Archive
Seashore - GIMP-Based Imaging Editing Software for OS X
Sente-bibliography software for OS X
SketchUp 3D - Sketch-Based 3D Design Software -
Snapz Pro 2
Some say the best screen capture program for the Macintosh.
Soundflower-for recording sound between apps
SpiderWorks: Quality eBooks for OS X Software
Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip for Mac and Windows
SteerMouse - Driver software for all OS X mice
Steinberg -Cubase VST
SWF Flash Player - Download FLV Player for Mac - Free Flash Video Player Mac
The (MacOS) Finder
The Macintosh Software Catalog
The Software Source Co., Inc. - software, hardware, discount, education, student, teacher, school
TiffanyScreens - Presentation Tool
Transcriva - Lose the Dictaphone
Transmit 2 - The Ultimate Mac OS X FTP client!
Tri-BACKUP (from TED)
Tucows Downloads
Ultimate Pen
Unlimited Edition (MacWorld Secrets)
USB Overdrive - Take full advantage of any USB Mouse, etc.
USB Overdrive- driver software for all OS X mice
VisualHub: The Universal Video Converter for Mac.
VLC media player - Overview
Web2 Delight
Xtorrent (for Mac OS X)
XtraLean Software - Home of ImageWell & ShutterBug
Yummy Software™ » Mac OS X FTP & SFTP client software at its best
ZDNet: Mac Software Library

Macintosh Vendors

Abacus Concepts, Inc.
Alpha Home Page
ArcSoft.com : Technical Support
Claris Home Page
Cyberian Outpost Home Page
Frame Technology Corporation Home Page
Hyde Park Software
Macromedia Shockwave Download Center
MacWarehouse Educational Pricing
MicroWarehouse Inc.
Now Software
Roxio -> Support -> Toast5 -> Software Updates
White Pine Software

Macintosh Video Shows and Instruction

43 Folders
Screencasts archive at The Apple Blog
The TWiT Netcast Network with Leo Laporte

Macs Used to Buy

GALAXY On-Line | Mac Parts, Mac Repair, Mac U...
Incredible deals on new, used and refurbished...
Macparts Desktop(Design Services)
Provides used computers, used PC, used laptop...
Texas Discount Computers
Used Mac Dealers
Used Macintosh - refurbished Apple Macintosh ...

Macs versus PCs

About.com : http://www.macosrumors.com/retail_primer/index.html
Interactive Windows-Macintosh Comparison
Mac/PC Comparisons - Mac Hardware - Net Links
Why the iMac and iBook Are Good for New Computer Owners - Mac Hardware - 12/6/99


Atlantic Unbound | The Atlantic Monthly
Cortland Review - An Online Literary Magaizne
DoubleTake Magazine
Harper's Home Page
Kenyon Review Online
Lingua Franca
MacAddict Magazine
National Review Online
New Republic Online
New Scientist - International News, Ideas, Innovation
New York Review of Books
New Yorker
Paris Review Homepage
REASON Online: Home of REASON Magazine (REASO...
Science News Online
Scientific American
Scientist - The News Journal for the Life...
Skeptical Inquirer magazine
Times Literary Supplement
Vocabula Review]
Weekly Standard
Wired Magazine
Z Magazine Online


Genii Magazine - The Conjurors' Magazine ONLINE
H&R Magic
International Magic
Magic Penguin Magic Shop
Magic Show
Magic Times - Magic's Leading Source For News
Meir Yedid Magic DVD (www.mymagicdvd.com)
MyMagicDVD - Dai Vernon
Society Of American Magicians
Tannen's Magic Shop Online
The Linking Page - Magic Newswire

MAKE Projects and Links

craftzine.com: CRAFT: The first project-based magazine dedicated to the renaissance in the world of crafts.
Make Your Own Moleskine-Like-Notebook
MAKE: Blog
Makezine.com: MAKE: Technology on Your Time
Online Paper Airplane Museum Index Home Page


Interesting Links
Marianist Basics
Marianists Links
The Hunger Site : Donate Food for Free to Hun...
The Mary Page at UD


American Academy of Ophthalmology
American Glaucoma Society
American Journal of Ophthalmology-EJC Journal
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
CancerGuide: Steve Dunn's Cancer Information Page
Cincinnati Eye Institute
Digital Journal of Ophthalmology
Eyeglass Prescriptions Explained
Find an Eye M.D.
Glaucoma Research Foundation
Glaucoma: What you should know [NEI Health Information]
Grutzmacher and Lewis, A Medical Corporation, Surgical Eye Specialists, Our Physicians
Health Insurance offered by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
National Eye Institute [NEI]
Ophthalmology Times ranks 2004's Best | Glaucoma Research Foundation
Ophthalmology-EJC Journal
UD Human Resources Announcements


Amanda's Mnemonics Page
Mnemonics - Learning Languages

Menken, H. L.

H.L. Mencken Quotes
Henry Louis Menken
The H. L. Mencken Page

Mephisto Shoes

Mephisto - Nordstrom.com
Mephisto manufacturier de chaussures confortables et de qualité
mephisto results by www.mephistodenver.com
MEPHISTO Shoes Denver
Mephisto Webstore



2004 Computer Music Product Guide
Apple - Hot News - Winter NAMM 2003
Ars Nova - Music Theory, Ear Training and Notation Software
Audio, MIDI & music on mac - Mac Music
Band-in-a-Box Links
BIAB Files at MIDI Studio Consortium
BIAB Links
Biab Styles
Dent du Midi 0.4 - MacUpdate
Edirol Corporation North America
Experiencing Music Technology Software List
Experiencing Music Technology Textbook (Excellent)
Harmony Central®: MIDI Tools and Resources
Kelly's Music & Computers - PRACTICA MUSICA
Mark of the Unicorn
Metro LX
MiBAC Music Software Home Page
Midi Yahoo Resources
Myriad Web Site
Norton Music and MIDI Band-in-a-Box by PG Music Page.
Norton Music BIAB Products
Propellerhead Software
Propellerhead Software
Roland Instruments/Keyboards Midi
Sagan Technology Metro 6 Music Sequencer
Seventh String Software & Seventh String Publishing. Transcribe! Music Transcription Software.
Sibelius-Music notation software
The GarageDoor | GarageBand Tips & Tricks
Yahoo Band-in-a-Box Group

Mom's Stuff

68K Browser Profiles
Browser Archive
Classic Mac Internet Links
MS IE Versions
Nisus Compact Manual
Nisus Compact Manual
Nisus Writer 4.1.6


Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane
Moroccan Links
The Peace Corps Morocco Network

Movies and Film


Alfred Hitchcock - The Master of Suspense
Hitchcock 100 - Universal Studios Hitchcock C...
Hitchcock Page
tdfilm.com: your starting point for film on ...
The Definitive Film Resource: Alfred Hitchcoc...
Vertigo Review

Link Collections

Cool Links
DVD Answer Man, Links for DVDs


BIG Picture DVD Review Index
DVD Dossier Blog
DVD Journal | DVD News, Reviews, Rumors, ...
DVD Review - News, information, releases, rev...
DVDCorner.Net An e-zine for DVD Reviews and News
Ebert & Roeper and the Movies
Ebert Chicago Sun Times Reviews
Greatest Films
Internet Movie Database
Movie Review Query Engine
Rotten Tomatoes


Bargain-Central: DVD Deals, Online Coupons & ...
BargainFlix - DVD Price Comparisons
Criterion Collection
DVD Coupon Post
DVD Empire - Home
DVD Movies, Videos. VHS From $4.99 Up! DVD Ba...
DVD Planet - your online source for the best ...
DVD Price Search ***
DVD Talk - dvd movie news, reviews, bargains,...
Facets multi-media web site
GreenCine | DVD Rental, For People Who Like To Watch
Hacking NetFlix
Ken Cranes DVDs/LaserDiscs
NexTag.com: Welcome
Searches for cheapest prices

Home Theater Forum ***
Home Theater Info
Images: A Journal of Film and Popular Culture
Jeeem's CinePad
Pacific Film Archive

MP3 Players

Audio Devices - I-O Data
Convert MP3 to WAV Now
I-O Data MP3 Player
Mac MP3 Converters
MP3 Decode download page at WebAttack.com, co...


Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Boston Computer Museum
Canadian Museum of Flight
Eniac Virtual Museum
Folger Shakespeare Library
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Intel Museum
Library of Congress World Wide Web Home Page
Museum of the History of Science, University ...
Oriental Institute
Tech Museum of Innovation
WebMuseum: Famous Paintings exhibition


Acoustic Sounds, Inc. -- Audiophile Stuff
Alfred Publishing
Ars Nova
Berklee Press - Music Instruction Books, CDs and DVDs
Berkleemusic - Online Music School, Music Jobs and Careers
BigBlueLounge.com -Music and Audio Production Forum
Brian Moore Guitars--the iGuitar
Burt & Company Discount Music Supply
CD Sheet Music Online
Classical MIDI Archives
College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)
eMedia Music Instruction Software - eMedia Guitar Method and eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method
eMusicGear.com - Yamaha Keyboards and more
Freehand Systems Music Pad Pro Plus Sheet Music Viewers
Fundamentals of Piano Practice
Excellent piano site with a wealth of information on how to practice and learn piano.
Getz/Gilberto Bossa Nova Lyrics and Music
Provides an enormous database of songs, artists, and other information on CDs. Can be automatically downloaded by CD players.
Harmony Central: Software: Mac
Harmony Central: What's New
Harmony Music List
Hauer Music - A Complete Musical Experience
iCoustic Guitars - Making the Best Even Better
Institute for Music Research
Internotes NY Music Scene
Jacques Brel - The Belgian Pop & Rock Archives
Jacques Brel Foundation- Main Menu
Jamey Aebersold Jazz, Inc.
JamPlug-Product Detail-JamPlug
Jazz NET - The Global Jazz Village
Jazzguitar.be: solo's, licks, lessons & links for jazzguitar
Music Software - Shareware Music Machine
Musicnotes.com--Sheet Music Downloads & Books
Musicware, Inc.
Myriad Music Software Site
NKU Music Department Home
Norton Music Home Page
Online Classics Home Page
PIANO PAGE - Piano Technicians Guild - Everything about Pianos, Tuning, Service, Repair, History, Find a Technician
Piano-Pal piano sheet music
Real World Digital Audio
Rising Software Auralia--Ear Training Software
SamAsh Music.com
San Jose Symphony Home Port
Seventh String Software. Transcribe! : music transcription
Sheet-Music Store-Lots of Piano Books
Sher Music
Sing Along Midis and Lyrics
TASCAM PocketStudio
the Harmony Music List
The Internet Piano Page
The Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide
The MIDI Farm Internet
The Piano Education Page
The Sheet Music Archive free classical sheet music -- www.sheetmusicarchive.net
Largest archive of free classical music sheet music
The Vladimir Horowitz Website - Chronological List of Recordings
Trombone Page of the World
TrueFine-Guitar lessons for blues, rock, jazz, acoustic, fingerstyle and slide guitar
Twin Cities MIDI: MIDI Files
Video Progressions Dot Com
WBGO (88.3 FM)
WNUR-FM Jazz Information Server
Worldwide Internet Music Resources

Music Downloads

100 Top MP3 Sites
Access Place MP3 - Music Audio Files, Searches
Lycos Music Downloads
MP3.com: free mp3 downloads
Mp3Raid.com ||| Free Mp3 Direct Downloads

Music Lessons/Learning

Music Paper
Learn Jazz Piano with Willie Myette - JazzPianoLessons.com

Music Magazines

Electronic Musician

Music Software

Ardour the new digital audio workstation-free
Celemony-Melodyne Pitch Shift and Editing Software
Chromatic Tuner for Mac OS X - 12-note chromatic scale tuner
Home :: Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
katsura shareware - for creative Mac OS X users
Mac OSX MIDI Applications [Software]
SmartScore Music Scanning Software - Scan Music - Transpose and Print - Scan & Play - Sheet music to MIDI
Squish the Squid Productions--Guide to Free OS X Music Software
TroikaTronix- MidiBridge for OMS apps on OS X

My Software

Aladdin Systems: StuffIt
Alsoft, Inc. Makers of DiskWarrior and MasterJuggler
Alsoft, Inc. Makers of DiskWarrior and MasterJuggler
AppleScripts for Tex-Edit Plus
Aqua Data Studio-SQL Free Database Query Tool
AquaMinds - NoteTaker
Ars Nova (Practica Musica)
BIAS Peak Audio Software
CalorieKing - Diet and weight loss. Calorie Counter and more.
Canon U.S.A
Casady & Greene
Vendor for Conflict Catcher and Spell Catcher 8
CD Session Burner for Mac OS X
Utility that enables you to highlight a word on a page your are viewing in browser window and go to Dictionary.com's definition of that word.
Connectix Corporation My Account
Connectix Virtual PC Test Drive for Mac OS X
DiskWarrior 3 Support
DS-330 Digital Voice Recorder
Echo One - Software for Mac OS X!
Email Magician for Eudora
Emulators Online - Run Mac OS on Windows!
Fetch-O-Matic home
Software for synching web sites easily.
ffmpegX a video encoder for Mac OS X
FileMaker Pro to Go
FileMaker: Support
FileMaker: Trial Download Resources
Flip4Mac - ScreenFlow
FLVR -- Tasty OS X Software
FMPro.org - The Ultimate Site For FileMaker Pro
Grammarian-Spelling and Grammar Checking for Mac
Grammarian-Spelling and Grammar Checking for Mac
HandBrake homepage
High Priority-Manage iCal To Do list
iBuild Multimedia
iCab - Download
iClock Menubar
iData 2
Idea Keeper
iDive--digital video catalog and dv logging tool
iList Data
Infamus Software - VPC Helper 2.1
Insignia Solutions, Inc.
Intaglio - Purgatory Design
Intellimouse Fix
Interarchy 3.8
Lemke Software GmbH, Peine - Products
Mac RSS Reader – News Reader for Apple - NetNewsWire by NewsGator
Macally USB Mouse/Trackball 3
Macfreewares: Freeware only, for Macintosh and Apple computers
Macromedia - Exchange : Dreamweaver
Macromedia Dreamweaver - Support Center
MacTheRipper Forum
Mellel 2 from RedleX
Melody Assistant
Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac
MOTU.com - FastLane Overview
Napster for the Mac
New Endnote 6.0 for OSX
Nisus Software
Nisus Writer Express 2.5 - Word Processor for Mac OS X
Nisus--Online Guide
Objective Development - LaunchBar
OnyX from Titanium Software
OpenOSX.com: PRODUCTS: WinTel CD
PDF Browser Plugin - Schubert
Practica Musica - Music Theory and Ear Training Software
Purchase Your EndNote 6.0 Upgrade
Pure Mac: Database - Software For Macintosh
Pure Mac: Software For Macintosh
Pure Mac: Software For Macintosh
RagTime - Business Publishing Software
Recorder Home Page > Software
Screen Capture Utilities- The Beale Street Group
SheepShaver [Gwenole Beauchesne Wiki]
SnapzPro X 2.0
Sophie's Cards
Spell Catcher - Spell Checking for Mac and Windows
Splasm Software: Podner
TastyApps - Videobox - FLVR
Teach! info page
TidBITS - Welcome
Transcribe - Seventh String Software
Ulysses-Text Editor for Creative Writers
URL Manager Pro Home
Virtual PC Central
VLC media player - Overview
VP 4 for OS X Download Area
VueScan - Hamrick Software
VueScan Scanning Software
WestCode Software
Windows Media® Components for QuickTime
Yellow Mug Software - Quality Shareware and Freeware Exclusively for Mac OS X
Yummy Software™ » Mac OS X FTP & SFTP client software at its best

Mystery Books

A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection
Dashiell Hammett
Hard-Boiled Mysteries
Hard-boiled Mysteries - James Crumley
John D. McDonald
Mystery Books - Partners & Crime Mystery Bookstore
Mystery Fiction History
Mystery Writers of America - Home Page
MysteryNet.com: The Online Mystery Network
Raymond Chandler Web Site
Ross Macdonald
The Mysterious Home Page


Cognition Lab - Main Page
Human Factors Research and Technology Division
NASA Ames Research Center
NASA Human Factors Research and Technology Division
NASA Vision Group
NREN: NASA Research & Education Network
Visiting Ames

Networking and Printing

22Mbps wireless, DWL-650 and DWL-900AP
AirPort Base Station: Configuring As A Bridge
Airport Networking w PB-G3
AirPort Software 1.1: What's New
AppleCare Tech Info Library -AirPort 1.1
Asanté Talk: Support; FAQ's
Beefing Up OS X's Windows Networking
Configuring Routers:***
DAVE--Thursby Software
EpsonShare US--Share Epson Printers on a Network
Farallon Home Page
FriendlyNET FBT100 Wireless Bluetooth USB Adapter
Home Networking Forums at HomeNetHelp.com
KVMs--Control Multiple Macs/PCs with one kb-mouse-monitor
Linksys HPRO200 router with ethernet and HPNA
Mac Did You Know
Mac OSX 10.2 Networking with Windows (Samba Usage)
Mac to Windows Filesharing/Networking
MacWireless-Airport Cards
Motorola Cable Modems and Gateways
MSI Bluetooth Adapter
Nerd Vittles » ISP-In-A-Box: The $500 Mac mini (WebDAV and Web Folders 101)
Networking & Communications Tutorial
Nimda worm hard to fight, but patches are ava...
NOVELL: Novell® Native File Access for Macintosh
QuickerTek - 27dBm Transceivers for iBooks & PowerBooks
Review: 2Wire 100W broadband router
Slim Devices : Squeezebox : WiFi for your HiFi!
Speakeasy - Speed Test
The broadband route: 12 routers tested: ZDNet Australia: Reviews: Computer Systems: Peripherals
Threemacs.com--Networking & Printing Help
U Ultimate broadband router features guide
USB'sUSB product guide for USB 10/100 Fast Ethernet Kit
WaveLAN Products
Wireless Driver for Mac OS X--works with many cards!!!
Wireless Ethernet you can afford

New York City


Murder Ink
Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers
The Gotham Book Mart in New York City
The James Joyce Society: History Page
Three Lives & Company - Home

Jazz Clubs in New York City
Jazz Tours
MTA Home Page
New York, NY, NYC, NewYork, NewYork.com, New York City, New York State, Manhattan
Strand Bookstore
The Marriott Marquis Hotel NYC: Map & Directions
Village Vanguard


Al-Ahram Weekly
BBC - bbc.co.uk homepage - Home of the BBC on the Internet
Chicago Sun-Times Online
Chicago Tribune
Christian Science Monitor | Daily Online ...
Dayton Daily New My Home Page
Dayton Daily News
Guardian Unlimited
International Herald Tribune
International Herald Tribune
Jack's Online Newspaper Directory - US Newspa...
Journalism.org - Daily Briefing - August 12, 2004
LA Weekly - HOME - The Essential Online Resource for Los Angeles
McClatchy Company - Home
McClatchy Washington Bureau Homepage
Monday Morning Headlines
Nando Times
New York Times
NewsIsFree: Your Personal News Portal
Political Theory Daily Review
Sacramento Bee
The Daily Star - Lebanon - The Middle East's Leading English Newspaper
Washington Post
World's 250 best newspapers


AllPen Software, Inc.
DNUG: ModemsScripts
Evangelist: Newton
Modem Solutions (from Apple)
Newton 2000 UnderGround
Newton Archive
Newton Central *
Newton Friendly Modems
Newton Links
Newton Reference
An excellent site with lots of links to other places. Hardware, software, everything.
Newton Resources *
Newton Software Unboxed
Newton_Archive (Inclds a Mirror for AMUG)
PDA Concepts (Handstand Case)
PDA Direct, Inc. - Your One Stop PDA Shop!
Programming for the Newton
The Daily Newton
The PC User's MessagePad Tutorial
The World of Newton
TVNUG Table of Contents Page
Welcome to LandWare
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Hardware:PDAs:Apple Newton

Newton New Links

Desktop Connection Library
FAQ for the Newton Community
J&K Sales, Inc.
Memory Cards for Newton
Newted Community
Newted Community Message Boards
Newton Does It! Newton Software 1/3
Newton Links: Links for Apple Newton MessagePad PDA
Newton Resources - Home
Newton Stowaway KB
NewtonTalk.net - the NewtonTalk mailing list
PDA-Soft: Software and Hardware for the Newton
Smart Dog BackTalk
United Network of Newton Archives-Software for the Newton
WiFi Cards
World Wide Newton Conference - WWNC-2004
Worldwide Newton Association

Noam Chomsky

The Noam Chomsky Archive
Unworthy victims of terror


Bicycle Museum of America
Cadelyn Travel Guide - Troy, Ohio
Centerville-Washington Township Hist Society
City of Indianapolis
Clifton Mill - A Place Where Time Stands Still
H.W. Allen Villa Bed & Breakfast - Troy, Ohio - BBOnline.com / Introduction
Indianapolis Guides
Indy Jazz Fest in Indianapolis, Indiana (produced by American Pianists Association)
Miami County Visitors & Convention Bureau
Miami Valley Ohio Rails-To-Trails Pages
Miami Valley Restaurant Association - Home
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel - Your Residential Utility Consumer Advocate
OH! (YES) - Ohio Area Code 937, and then some!
Ohio Appalachian Counties
Ohio Department of Transportation Front Page
Ohio Music Dealers
Ohio Public Library Information Network [OPLIN]
Ohio Tourism
Pine Club
Springfield Civic Theatre - Springfield Civic...
Springfield, Ohio Network
State of Ohio Government Info and Services
Yellow Springs Links

Ohio Schools

Center For Cognitive Science at OSU
Greater Cincinnati Consortium
Indiana University
Miami University
Miami University Department of Psychology
Northern Kentucky University
Univ of Cincinnati Dept of Psychology
University of Cincinnati
Wilmington College
Wright State University
Xavier University Home Page


Blue Wisp
Cincinati Entertainment Newsletter
Cincinnati Bop Club, Jitterbug, Bop, Shag and...
Cincinnati Convention and Visitors Bureau
Cincinnati Home Page
Cincinnati Parks
Cincinnati Performing Arts
Cincinnati.citysearch.com > Generic
Cincinnati.Com - Your Key to the City
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
CincinnatiHome - The City's Home Address
CincinnatiHome - The City's Home Address
CINCY.COM - Photo Gallery
City of Cincinnati Official Web Page Regional Links
City of Cincinnati, Official Web Site.
CityBeat Dining Guide-Cincinnati
Downtown Cincinnati Getting There
Downtown Cincinnati Parking
Downtown Cincinnati. Go to town.
Esquire Theatre in Cincinnati
Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
Jungle Jim's International Market
Kenwood Towne Centre
Mariemont Theatre in Mariemont Ohio
Newport Aquarium
Northern Kentucky Surrounding Area
Online Guide to Cincinnati
Starling Chamber Orchestra
The Cincinnati Symphony & Pops Orchestras
The French Rendez-vous- french, French Fabrics, Quimper Pottery, toile de Jouy, antiques


Bestwestern.com, the World's Largest Hotel Chain.
City of Columbus, Ohio
Columbus Hotels, Downtown Columbus Ohio, Westin Great Southern Hotel
Columbus Hotels, Downtown Columbus Ohio, Westin Great Southern Hotel
Columbus Ohio Computer Stores
Columbus, OH Drury Inn & Suites
Columbus, Ohio Travel Guide - Hotels, Attractions, Dining
ColumbusPages - Central Ohio's Online Resource
Drexel Movie Theatres Columbus Ohio Independ
Easton Town Center in Columbus Ohio
German Village Guesthouse - Home
Stanton's Sheet Music
Thurber House


2nd Street Public Market
ActiveDayton.com - Link to life in Dayton
Air Force Research Laboratory splash page
Apple-Dayton SIG - Home
Apple-Dayton SIG - Upcoming Meetings
Apple-Dayton SIG - Users' Groups
Belllbrook - Official City Site
Cafe Boulevard
Carillon Historical Park
Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce
Dayton Art Institute
Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
Dayton Ballet
Dayton Business Journal
Dayton Marriott
Dayton Microcomputer Association
Dayton Ohio Webguide Front Page
Dayton Ohio Webguide, GreaterDayton.com
Dayton Tourism
Dayton Transportation
Destination: Dayton
Dorothy Lane Market
Downtown Dayton Partnership
EL Meson Restaurant
Fairfield Inn Dayton/North
Five Seasons Country Club of Dayton!
Gold Key Apartments - Prices and Features
Hauer Music - A Complete Musical Experience
Hocking Hills Internet Guide
Java House Cafe - Specialty Coffee Shop
Jay's Seafood Restaurant
JazzAdvocate Home Page
Kennedy Union & Conference Services @ The Uni...
Kettering Tennis Center and Quail Run Racquet Club
L'Auberge Dayton
La Comedia Dinner Theatre;Springboro, Ohio-"A Taste of Broadway"
Little Art Theatre
Local News & Info at GreaterDayton.com: Dayto...
Mac Depot
McPherson Town
Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority
Miamisburg, Ohio - Welcome!
Montgomery County, Ohio
Neon Movies
Official City of Dayton Website
OHS/Paul Laurence Dunbar House
Pizzeria Uno Chicago Bar & Grill
Preservation Dayton Inc.
Sibcy Cline ListNet
The Arts in Dayton
Victoria Theatre
WACO Aircraft Museum & Aviation Learning Center
Washington Township, Montgomery County, Ohio
WYSO 91.3FM – Public Radio for the Miami Valley

Ohio-Dayton Housing

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Dayton Real Estate: Dayton , Ohio informatio...
Dayton , Ohio - City information: moving, apa...
Dayton Area Board of REALTORS®
Dayton Area Board of REALTORS®
Dayton home builder
Dayton Morgage Rates
Dayton Ohio Real Estate with Pictures of Home...
Doubletree Dayton Downtown
Downtown Dayton Partnership Places to Live
Huffman Historic District
Huffman Historic District
Huffman Historic District
Irongate Inc., Realtors
Luxury Apartments in Dayton
Oregon Historic District
South Park Historic District
St. Anne's Hill - A Historic Dayton Community -
St. Anne's Hill Historic District
The Oregon Historic District, Dayton, Ohio
Urban Excursion: Unique Spaces & Places to Live
Webster Station Historic District

Ohio-Dayton Move

ABF U-Pack®: Moving Resource Center
Allstates Worldwide Delivery
Amick/Great Plains Moving & Storage Colorado
Budget Rent a Car: Car Rentals, Reservations ...
Budget Truck Rental
Car Rentals: 800 numbers
Dayton International Airport
Dollar Rent A Car - Online Car Rental Company
Find self storage and moving companies nation...
Free quotes for self storage with Storage Loc...
Getamover.com - Let the Movers compete for yo...
Google Search: renting a moving truck
How to rent a moving truck
Monstermoving.com: Changing the way people move
Monstermoving.com: Moving and Planning
Moving Companies, Movers, Truck Rental
MovingCenter - Everything You Need To Move
MovingCenter | How To Library
MovingCenter | How To Library
Relocation Services: Moving & Storage: Truck ...
Ryder TRS: Online truck reservation form
Self Storage, Mobile Storage, Rentals and Mov...
U-Haul Moving Online - Trucks, Trailers, Self...

Ohio-Radio & Music

ActiveDayton: Venues: Bars and Clubs: Gilly's...
Blue Wisp
Central Ohio Hot Jazz Society
ESPN Radio 1410 WING-AM Dayton
Gilly's Niteclub
Hauer Music- Dayton, Ohio
Jazz Arts Studio
Jazz Links--Local (Excellent)
JazzAdvocate Home Page
Mama Jazz Page
Radio Jazz List for Ohio
ThinkTVNetwork, Dayton's PBS Station
WGUC 90.9 Cincinnati's Classical Public Radio
WHIOTV.com - Home
WMUB-88.5 FM -- Oxford, Ohio

Ohio-University of Dayton

Retirement and TDA Plans


AccessScience @ McGraw-Hill
OED Online
OhioLINK - The Ohio Library and Information Network
OhioLINK Authentication Screen

Open Source

Amaya Home Page
Bombich Software: Carbon Copy Cloner
CivicSpace Labs
CocoaMySQL - A MySQL GUI for Mac OS X
Emulators Online - Run Mac OS on Windows!
FileZilla - The free FTP solution
Fink - Home
FSF - The Free Software Foundation
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
GtkMathView Home Page
Inkscape-Vector Drawing Program
Lawrence Lessig
Maxima, a Computer Algebra System-Like Maple or Mathmatica
NeoOffice - OpenOffice.org for MacOSX
Open Source Initiative OSI - Welcome
Open Source Mac - Free, Open-Source software for OS X
OpenDocument - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
OpenOffice.org: Home
OpenReader Consortium - Home
opensourcemac [nothickmanuals.info]
Osoft - OSoft ThoutReader Open Source Documentation Platform
OSx86 Project - Home
PearPC - PowerPC on Windows
PearPC--PowerPC emulator
phpMyAdmin | MySQL Database Administration Tool
Plot : Main - Home Page browse
Project:Omega - Products - FireStarter FX
Public Library of Science-Open Access Scientific Journals
ReactOS - Home
Rockbox - Open Source Jukebox Firmware
SAGE: Open Source Mathematics Software
Scilab - Open Source Software for Numerical Computation
Scribus :: GPL Desktop Publishing for Linux and more
Scribus :: GPL Desktop Publishing for Linux and more
SheepShaver [Gwenole Beauchesne Wiki]
SheepShaver [Gwenole Beauchesne Wiki]
Smultron--text editor
TechPwn » The Best Open Source Mac Applications
TeleRead: Bring the E-Books Home
The MacPorts Project -- Similar to Fink
W3C Math Home

OS 9

9.0.4 Compatibility with Stealth Serial Port
Mac OS 8 and 9 Developer Documentation
Mac OS 9.1 Special Report
TN 1194: Mac OS Update 9.0.4
Troubleshooting Mac OS 9.0.x
VersionTracker - OS 9 Updates


Apple - Mac OS X
Apple - Mac OS X Troubleshooting [USA]
Apple Featured Software
BGSU: Macintosh Tech Tips
Bootable CD under MacOSX
Dual-Booting OS X: Partitioning Drives
Fink - Documentation
Fink - Home
FinkCommander - Home
Installing OS X on pre-G3/Ge Macs
Lyx on Mac OSX
Mac OS 10.2 Networking with Windows
Mac OS X 10.0 Resources - 12/20/01 TILs and Links
Mac OS X speed FAQ
MacFixIt.com: Troubleshooting for Mac OS X
Macintosh Tech Tips
Macintosh Tech Tips: Carbon Copy Cloner
MacOSX.com - Public Beta Discussion
Macs in Chemistry
Myriad Music Sftwr Site -- Melody Assistant
O'Reilly Network: Mac DevCenter -- macintosh ...
On Review of Mac OS X on an 8500 w Sonnet Card
OpenOSX. Products (Open OSX Office 0.9)
OS X Audio & Music Worth Waiting For
OS X Links
OS X Shareware Apps
OSXFAQ - Technical News and Support for Mac OS X
Other World Computing: OS X for Legacy Macs
Other World Computing: OS X for Legacy Macs
Philmont Software Mill
Sonnet | Downloads
Stealth Serial Port and Mac OS X 10.1
The GIMP Homepage
The Open Source Initiative: Home Page
Troubleshooting Mac OS X
X Appeal.org
X on Mac OS X
XFree86 on Darwin

OS X Tiger--Installing

Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (Part 9)
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Incompatibilities and Workarounds
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger: Third-Party Updates
MacDevCenter.com: Everything You Need to Know to Install Tiger
MacDevCenter.com: Housecleaning Tips for Tiger
MacFixIt - Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) #11: Possible fix for some SCSI-related problems; D-Link Wireless access router access problems, possible

OS X Utilities/Troubleshooting

Bombich Software | Carbon Copy Cloner
Lavitus on Reinstalling

Overseas Living/Retirement/Working

010318SU: Living Abroad--- Not for Everyone
10 Tips for Linking Up with a Job in Paris
AARP Webplace | Content Description
ACA Book Reviews
American Citizens Abroad ACA NU105a
Best places to retire abroad--Nicaragua
books about mexico...travel for less and reti...
Escape From America Magazine & The Offshore R...
Google Web Directory - Retirement
Grown-up's Guide to Living in France book report
Guide to Retiring to Mexico, Costa R, and Beyond
How to Retire Early and Live Well
Jobs By Location - International Jobs Marketp...
Live Well in Mexico
Live, Study, Retire, Volunteer or Work Abroad
Mexico or Bust? (Series on Retirement in Mexico)
Overseas Teacher's Digest
Retire Overseas - Overseas Retirement Havens
Retiring in a College Town
Retiring in Belize
Scott Michael Long - Helpful Hints For Living...
Subscriptions to International Living Magazine
Teaching Jobs Overseas: New Jobs Posted Daily
Teaching Jobs Overseas: Selected Insider Info...
Teaching Jobs Overseas: Talking with the experts
The Medicare Buck Stops at the Bord...
The Panama Report - The Report about Living, ...
Too Young to Retire - The Retirement Alternative
Transitions Abroad Publishing
U.S. News Article Retiring Abroad 6-01
U.S. News: Retiring abroad can bring joy and ...
UNI Overseas Placement
Welcome to SERVAS
Work Worldwide

Pacifica Crisis

Committee to Remove the Pacifica Board
Dan Coughlin's April Talk
Principles or Principals: The Fight for Free Speech Radio: Lyn Gerry
Theory of Lister-Sponsored Radio: Lewis Hill

Palm Pilot

3rd Party Hardware--Memory Expansion
Additional Reading
ArsLexis--dictionary & thesaurus
Bachmann Software--PrintBoy
Blue Nomad Software
DOC Readers for Palm OS PDAs Review
Drag'n'tooth For Mac OS X - Palm Bluetooth made simple.
E-Reading on Plam organizers
Endnote for Palm for OS X
FMSync for JFile
HandyShopper - By Chris Antos
HICE Palm Pages
JFile Pro
Keyspan : Connections for Your Computer
Language databases for BDicty dictionary for ...
MacFixIt Forums--Palm Pilot
Macintosh Memopad Utilities
Mark/Space · The Missing Sync
Mark/Space, Inc. - Missing Sync
Matias Corporation
The half keyboard for the palm
MemoWare - The PDA Document Repository
MemoWare - Thousands of Free Ebooks and PDA Documents!
Palm Digital Media: Home
Palm Pilot dictionary - BDicty - translate fr...
Palm Thesaurus Comparison
Palm to Mac OS X synchronization: Apple iCal using iSync | ITS
Palm updates HotSync for new Mac OS 9.04
Palm User Club--How we use our Palm computers
Palm Visor home page
Palm Writing, Text Editing & Word Processing
PalmaServ: Documents for the Palm
PalmGear H.Q. Detailed News Page!
PalmGear H.Q.!
palmOne – Support
PalmOS Open Source
PDA Buyer's Guide: PDA keyboard review
Plucker! The free web portal for your PalmOS®...
PocketCites Endnote for the Palm
Pocketop Inc Wireless PDA Keyboard
Presenter-to-Go Presentation Software
PurePalm.com - Get Palm Computing Help - Fast...
Qvadis Bookshelf - InterLibrary
Qvadis Corp
Rob's Macintosh/PalmPilot Pages
SasEz! Palm Pilot Files - Freeware, Shareware...
SourceForge.net:FMSync for JFile X
Stevens Creek Software-PalmPrint
TealPoint Software Home Page
The Gadgeteer - Home
The Missing Sync for Palm OS
útilware : great Palm things
Vernier Software & Technology
Virtual PC 4 Notes and Reports
Writing On Your Palm
Writing On Your Palm - Editors

Palm Updated Site List 4-2005

AbsoluteWord: Dictionaries, Atlases, Encyclopedias
EduPalm main page
eReader.com - Merriams 3rd International Dictionary
HandyShopper - by Chris Antos
JFile 5
JFile Companion
Top 100 Palm Pilot Sites

PBS Related Stuff

This Old House: House Projects
Welcome to Life on the Internet!
wttw welcome page

PDF Resources

Acrobat and PDF at PDFzone.com
Adobe Acrobat Reader
Adobe.com - Downloading the Logos
How to display .pdf files
Planet PDF
Planet PDF Forum
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Peace Corps

Peace Corps Master's International


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Switchboard Internet Yellow Pages and White Pages - Maps
2Wire Support Home Page
AHS Warranty - American Home Shield
American Institutes for Research
Authentic Happiness - Using the New Positive Psychology
Auto Insurance
BookBump | Simply Books
California Alumni Association at UC Berkeley
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Champions Gym and Personal Training Specialist in Dayton Ohio
Chronicle of Higher Education
CompUSA® eRebates
Cost of War in Iraq
CU Federal Credit Union
Customer Support, Products Repair, Manuals & Troubleshooting on Any Product
DayAir Credit Union
Dayton Daily News
Dayton Metro Library - Home Page
DonQs Footwear
Federal Index
Federal Trade Commission - The Do Not Call Registry - Netscape
FedWorld Beta Home Page
FitWatch - Get the Data. Get the Knowledge. Get Fit.
Friends of Morocco
Institute of Cognitive Science, University of...
IRS Forms And Publications
IRS Welcom Page
MapQuest : Driving Directions, Maps & Live Tr...
Max-Planck-Institute of Cognitive NeuroScience
MIKE DeWINE: United States Senator for Ohio
ODPS: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Home Page
Official U.S. time
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles - Online License Plate Renewal
Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Home Page
Package Tracker - Intelli Innovations, Inc.
PayPal - Welcome
Peace Corps: The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love!
Powerlabs | Login
PowWeb Hosting - Full Service Web Hosting
Representative Mike Turner
Retirement Planning
robertcrutcher's Yahoo! Profile
ScoreCard Rewards - Log In
Scrybe-Beta version of new calendar and organizer web app
Senator George V. Voinovich
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society: The Exchange
Social Security Online
St. John's College
SURS - State Universities Retirement Systems ...
The Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN)
TIAA-CREF Web Center
TimeandDate.com--Time Zones, Calendards & More
TOM BIHN = Laptop Bags + Laptop Backpacks + Laptop Cases
TSU - Teaching & Learning--D McCargar
United States Postal Service - ZIP + 4 Lookup
Univ. of Colorado Dept. of Psychology
UPS Calculate Time and Cost
USPS - The United States Postal Service
Vectren Website
Washington-Centerville Public Library
Washington-Centerville Renewals/Catalog
Wells Fargo Home Page
What Is My IP Address?
Wiley Higher Education
Wiley Higher Education: Explaining Psychology
Working Assets Products & Services
Wright Memorial Public Library - Main
Write Memorial Library Renewals
Yahoo! Maps and Driving Directions


ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY Fine art photography, Terry Staler, zone system, black and white printing, color printing
PEI Magazine
Pinhole Photography


PhotoshopNews: Photoshop News and Information


Grand Pianos and Their Prices
Piano World - Home of the world famous Piano Forums!
Classical Midi Connection
Doug McKenzie's Jazz Piano Site
Eric Street Home Page
Fundamentals of Piano Practice
Excellent piano site with wealth of information on how to practice and learn piano.
Piano Sheet Music - Piano Street
Piano Videos and DVDs
Purchaser Piano Supplies | Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver System
Taubman Institute
The Piano Education Page

Piano Suppliers/Stores

Piano Buy and Sell.com - Piano Classifieds - Pianos For Sale - Sell Your Piano, Electric Keyboard or Organ Online
Concert Pitch Piano Services - Toronto Piano Tuning, Repair, Appraisals, Movers, Pianos and Accessories For Sale
Welcome to Walter Piano Company Online !
Schimmel Pianos
Bosendorfer – used Bosendorfer pianos – pianos for sale
PianoForte Chicago - Piano Dealer for FAZIOLI, SCHIMMEL, GROTRIAN and WENDL & LUNG

PocketStudio 5

PS5UG Main Site - Home
TASCAM Index Page
TASCAM PocketStudio
Tascam Pocketstudio 5 Review


DTV: Internet TV On Your Mac
FireANT | Not TV
Juice, the cross-platform podcast receiver.


LovePoetry: Both Classic Love Poems and Submi...
Mirrors and Other Insults: Poetry by Veronica...
Poetry 180 - Home Page
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Archive
William Blake Archive Homepage


Official Oregon Tourism Web Site: Planning An Oregon Vacation
Portland (OR) [Low-Budget] Guide
Portland Oregon Visitors Association
Powell's Bookstore-used, new, and out of print books
Tri-Met: MAX

Poster Presentations

Making Posters With InDesign


Keynote and LaTeX on Mac OS X


4 Any Printer, Inc
4InkJets Discount Printer Supplies
An Alternate Way to Print Between Mac OS X and Windows
ATPM 9.10 - Review: PagePro 1250E Laser Printer
Brother HL-1435 Laser Printer--New
Brother's New Mid-Range Office LPs w Duplex Printing
Canon i560 Printer
Canon U.S.A
Canon U.S.A., Consumer Products Printers Index
Cheap Inkjet Cartridges - A weekly survey of prices
Color Laser Printers (Part 2)
Color Laser Printers Prt 1
Compatible C3903A toner - HP Laserjet 5p,5mp,...
Epson Photo Printers Compared
EZinkJets.com Inexpensive Printing Supplies
HL-6050DHigh Quality Laser Printer with Built-in Duplex
HP PartSurfer
Inkjet Laser Printing Cover Hemp Paper
Inkjet Printer Cartridges - Suppliers Reviewed and Rated
Inkjet Printer Forum / Ink Jet Refill Forum
InkSupply.com Continuous Flow Ink System
KONICA MINOLTA PagePro 1250W Printer Overview
Excellent Printer and Mac Compatible
Landmark Printers- Refurbished HP Printers
MacCentral: Wide-Format Epson Stylus Photo R1800 touts FireWire
MacInTouch Reader Reports Inkjets, Ink, Media
MediaStreet.com--Inks, Papers, etc
Minolta Products
OfficeMax.Com - Product Block Page
Printer Showcase Online: Kyocera FS-1020D - 21 PPM Workgroup Kyocera FS-1020D Monochrome Duplex Laser Printer
Printer Showcase Printer Reviews
Printerdb-Comparing Operating Costs
Printpal.com: Lowest Prices on Inkjet Cartridges
Red River Paper
Resources for Epson Inkjet Printers
Review: A laser printer bargain
Samsung ML-1430 Review
Tetenal--photo papers for epson
good second alternative according to a review at Macintouch
The Printer Works - HP LaserJet Printers, Parts, Supplies, Accessories
The Silverprint Catalogue 2004
WeInk.com Continuous Flow System for Canon Printers
Xerox Phaser 3400 Solid Personal LP


Dive Into Python
Elementary Computer Graphics:Drawing with Pixels
Eloquent JavaScript Programming Book
From The Ground Up: A Guide to C++
java.sun.com - The Source for Java(TM) Technology
learn.perl.org: The site for people learning Perl.
Learning to program--Python
Northeastern Freshman C++ Curriculum
OpenLaszlo | the premier open-source platform for rich internet applications
Products & APIs
Savitch CS1 Java
SQL Tutorial
The Art of Unix Programming
The Programmer's Source
UNIX Reference Desk
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials


Advice & Information - Choosing A Projector
Epson PowerLite 500C projector
InFocus® > InFocus® LiteShow
InFocus® > Multi-Use > X2
LCD Projector Reviews of LCD and DLP projectors
LCD Projector: LCD Projectors, digital, visua...
Lightware Digital & LCD Projectors
Presenting Solutions - Epson PowerLite 500c L...
Presenting Solutions - Epson PowerLite 50c
Presenting Solutions - Flat Panel Monitors
Presenting Solutions - Sony VPL-CX1

Psych Grad School & Grad Help

Career & Grad School Info--Resource List
Finding Psychology Departments on the Web
Preparing for Graduate School in Psychology
Survival Skills for Graduate Students

Psychology & Cognitive Science

ACT Research Home Page
American Psychological Association
American Psychological Society (APS)
An Historical Perspective of Cognitive Science
Brown Cog Sci Department
Careers in Psychology Page
CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences
Cognitive Neuroscience Resources
Cognitive Psychology Resources on the Web
Cognitive Science 1995 Information
Cognitive Science's top 100
Cognitive Science, Humanities, and the Arts
Computer as Learning Partner
CyberPsychLink - Software
Harnad E-Print Archive and Psycoloquy and BBS...
Harvey Project Home Page
Human Languages Page
Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC)
Institute for the Learning Sciences
Internet Psychology Lab at UIUC
Learning New Skills
Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
Literature, Cognition & the Brain
M. Caruso - Psychology and Educational Links - Frames
Macpsych FTP Site
Media-Lab Welcome
Mind and Machine Module
Psych Experiments (Authorware)
Psychological Lists
Science And Consciousness Review
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Cognitive Science
Thinking About the Internet Pedagogically
UCSD Neuroscience Home Page
Univ. of Rochester Brain/Cog Sci Internet Resources
UW Psychology Department
WWW VL: Human-Computer Interaction
Zipf's law

Psychology Department Websites

Adelphi Univ - Psych
Allegheny College Psychology Dept.
American River College Home Page
American Universities
APA Monitor Classified Ads December 2000
ASU West Social & Behav Sci Progrms
Baldwin Wallace College Psychology
Ball State U Psych Dept
Bard College Psychology Department,
Barnard College Psychology Department
Bates College
Bates College Psychology Department
Boise State University Psychology Homepage
Bryant College
Bryant College Psychology Dept
Centenary College Psych Dept
Chronicle of Higher Education: Jobs
Clarkson Psych Dept
College of New Jersey Psych Dept
College of Saint Rose Psych
College of Saint Rose Psychology
College of the Holy Cross
Creighton University Psychology
CSU Bakersfield Psych
CSU Sacramento Psychology Department
CSULB Psych Dept
Dominican Univ Psych Dept
Dominican University of California
Drew Univ Psych Dept
Drew University
Fairfield Univ Psych Dept
Fairfield University
Ferris State University Psych Dept
Franklin & Marshal Psychology
Frostburg State University Psych
Georgia State Univ Psych
Grand valley State University Psychology
Holy Cross Psychology Department
Idaho State Univ Psych Dept
Illinois State Univer Psych Dept
Los Rios Community College District
LSU Psychology Dept.
Marian College Psychology
Marian College Psychology Department
Marietta College Psychology Dept
Maryville College - Maryville, TN
Meredith College Psych Dept
Monmouth College
Montclair State Univer Psych Dept
Montclair State University
Morehead State Univ Psychology
Pacific University - Forest Grove, Oregon - 1...
Pacific University: Psychology:...
Penn State -- Erie Psych Dept
Purdue Psychology Department
Rochester Institute of Technology Psych
Saint Mary's College of California
Saint Michael's College - A Catholic liberal ...
Saint Michael's College Psychology
San Francisco State Univ Psych Dept
Santa Clara University Psych Dept.
SFA Psychology Department
Siena College Psych Department
Southern Conn U Psychology
Southern Connecticut State University
Stephen F. Austin State University
Tennessee State University
Towson Psych Department
TSU Psychology
U of Dayton Psychology Dept.
U of Nev, Las Vegas Psychology Department
U of Nevada Home Page
U of New Haven Psychology
U of North Dakota--PSYCH
U of North Texas Psych
U of Richmond Dept of Psychology
U of Southern Miss Psych
U of Wisc La Crosse Psych Dept
U of Wisconsin-La Crosse
University of Michigan Psychology Dept
Washburn University Psychology
Washington & Jefferson College Psychology
Western Washington Psych Dept
William Paterson Unv Psych Dept
Wittenberg University Psychology Department
Yeshiva University Main Page

Psychology Experiments

American Scientist: Massaro - Introduction
Applied Cognition
Audiovisual Speech Web-Lab
Color in Visual Search
Computer Vision Test Images
e.psych home page
Harvard Visual Cognition Lab Demos page
Illusionworks Illusionworks
LHS: Tower of Hanoi
McGurk-effect Excellent
Motion Integration Movie Demos
Sensory Physiology Transformations for Perception
Speech & Hearing - Interactive Demonstrations
Stroop Effect--Nice Version (Simple)
Talking Heads
TarrLab Stimuli
The McGurk Effect
Tower of H on Web
Tower of Hanoi at Java Boutique
Vischeck color blindness simulator
VisCog Information Page
Visual Attention Home Page
Visual Illusions Gallery : Index
Wadsworth CogLab Online Laboratory

Psychology Links

APA Style Manual
Basics of MRI
Behavioral & Brain Sciences Preprint Archive
Brain Links
British Medical Journal: Statistics Notes
Cambridge University Press/Journals
Classics in the History of Psychology
Classics in the History of Psychology -- Auth...
Cognitive Science Society
Contemporary Philosophy of Mind: An Annotated...
Do apes use language?
Encyclopedia of Psychology - Psychology Websites
Food for Thought: Paul Rozin's Research and Teaching
Formerly "The APA Crib Sheet"
Hanover College Psychology Department
History of Psychology Links
Homepage of John Goldsmith
Illusionworks List of Links to Cog Sci
Infants learn language
INTERVIEW: Herbert A. Simon (June 1994)
Language Research Center
Library Research in Psychology: Finding It Easily
Links to Psychological Journals (by Armin Günther): Psychology and Social Science Journals online
Markman's Intro to Res Meths
MetaCard Testimonials
Mind and Body
Miracle cure for language problems?
Montreal Neurological Institute - Brain Imaging Centre
MRC Psycholinguistic Database...
National Science Foundation (NSF) - Home Page
NCPP - National Council on Public Polls
Neuroguide.com - Neurosciences on the Internet
NSF - SBE - Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences
NSF - Social, Behavioral Sciences
Office of Naval Research
Peggy Sanday
Penn Library-Resources/Websites/Psychology
PENN Sources for Psychology
Poster Site -- Making Posters
Preparing a Laboratory Report in APA Format
Psicoenlaces / Psycholinks
PSYC SITE: Online Information
PSYC SITE: Other Launch Pads
Psych 101W Bulman-Fleming & Cheyne
Psych Web by Russ Dewey
Psychological Models--A Course
Psychology Tutorials and Demonstrations
Psychonomic Society Publications
PsychREF™: Resources in Psychology on the Int...
PsychREF™: Table of Contents
PsycSite: Guide To PsycSite
Public E-print Archive: Cognitive Psychology ...
Publishers on the Internet
PY014 Introduction to Psychology Laboratory S...
Recovered Memory Project
Research Faculty - Sue Savage-Rumbaugh
Science And Consciousness Review
Scoping the Polls
Sleep Home Pages
Social Psychology Network
Statistics on the Web
Steven Pinker's Intro Psych Matrls
The Joy of Visual Perception
The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice
The Magical Number Seven
The Whole Brain Atlas
The World of Escher - Artwork Gallery, Secure...
Wadsworth - The Complete Psychology Publisher
Whole Brain Atlas
William James

Psychology Programs & Software

ACT Research Home Page
Cedrus Corporation Home Page
Cinematica: Calibrated Mathematica Movies
Facial Perception Laboratory
Inquist by Millisecond Software
Internet Institute for Speech and Hearing
Linguistics Resources: Computing
Macquisition Home Page
Perceptual Science Laboratory
Set of tools for designing, conducting and analyzing the results of perceptual experiments.
Presentation Software
Psychological Experiments on Language
PsychToolbox - Home
PsyScript Home
RSVP: Experimental Control Software for MacOS
Smile: Applescript Editor
Software Archives in Psychology
Software for visual psychophysics, V 3.4, Apr...
SourceForge.net: PsyScript
Stimscope Homepage
Univ of S. Florida Free Association Norms
VassarStats: Statistical Computation Web Site
Web Experiments


AmoebaWeb: Memory
Bates College Psychology Department: Links
Cognition Class Home Page
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences on Internet
Cognitive Science Academic Programs List
Cognitive Web Resources--Demos and Experiments
CogPrints: Browse by Subject: Cognitive Psych
Creating False Memories
e.psych home page
Elizabeth F. Loftus: University of Washington
Gretchen Chapman's Homepage
Institute for Research in Cognitive Sci at Penn
Loftus on Repressed Memories
Memory: Memory Links
Mental Images: In search of a Theory
Mind Tools - Memory Techniques and Mnemonics
MIT Cognet(tm)
Psy 4040 Fall'01 Outline
Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science
Science And Consciousness Review
Scientific American: False Memory
Steven Pinker
The Conscious Mind: David Chalmers
Tutorials in Sensation and Perception
Weblab--links to Exps from Kenyon
Zenon Pylyshyn's Web Site

Psychology/Cognitive Articles

Cognitive Psychology
Machinery of Thought (Sci Am)
Memory Distortion & False Memory Creation
Parrots that Use Language
Psychology 203
Remembering Dangerously (Skeptical Inquirer


Mail Thread Index
Psycholinguistics Lab Assignments
PsyScope and PsySquash
Psyscope Home Page
PsyScope Sample Scripts from CMU
PsyScope Scripts
PsyScope Tips
Psyscope UK Page
Test Page for the Psyscope X Project

Public Television

PBS Television Listings - January 1999


AuthorHouse - Book publisher/publishers
iUniverse Book Publishing: Book Publisher for Self Publishing
WWAOW - Publish Your Book
XLibris Print On Demand Online Book & Manuscript Self Publishing


Quicksilver Changes Everything at The Apple Blog
Quicksilver Tutorials Round-up at The Apple Blog
Quicksilver: Setup & Troubleshooting | 43 Folders
quicksilver:quickstart_guide [docs]
quicksilver:tutorials [docs]


Codec Central - List of Codecs
Easy beat
Hacker's Guide to QuickTime
How to Save Quicktime Files or Movies from within your Web Browser - Tech-Recipes.com
Little QuickTime Page
QuickTime Pro 4 for Macintosh and Windows: Vi...
QuickTime TV - Radio
QuickTime video codecs - Finding an appropria...
Sydney Opera House


19th Century Gallery
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Quotes

Qwest Net

2wire.com: your DSL and Broadband Resource Ce...
FAQs on using PPP USwest.net
Macintosh Cisco 675 External Modem download i...
MegaBit Services - Promotion
MegaBit services from U S WEST
Modem Upgrade Page
My USWest Website
Qwest Net
Qwest.net -- Home Center
To Convert Account to PPP
U S WEST.net - Web Publishing
U S WEST.net -- Help -- Overview of U S WEST.net
U S WEST.net Cisco 675 Upgrade Instrs
U S WEST.net Site Map
USWest Site Map
Welcome to Your New U S WEST.net Web Site!


Alternative Radio
Amy Goodman Talk
broadcast.com: Radio Station Home Page
Democracy Now in Exile
Democracy NOW Radio Broadcasts
Freespeech Radio News
Fresh Air Program Recordings
Icecast.org - Lists of Radio Stations
Internet Radio List
kpfa - programs - schedule
Huge international list of online radio stations.
Making Contact
Nation Radio
Pacifica Home Page
Pacifica Network News
Pacifica Radio Archives and Online Store
Pacifica Radio Archives Links
Radio 4All
Radio Show Links Home Page
radio-program.com home page
SCIFI.COM : Seeing Ear Theatre
SFBG News | The battle for KPFA
MPEG Layer 3 Audio Streaming Radio Stations
The A-Infos Radio Project
The Pacifica Case--Various Hist Bkgrnd Pieces
The Weekly Puzzler from Car Talk
welcome to kpfa radio 94.1fm berkeley
WPFW Pacifica Listen LIVE
Your Mac Life - The Internet's #1 Mac Broadcast!

Radio Jazz Stations

Dr. Horner's Classic Jazz Corner
Jazz 88.3 FM WBGO
Jazz After Hours
Jazzradio.net Berlin
WBEZ Program Schedule
WEMU Jazz-News-Blues
WFPK Radio Louisville 91.9 FM
WNCU North Carolina Central University's Jazz

Radio Stations

Moroccan Radio from France
Blues Bytes
Capital Public Radio-KXJZ Sacramento
Guide de la Radio et des Medias - COMFM
Radio and Television from the World
Poste de radio virtuel et emissions televisee...
WBGO Jazz 88.3 FM (Newark Public Radio)
WFMU-FM 91.1/Jersey City, NJ; 90.1/Hudson Valley, NY
WNUR 89.3 FM, Chicago's Sound Experiment


4RAM -- a guide to computer memory and upgrades from 4anything.com
Kingston Technology - Memory Installation Guides
Kingston Technology Company - Home Page
Kingston Technology Memory NEC Ready 9860
Kingston Technology Memory Upgrades
Other World Computing- Deal-Mac & Deal-News Specials
Power Mac 8500 RAM Installation
PowerMac 7100 RAM Installation Guide
Simple Technology - Memory
The Upgrade Place - Computer memory upgrades, flash and more www.theupgradeplace.com - 800-338-1531
Transintl.com memory
Excellent information on memory upgrade options and what to choose for specific macs.


Ramachandran Websites
Video: V.S. Ramachandran Q&A


Readerware Help on Using Report Writer
ReaderwareAW Report Writer

Real Estate & Moving Regions Info


Cleveland AreaGuide - guide for Cleveland, Ohio.
Cleveland Real Estate Related Web Sites
Cleveland, OH - Real Estate * a comprehensive...
Travel - Cleveland - Ohio - Northeast Ohio - ...

A Vermont real estate company, Lang Associate...
Burlington Apartments Network
City of Forest Grove
City Reports
Compare cities side by side
Colorado Real Estate Online
Colorado Real Estate Online
Forest Grove OREGON
Forest Grove, Oregon
Google Search: relocating
house buying reference sources
Mortgage Rates - Consumer rates and calculators
Mortgage rates from lenders all across the country.
Official Web Site - Township of Ewing
Princeton Online: Princeton Real Estate
Real Estate Burlington Vermont
Real Estate Vermont, Lang Associates Realtors...
Real Estate Wayne New Jersey
REALTOR.COM: Real Estate - Homes For Sale
REALTOR.com: Real Estate - Homes for Sale in ...
State of New Jersey Home Page
The Burlington (VT) Free Press, Burlington Ve...
The iii Guide to Mortgages
Today's Mortgage Information from HSH Associates
Vermont Real Estate Blooms in Spring - Burlin...
Vermont real estate Vermont homes in Colchest...
Wayne New Jersey Real Estate
Wayne Real Estate : New Jersey : AIM Relocation
wayneweb wayne new jersey nj town city commun...
WPUNJ: Campus Tour

Real Estate (mostly Colorado info)

Colorado Real Estate Online
Real Estate Links (Yahoo)
Realtor.com--Boulder, Lafayette, & Longmont

Research Funding

FundSource: A Search Tool for Research Funding

Research Methods Links

AIC: Statistics introduction
Internal Validity Tutorial
Psychology Research Tools
Research Methods Knowledge Base
Research Randomizer: Instant Random Sampling and Random Assignment
Study Guides for testing, reading, writing, and classroom participation
Web Chi Square Calculator
Web Extension to American Psychological Association Style


Chowhound.com: For Those Who Live To Eat!
CityBeat Dining Guide--Cincinnati
Gabby Gourmet
Going All Out for Chinese - 99.01


Converting Stacks to MetaCard or Revolution
Daniels & Mara Products Site
Fourth World - Scripting Style Guide
Fourth World - Software and Web De...
License Issues-Update my Key
MetaCard: Cross Platform Multimedia Authoring and Application Development
Reactor Lab, by Richard K. Herz
Revolution Lessons at BYU
Revolution Newbies Board - Index
Revolution Tips and Tricks (Sons of Thunder Software)
RunRev Stack Examples
Runtime Revolution - Educational Pricing
Runtime Revolution - Revolution - Developers
Runtime Revolution - Revolution - Educators
Runtime Revolution Embassy
Runtime Revolution Forums
Runtime Revolution Limited
Sarah's Revolution Page
So Smart Software Plugins and Tutorials
Sons of Thunder Software
SuperCard 4.5!
tactile media downloads
www.bgwoodruff.com--Stacks for Statistics

Save Internet Radio News--2007

CQ Today - Markey Positions Himself as Point Man for Negotiations of Web Radio Fees

SBC Yahoo DSL Account

2Wire.com: Home
DSL Reports
IPNetRouter for sharing DSL Connections
MacTechnologies-TFTP Instructions Page
Macworld: How to Set Up a Broadband Router
My SBC Yahoo! DSL
Nexland Home
Nexland, Inc. NAT Firewall with VPN
Router or switch/hub to share DSL connection
SBC Yahoo Account Login
SBC Yahoo! Account Manager
SBC Yahoo! DSL Account
SBC Yahoo! Help
SBC Yahoo! Help - Home
Speakeasy - Speed Test
Sustainable Softworks - Internet Sharing


creativepro.com - Scanners-Reviews
EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO Tech Support
EPSON Support
Epson Unveils Its Next Generation of Consumer...
HP ScanJet 7450c
MacAddict Reviews: CanoScan N1220U
Macintosh scanner reviews - SCSI, USB, Firewire
Macworld: USB Flatbed Scanners
Review: Microtek ScanMaker 8700
ScanMaker V6 USL for Under $200
ScanMaker V6USL
Scanning Basics 101 - All about digital images
Snapter-Convert Camera Shots into Scan
Yahoo - Microtek Unveils New $99 Digital Imagin…


Edmund Scientifics
Eric Weisstein's Treasure Troves of Science
Exploratorium Exhibits
Galileo and Einstein: Lecture Index
Galileo Project Homepage
Genetic Science Learning Center
Gravity From The Ground Up
Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Nanotechnology - Eric Drexler's Site
Nanotechnology--Ralph Merkles site
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web
NASA World Wind
NSF MetaCenter Science Highlights Repository
Science Learning Network
The Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites
The Nine Planets
The Talk.Origins Archive: Home Page
The Why Files
UCSB Department of Anthropology Links Directory
Weather Processor at Purdue
WebElements periodic table of the elements - ...
Welcome to the Planets
Windows to the Universe

Science News

New Scientist
SciCentral: Gateway to the best scientific research news sources
Science Friday: Making Science Radioactive
Science News Online
Martin Gardner has read this science magazine for many years.
ScienceDaily Magazine
ScienCentral: Making Sense of Science
Scientific American
The National Academies

Screencapture Software

Boinx Software - Mouseposé 2
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software
CamStudio - Free Screen Recording Software for Windows
Capture Me - Screen Captures and Silent Screencasts
Constrictor : Custom screen capture
Copernicus-Screencapture and ScreenCasting Software
DemoRecorder - Screen Recorder for Linux with Sound Recording
Desktastic-Put notes on your screencaptures
Fastforward Software - QuickSnap
Flash Presentation and Video Software | Wildform
Flash Presentation Software Tools for E-Learning, Tutorials, Quizzes & Surveys - by Qarbon
Flying Meat: FlySketch
GrabberRaster - Free Download - Screen Capture Grabber Mac
GrabMac-Screenshots-Customizable-e.g. Timed Shot Sequences
How to Use Windows Media Encoder 9 Series » Digital Inspiration
Hyperionics - the best screen capture software - Free download
InstantShot-Mac Screenshot Software--Customizable-Multiple Delayed Shots
Jack OS X - a Jack implementation for Mac OS X
KeyCastr: Easy Keystroke Visualizer
Macromedia Captivate Tutorials
Making Free Screencasts on OS X
Media Edit Pro
Musings from Mars » Getting Ready for Screencasting:A Review of Video Screen Capture Software for Mac OS X
Norrkross MorphX
Norrkross Movie
Panic - Desktastic 3 - Draw Directly on your Mac OS X Desktop!
Draw directly on the screen--use with screencasts.
Paparazzi! 0.4.3 – Capture Website Screenshots
Pure Mac: Screen Capture - Software For Macintosh
Screen Action Studio
Screen Mimic: Flash-based screen recording for Mac OS X
ScreenCasters - DonationCoder.com
Screencasting with Snapz Pro and Final Cut Pro
Screencasting: Screen Capture Software Review & Tricks » Digital Inspiration
ScreenFlow-Vara Software
Screenorgraphy-Screenshots and Movies including SWF
Screenshot Helper for Mac OS X - covers entire screen with solid color or desktop picture
ScreenSteps-For Creating Instruction Manuals with Screenshots
ScreenTool 2.0 from Citrus Software
ShotChoice-Change the graphic format for screenshots
Soundflower-for recording sound between apps
The Distant Librarian: Finding a Screencasting Tool for Mac OS X
Ultimate Pen--draw and write on screen
Vara Software : ScreenFlow
Wink - Screenrecording Software for Windows

Searching for Information

About.com - Human Guides. Human Interests. Expert guidance from hundreds of Guides.
Answers.com - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more
Ask Jeeves!
Lets you ask your search questions in plain English. Not always reliable but fun.
Bibliographic Software: Guides & Resources(Sc...
Direct Hit. One Search Engine. Millions of Mi...
Finding It Online: Web Search Strategies
Excellent search engine. Consistently finds the most relevant sites.
INFOMINE: Scholarly Internet Resource Collections
Internet Scout Project
Invisible-web.net - Searchable databases
Ixquick Metasearch
Jester: The On-Line Joke Recommender
Librarians' Index to the Internet
Northern Light Search
Personal Bibliographic Software
Reference: Best Source for Facts on the Net
Search Engine Guide: Find All Search Engines ...
Search Engine Watch: Tips About Internet Search Engines
Teoma Search -- Search with Authority
The HELIX Image Service, for Higher Education
The Scientist - Reference Resources
Thinking About the Internet Pedagogically


800.COM Electronics
Amazon.com: Macintosh
AppleDiscount.com AppleDiscount.com
At marsmusic.com - the Musicmaker's Destinati...
shopper satisfaction ratings
Buy.com - The Internet Superstore
CD Universe - Your online music store
Software Superstore--recommended by PC Magazine.
Computershopper.com (ZDnet)
Consumer World: Everything Consumer
craigslist.dayton, ohio
Deal Of Day
Dealcoupon.com: Updated daily with coupons
Search for coupon discounts on the web for shopping
Dealmac-Mac & mac-related Prices
DealTime.com: Let Us Deal With It
Set your criteria and let dealtime.com search for the best deal
Digital camera and camcorder price comparison - dealnews.com
Meritline--CD/DVD media-Storage cards
Comparison Shopping. Does great job of finding the best deal by searching more sites than the others.
NECX: Computer Products
Can search by product. Will tell you what it's competitors are charging
NothingButComputers.com: Computer Hardware, S...
Online Labels - Labels for laser and inkjet printers
Organize-It Your Storage and Organization Resource
Excellent service & no shipping charges
PriceMac.com - Product and Price Compare just...
Smarthome - Home Automation
ZDNet Shopper.com

Social Psychology

Attribution Theory
Attribution theory
Gif Weary's Homepage
Influence At Work Website
LOC Introduction
MU Social Psych Web Info
Social Psychology Archives

Software Shopping

Academic Software Superstore
Children Educational Software
Family and Childrens Educational & Game Software and Childrens Software Games at Discount Software Prices from Surplus CD ROM.
MyGamerOutlet.com - $2 Shipping - Discount CD-ROM Software for PC, Windows and Macintosh
Software-Blowouts.com - diversified selection of discount software and popular computer software.
SoftwareOutlet.com - Discount Educational Software, Anti-virus, PC Game

Songs and Lyrics

Home of the Golden Classics

Sound Effects

Absolute Sound Effects Archive
FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds
Free Sound Effects
Free Sound Library Project
Lots of sound files. Can search by type, size, etc. Excellent source of sound effects files.
Hollywood Edge Professional Sound Effects
Ljudo -- Free Sound Effects Library
Nature Sounds MP3 Downloads - Nature Sounds.ca
Royalty Free Music, Free Sound Effects, Free Music Loops
Sound Effect Libraries -- Links to Different Libraries
Sound Effects, Production Music, Royalty Free Music, MP3 AIF WAV Sound Effects
The Sound Effects Library


What Microphone to select
Amadeus II
Archos Jukebox Recorder MP3 Encoder/Player
Archos Technology - Portable Storage Solution...
Clip Art Review: Sound Clips
Coaster Direct-to-Disk Recording Utility
Computers: Speech Technology
Express Scribe - free computer transcription software
HeadWize - A Resource Site for Headphones
High Criteria Products--Sound buddy and Total REcorder
Index of /projects/speech/software
Macintouch forum on Recording Audio
NOMAD Jukebox
Sony MZ-R70 - Page 1
Sound Devices, LLC - Professional, Portable
Sound edit II Segmenting
Speech & Hearing - Software Tools
Speech Analysis Tools
STC : Caesar transcription software evaluatio...
Telex M-560
TranscriptionGear.Com: GearPlayer PC "Wave Player w Foot Pedal
TranscriptionGear.Com: Transcriber
USBPre - Microphone Interface from Sound Devices
Voice It VTR-3200 Digital Recorder for Voice ...
Voice Recognition Products Available - An Enc...

Speech Research and Resources

cslu - center for spoken language understanding
Macintosh Speech Resources and Apps


Allstat Statistics Stat Lists
Comparing Means
Data Sets Index
Download of Book -- SPSS for Beginners
External Links
GLM: Simple Main Effects, v 8.0
Google Search: comparisons in SPSS GLM Univar...
Microsoft Internet Explorer
SPSS Articles on Procedures
SPSS Data Sets
SPSS FAQ #50: Decomposing interactions using SPSS
SPSS Keywords Archives
SPSS Links
SPSS Tutorial
StatSoft Inc.
StatSoft's Electronic Textbook
Technical Support
WLM - Internet Guide to SPSS

Starkville Mississippi

City of Starkville
Gary Bradshaw's Web Page
Information Technology Services - Help Desk
Mississippi State University
News (Mississippi State University)
SearchPower.com: City and State Guide : Mississippi : Starkville
SSRC Home Page
Starkville, Mississippi Real Estate RE/MAX Partners of Starkville
The Internet Gateway to Starkville, Ms
Where We Are


10 Statistics Websites
A few links related to Statistics Education
ABCNEWS.com : Average Riches, Likely Poverty
American Statistical Association
ASU SIIP - Movie Gallery
CTI Statistics - Software Reviews
Descriptive Statistics Introduction
Dr. B's Wide World of Web Data
Free Statistical Software
Group Differences
Guessing Correlations
Guide to Basic Laboratory Statistics
Histogram Applet (12-Dec-1996)
HyperStat Online, An Introductory-Level Stat Course
Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
INteresting JAVA Applets
Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models, a...
List of Statistics Lists
MacAnova Home Page
Math 102 / Core 143--Some great examples
National Center for Education Statistics
Postgraduate Coursework Programs in Statistics
Power Calculator
PSY 242 - Introduction to Behavioral Research II
Psych 5741/5751 Graduate Statistics
Regression by Eye
Related sites
Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics
Robin Lock's Stat Page--Excellent
Rodney Carr's Software - Excel, Statistics, M...
SAT Score Infor
Includes frequency distributions for scores.
Seeing Statistics
SIIP Movie Gallery - Animated Statistical Con...
Simulations for Statistics--Wonderful Stuff!
Statistics and Statistical Graphics Resources
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, 5/e
Statistics Links
Statistics on the Web
Statistics on the Web
Statistics servers and other links
Teaching Statistics and probability - Interne...
Univ of Newcastle Statistics (MS Program Online)
VassarStats: Statistical Computation Web Site
Wadsworth Statistics Resources
WebStat--Free Online Data Analysis Software

Statistics New

Andrew F. Hayes, Ph.D.-Statistics at OSU--Resampling Statistics
Chance Welcome Page
Chance-Quantitative Literary Course
Data and Story Library
An online library of datafiles and stories that illustrate the use of basic statistical methods.
David Howell's Statistics Home Page
David Kenny's Website
Howell on Moderating and Mediating Relationships
HyperStat Online: An Introductory Statistics Textbook and Online Tutorial for Help in Statistics Courses
Interactive Mediation Tests
Interactive Statistical Calculation Pages
ITS Research Consulting: Tutorials
Journal of Statistics Education (JSE) Home Page
Mediation (David A. Kenny)
Raynald's SPSS Tools
Resampling statistics Pages
SOCR: Statistics Online Computational Resource
SPSS Workbook
StatCrunch Main Page
UCLA Resources Learn SPSS--including movies
VassarStats: Statistical Computation Web Site

Statistics Programs, Jobs, and Education

Graduate School Directories - Statistics
Rankings for Statistics and Biostatistics Graduate Schools — PhDs.org: Science, Math, and Engineering Career Resources
Self-Paced e-Learning of SAS
Statistics Graduate Programs
Statistics.com - Online courses in statistics, biostatistics, data mining, epidemiology, forecasting, more...
UC Davis Statistics Department
URI Depart of Computer Science and Statistics

Statistics-Exper Methods Course

1999 RMD Forum Moderated Multiple Regression
Applied Regression Analysis
ED230X Multiple Regression
Helping Your Students with Homework - References
Internal Validity Tutorial
MAA99 - Using Web Applets to Assist Statistic...
McClelland Graduate Statistics: Handouts
Multiple Regression **
Parental Involement in Sec Ed (Keith)
Prediction in multiple regression. Osborne, ...
PSY2005 - Quantitative Data Analysis
Research Methods Knowledge Base
School Psychology Review
Statistical Topics
Statistics Glossary - Main Contents
Stories by Topic


Multiple Regression Course PA765

Studs Terkel

Studs Terkel
Studs Terkel: Conversations with America


AIS Tax Guide for Teachers
Consumers’ Counsel alerts telephone customers to one-time tax refund opportunity
Free File thru IRS.gov
IRS.gov Home
Macworld: Review: TurboTax Deluxe 2005
Ohio Department of Taxation
Prepare your taxes online - Internet
Publication 970 (2004), Employer-Provided Ed Assistance
Publication 970 (2004), Tax Benefits for Education
TaxProf Blog: Book Club: New Edition of Tax Guide for College Teachers
Does anyone know what happened to the site for Tax and Financial Guide for College Teachers and Other College Personnel? Posted by: b | Oct 7, 2005 9:28:41 PM I was just looking for that web site also. In the past, AIS has shut down the site if there is no Guide for the upcoming year. As tax law has not changed, there probably will not be a 2006 guide, so I hope you hung onto last years. (I lent mine out and am trying to get it back now.) Posted by: cb | Oct 14, 2005 6:27:38 PM This is the info on the website owner. You could contact them with your inquiry. cb Domain Name: TAXGUIDE-COLLEGETEACHERS.COM Administrative Contact : Watkins Meegan Drury & Company abonebrake@wmdco.com 4800 HAMPDEN LN FL 9 BETHESDA, MD 20814-2930 US Phone: 301-654-7555


California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Central European Teaching Program
CETP: Central European Teaching Program
Teaching Overseas Links
The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program

Technology and Gadgets News

Plastic Logic Home - New Electronic Reader Device
Designing Interactions Website
Gadget Sites Links
I4U News-Future Technology News
Rainy Day Magazine
The Gadgeteer


Joost - Download for Mac OS X
MacDevCenter.com: HDTV on Your Mac
macosxhints - Record and playback high definition TV signals
wwiTV.com - The ultimate guide to Live TV webcasts.


TeX on Mac OS X


Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.
Springer - LNCS

Thurber, James

James Thurber Bibliography


CSUS Transcripts
UC Berkeley Registrar : Transcripts and Diplomas
University of Colorado Transcripts
University of Texas at Austin Transcript ...


Paris Hotels/Apartments

123france hotels paris information and reservat
A Paris Hotels selection - Hotels in Paris, Fra
France Hotel Guide Budget Hotels in Paris
Hotel Paris Hotel Picard Le Marais Paris France
hotels paris
Paris Appartements - Index
Paris Hotel Guide Hotel Place des Vosges Paris
Paris Séjour Réservation
Paris, France & Monaco Hotels Reservation / Hot


France Tourism and Travel : French Tourist Office
France Tourism and Travel : French Tourist Office
Les Pages de Paris / The Paris Pages
Office de Tourisme et des Congrès de Paris - Paris Tourist Office and Conventions Bureau

Airhitch homepage
Backpack Europe on Budget--Backpacking and ho...
Bloomberg Currency Exchange Info
British Airways - World Offers
Cheap Flights
How to get cheap airline flights. A number of useful links.
City of Toronto: Visiting Toronto portal
Frommer's Budget Travel Online
Globetrotters Club
Go-today-Last Minute Travel, Lowest Air Fares
Greyhound Bus Lines
Hostels of Europe: Europe's top Independent H...
Independent Traveller's World
International Living Abroad Magazine
Last Minute Travel, Lowest Air...
Lonely Planet on-line
Madison, Wisconsin
MBNA Travel.com (Moz's Recom)
New York Today city guide and event calendar
One Bag - leisure and business travel packing list - travel light!
Orbitz: Airline Tickets (Moz recommends also)
Paris FIAP Jean Monnet, 200 rooms, 2 restaurants, meetings, classrooms, bar, disco, French language school, tourism, entertainment, art exhibition, cultural exchanges, cheap stay
Peace Corps
Relais & Châteaux: Welcome
The City of Toronto - Toronto links
The International Salary Calculator: relocatio
The Legion, Hitchhiking Memoirs
The Virtual Tourist Project
Transitions Abroad
Travel Microsoft Expedia Travel
TRAVEL.com (tm) - Everything About Travel!
Travelocity.com - Go Virtually Anywhere! Air...
Travlang (Travel Language Site)
Travlang's Currency Exchange Rates (Excellent Site)
Universal Currency Converter
Vilnius Hitch-hiking Club
Virtual Italy
Worldawaits.com / Independent Travel / Budget Travel / Adventure Travel / World Travel

UCB CS 61A Course-Related Materials

Schemers Inc.
Structure and Interpreation of Computer Progs Website
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, Video Lectures
Welcome to the SICP Web Site

Universities & Colleges

About New Mexico State University
California Institute of Technology
CDL FAQs: Availability, Access, Getting Started - Netscape
Department of Statistics - University of Michigan
Kenyon College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Metro Psych Department Home page
Petersons.com: The Graduate School Channel
Stanford University
Univ of Michigan Armenian Institute
University of California, Berkeley
University of Chicago
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Michigan
University of Texas at Austin - Web Central
Vassar College
Williams College


Darwine: News--Windows Apps on Mac w/out Windows
Windows Apps on Mac w/out Windows
PearPC - PowerPC Architecture Emulator
Sun Solaris For Intel x86
The Art of Unix Programming
Wine HQ


Heat and humidity can be deadly combination
Weather Underground
Yahoo! Weather


A Guide to URLs
How I Got the Job (Web Page Design)
How to put information on the web
How to write HTML files
HTML Quick Reference Guide
Illinois: World-Wide Web servers
Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication
InfoSeek Home Page
Internet Multicasting Service
Internet Resources Meta-Index
Introduction to HTML: Table of Contents
NCSA Mosaic Home Page
Netsurfer Digest Home Page
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Subject Catalogue
The WorldWideWeb Handbook
Web Developer's Virtual Library: WWW Development
WEBster Table of Contents
World Wide Yellow Pages
WWW Authoring Information

Web Authoring

Books About Web Design and Usability
Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design (Alertbox May 1996)
Usable Web
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

Web Awards/Recommendations

1998 Best of the Web Results
Best of the Web - Other Contests
Fimoculous.com: Feeding Time
Forbes.com--Best of Web
HistoryWired: At the Smithsonian
Medaille d'Or Award: Roll of Honour
PC Magazine: The Top 100 Web Sites -- January...
Site of the Day Archive
The Best of the Web
TIME.com: 50 Coolest Websites 2006
Web Sites By Subject
www.PopSci.com - Best of the Web 99

Web Hosting

Collected Shorter Fiction: Compare Prices
DreamHost Web Hosting
macosx.com - The Answer to Mac Support
Nerd Vittles » ISP-In-A-Box: The $500 Mac mini (WebDAV and Web Folders 101)
Web Hosting (Is Not) For Dummies
web hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers, cheap, domain
WestNIC.net: U.S. based web hosting

Web Psychology Experiments/Demos

American Psychological Society: Psychological Research on the Net
Birnbaum's surveyWiz
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network
Intro to Behavioral Research on the Internet Examples
Introduction to Behavioral Research Internet-Birnbaum
My Surveys on Website
PERL scripts by William Schmidt
Psychological Experiments on the Internet--birnbaum
Tutorial #1 - Questionnaire Page (WWW Survey Assistant)
World Wide Web Survey Assistant - Software fo...
WWW Survey Assistant - Examples

Web Site Design/Examples

Amazon.com--Earth's Biggest Selection
Apple Macintosh News at MacCentral Online
BUILDER.COM - Web Graphics and Design - Build...
CNET Builder.com - Web Authoring - 10 Questio...
CNET.com - Web Building - Authoring & Site De...
Creating an Animated GIF
Culinary Slovenia
GO Network
Graphics and Web Design Based on Edward Tufte...
IBM Corporation
IBM/Ease of Use/Design...
Information Architecture
LAUNCH: Discover New Music - My Music
LTSN Psychology
This site shows how to do a table of contents on the left side that is dynamic and updates depending on where you are in the site
Lycos: Your Personal Internet Guide
lynda.com - web design training, books, videos and tips
MacInterpreter: Interactive Quicktime
Making the Macintosh Home Page
My Mac Online: August 2000: FileMaker 101 Par...
Opera Software
patricklynch.net home
Tenn State University
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Tomalak's Realm : Daily Links to Strategic Web Design News
Tomalak's Realm : Daily Links to Strategic Web Design News
UMUC-Bell Atlantic Virtual Resource Site -- Module 1: Examples of Virtual Labs and Field Trips
UMUC-Bell Atlantic Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology
Usability.org: home
WDVL: Web Developer's Style Guides
Web design bibliography
When Imitation Works /IW October 15, 1999
Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents


CSUSM Windows World
Shareware Archive
Download AIM for Windows
Emulators Online - Run Mac OS on Windows!
FreeSite.com: Free Text Utilities
Freeware - NONAGS
Micro Express Computers
PC Magazine reviews Sys Performance 1400TD-SE
PCWorld.com - Sys Performance 1700+
Snapter-Convert Camera Shots into Scans
Sound Recorder
Welcome to PC Week
Wine HQ

Windows on Macintosh

Slipstreaming SP Service Pack

MSFN - Universal Windows Slipstreaming and Bootable CD Guide - Page 1
Slipstreamed Windows XP CD Using SP2
Slipstreaming Windows 2000 /XP SP1,SP1a,SP2 /Server 2003 SP1 (Windows 2000/XP/2003) - TACKtech Corp.
Slipstreaming Windows XP Service Pack 2 and Create Bootable CD - HelpWithWindows.com
Slipstreaming Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2)
Slipstreaming: Creating a WindowsXP Install CD with Service Pack 2 - PCSTATS.com
VBdotNet's Instructions for Creating an XP SP2 slipstream CD
Windows 2000/XP SP Slipstreaming

bochs: The Open Source IA-32 Emulation Project (Home Page)
Boot Camp Resource Center - Windows on Macintosh
CodeWeavers - CrossOver Mac
Connectix Virtual PC
iEmulator PC Emulator for MAC OS X
OpenOSX.com: PRODUCTS: WinTel CD
OpenOSX: Run Windows(R) on your Mac with OpenOSX WinTel(TM) now Native for Intel(R)
Orange Micro
Parallels: First Virtualization Solution for Intel-powered Macs!
Q - Q [kju:]
UNEASYsilence: Windows XP on an Intel Mac
Video walk through how to install Windows XP on an Intel Mac
Virtual PC 4
VMware - Virtualization Software
VMware Fusion Beta Program
Windows On the Mac.net Wiki

Windows vs. Macintosh

Distinguished educator explains her choice of...
Mac vs PC on Photoshop
ZDNet: News: Rumors and Comment


Wine Spectator Online


A Wood Miser's Index Of Topics
AI Tool Suppoy Co.
American Woodworker Online
Better Woodworking Guide & Directory
Denver Rockler Woodworking Store
Denver Woodworking Classes
Garrett Wade Woodworking Tools
Hardwood PrePacks
Jesada Tools
Leigh Dovetail Jigs
Links to Woodworking Web Sites
Luis' Woodworking Page
Mike Scalora Woodworking Page
Power Tools-Books
Project Wood - Sources for Wood
Rockler Woodworking and Hardware
Router Bits on the Web
Router Web Site
Steve Shook's Directory of Forest Products
Stots Corporation - DoveTail Template
Stots Corporation - Welcome!
The Oak Factory Woodworking Links
The Router Workshop
Top Ten Woodworking Links
Wood Links
Woodcraft Home Page
Woodworker West Electronic Service
Woodworker's Newsstand- Subscribe
Woodworking Books, Videos &Furniture Plans
WoodWorking Companies List & Reviews
Woodworking Frequently Requested Addresses
Woodworking Links--good list
Woodworking Magazines Reviewed
Woodworking- Fine Woodworking


An Interview with William Gass
ASJA.ORG: Freelance Writing Advice
Associated Writing Programs
Author Interviews by Don Swaim
Author Interviews by Don Swaim
audio interviews
Books for writers
Gebbie Press All-In-One Media Directory
Grammar Resources on the Web (Univ of Chicago)
Hawkes Scrapbook: A New Taste in Literature
How to Write Well - Marion Street Press Journalism publications
Hudson Review
Interviews with Writers
Jorge Luis Borges, This Craft of Verse Audio CD
Kelly Writers House
Kelly Writers House
National Writers Union Home Page
Online Author Interviews & Biographies
Poets & Writers, Inc.
Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
The Cortland Review - An Online Literary Maga...
The Writers Workshop / The University of Iowa...
Too Young to Retire - The Retirement Alternative
William Blake
Wired for Books Audio
Words, words and more words
Writer Beware--Index Page

Writing Possibilities

American Educator
Foetry Main Page
Missingmanual.com -- Author Quest
Writing for O'Reilly


Apple - Mac OS X - X11 for Mac OS X
Configuring and Running X11 Applications on Mac OS X
DarwinPorts Home
Debian GNU/Linux -- The Universal Operating System
Fink - Home
Fink - Running X11 - Installing XFree86
FreeBSD Project
GNOME: The Free Software Desktop Project
GNU MAC OS X Public Archive
KDE Homepage - Conquer your Desktop!
O'Reilly Network: X11 and OpenOffice
OpenOffice.org Launcher for Apple X11
OpenOffice.org: Home Page
OS X Unix Tutorials
Setting Up An X Server On Mac OS X
Setting Up XDarwin On Mac OS X
Window Managers for X
XDarwin - The X Window Server for MacOS X
XFree86(TM): Home Page

YouTube-Jazz Piano

Doug McKenzie's Jazz Piano Site
Doug McKenzie's Jazz Piano Video Recordings